The Sims 2 University: Letters Home Part 3

Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 22:00

What better way to see the upcoming Sims 2 expansion pack than through the eyes of a Sim herself?

Peek In On Her Correspondence

Sims University: Letters Home Part 3

What better way to see the upcoming Sims 2 expansion pack than through the eyes of a Sim herself? We peek in on her correspondence!

Fortunately for us fans of The Sims 2 eager for news about the upcoming expansion, GameSpy recently got permission to republish some letters from an actual student of The Sims 2 University. In our first batch of letters she talked about adjusting to life on campus, life in the dorms, and rushing a sorority. During her sophomore year she wrote about choosing a major and getting a job around campus. Now, in her junior year, she's about to discover that Sims University has its own secret society. The truth is out there!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hardly have any time to write! Things are really getting tough here in my junior year. See, to get good grades I have to continually improve certain skills related to my major. If I don't, I can't even sit down to write my term paper. As a Drama Major I've got to work on my charisma and creativity, but they're already so high that it takes longer and longer to get those points. Whew!

The Sims 2
Something strange is afoot at Sims U...

Anyways, I had a great time visiting home the other week and meeting my new sister. All you have to do is pick up the phone at your house and I'll come over any time. But Dad, go easy on the bubble machine, 'kay?

Speaking of calling people, I got one of those new cell phones. I can accept calls or make them from anywhere. It's awesome! I especially like it for calling cabs -- I can call one from anywhere in the shopping mall, then stroll over and by the time I get to the sidewalk he's pulled up. I save a ton of time that way.

And time is valuable -- I have to hurry up and hit the gym! The semesters seem to by flying by now, and there's so much to do!

Note to readers: Our heroine's next letter was delayed for two weeks and arrived in a suspiciously thick envelope with the seal of a llama embossed neatly onto the front. What mysteries did it hold...?

Dearest family acquaintances:

Sorry for not catching up on my correspondence sooner. Remember the other week when I told you about the strange black limos driving around campus? Or the people wearing the bizarre blazers with the little llama crests over the pocket? Mystery solved!

See, being that I'm in a sorority here, I sure do get around. A lot of people come over to party at our place. I started chatting up some long-haired fellow in the blazer named Zeeshan. He introduced me to a pal. I met another fellow in one of the blazers at the gym, and we really hit it off while using the walking machines. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were all great buds.

Then, last night while I was sleeping, I was awakened by the squeal of tires outside my window. I looked out and there was one of those suspicious black limos, right outside my porch, with the doors open and the engine running! Rough footsteps barged up the stairs. I crawled out of bed, still in my pajamas, and a bunch of people in blazers stormed into my room! Was one of them Zeeshan? I couldn't tell in the dim light. They grabbed me -- seriously, abducted me! Handcuffs and everything! The next thing I knew they were shoving me into the limo and taking off.

The Sims 2Membership has more than privileges!

Suffice it to say that I'm now a part of a society so secret that I can't name it here. Yes, I'm a member. They even gave me my own blazer. More importantly, they took me to the secret society headquarters, which isn't even on the map. And the wonders I saw there! Hmmm, I can't say any more just yet. I'll write again soon.

Editor's Note: The next piece of mail, also delivered in an embossed llama envelope, is being reprinted here exactly as it was given to GameSpy. We apologize for the omissions.

Dear mother and father,

I've discovered the most amazing things here at the secret society headquarters, I just have to tell you all about it. Anyways, the secret compound is located right next to the . People in llama blazers walked all over, chatting in hushed tones about really important stuff, like in the . I asked them what the llama on the crest signifies, and it's incredible: It represents of !! Who would've guessed? That's why there's a pyramid drawn on the back of every Simoleon, as well.

The compound here is very plush, with the nicest possible furniture and accoutrements. Boy, I worked so hard to set up my sorority house -- but this is living! Do you know they have a whole ? True! They also have one of those plastic surgery kits that I told you about, but you'll never guess who uses it: That's right, . Yes, he's still alive, and he still !

Most of the career rewards and special items are available here, scattered around like some sort of Twilight Zone funhouse. For instance, there's a sinister glowing red book on a pedestal called , and you can use it to Sims and bring them back from the ! They look a little worse for the wear, though. Creepy, hunh?

Ever stranger, there's an enormous plant here with the head of what appears to be a cow. They warned me not to get too close to it. It will actually people you don't like, whole! Man, I wouldn't even wish that on Grubbs, no matter how much of a jerk he is! Needless to say, I kept clear.

Also, there's a here that prints , so I can finally afford a couple more lip-shaped sofas. Oh yeah! And they showed me how to hack my grades from any networked ! All that, and I get to keep the blazer, too.

But here's the part that really blows my mind:
The President
. Twice!

Anyways, I can return to the secret society headquarters any time I like by calling them up on my phone. Membership has its privileges, you know?

P.S. Burn this.

Dear Mom and Dad:

Even though I'm a member of the secret society, it's not all easy street here on campus. This weekend I decided to throw a Sports Party, and it all went wrong.

Sports parties are new, and they're all the rage on campus, thanks to the new sports channel on television. You throw them just like you would a birthday or a house party: you get on the phone, then choose the guests you want to invite.

But when everyone shows up, they make a beeline right for the TV to turn on the game. I guess that's the first problem -- see, the sisters and I spent so much money on lip sofas that we just have an ordinary color TV, not some big fancy flatscreen.

The Sims 2
Grubbs makes throwing Sports parties look easy.

And everyone talks about sports -- nothing else. Which was fun for a couple of people, like Grubbs' frat buddies, but the people from the secret society started to get bored. And then the food! I prepared a delicious buffet, but everyone wanted snacks, like chips. By the time I figured out the problem and rolled in a juice barrel things were already going bad. One of the secret society members kept zapping Brittney with the joy buzzer and MaryAnn set the kitchen on fire. We nearly burned the place down, and my guests -- most of them soaked from the sprinklers -- took off early. It was a failure! A failed party! Me, hosting a bum party! I was inconsolable.

But Grubbs, he stayed afterwards to help 'clean up.' Of course he didn't do any cleaning. His frat house looks like a sty, with green smoke coming out of the toilet, but he doesn't care. Still, Grubbs stayed around I guess just to cheer me up. You can "hang out" with other Sims when you're in college together. He and I hung out -- we sat on the floor and talked. It was nice. I guess he's not that bad, after all. It was sweet of him to stay. He's really getting his act together, you know? So at least the night wasn't a complete wash.

On Monday night I went over to the society headquarters and brought MaryAnn back from the dead.


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