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Want to see how your Sims might celebrate Valentines Day in The Sims 2 University? Find out in the Expansion Pack area!


The Sims community has a new gift for you, an exclusive screensaver!

Very soon you will be able to download an exclusive Sims screensaver on the Sims community. This screensaver will turn your computer in a Valentine's mood. The screensaver will also promote The Sims 2 University, and it will contain some never before seen screenshots.

After Valentine's Day, the fun continues! The screensaver will be automatically renewed, with new animations and screenshots. So you'll never know when you'll be surprised, when you startup the screensaver!

Check out the latest screenshots of The Sims 2 University on

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Hi Everyone,

It's that time again.

I'm finally back from my whirlwind tour of Europe. I had a great time and got to meet a lot of folks from the community along the way. It was so much fun being able to show off The Sims 2 University and see everyone's reaction.

Tim LeTourneau, Thomas Vu, and Hunter Howe joined us in a chat to answer your questions about The Sims 2 University Expansion pack and share their thoughts about the new items and gameplay included in the expansion.

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"Today GameSpy kicks off an ongoing series chronicling the adventures of a Sim attending The Sims 2 University. She's pretty busy with classes, but has graciously allowed us to publish her correspondence from inside the game."

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You can now pre-order The Sims 2 University. If you pre-order from the EA store you can receive a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING as well as a certificate for $5 off your next purchase of any product in The Sims family, PC or Console!

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"In this edition of our designer diaries, the folks at Maxis fill us in on some of the new places that you'll be able to explore in The Sims 2 University, as well as the odd jobs that your sims can do to earn much-needed spending money. And finally, they tell us about some of the new furnishings and themes we can expect in this expansion pack."

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De nieuwe uitbereiding van De Sims 2, die vanaf 10 maart verkrijgbaar zal zijn, zal €39,95 kosten (Dit is de adviesprijs, de prijs kan dus verschillen per winkel).

The Sims 2 University Expansion Pack will ship March 1st, and be in stores March 3rd!

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