Sims University: Letters Home Part 2

Friday, February 11, 2005 - 22:20

"After a rowdy Freshman year, however, her adventures have only begun. This week we peek in and learn about choosing a major, new career options, jobs around campus and more..."

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Sims University: Letters Home Part 2

By Dave Kosak

What better way to see the upcoming Sims 2 expansion pack than through the eyes of a Sim herself? We peek in on her correspondence!

Fortunately for us fans of The Sims 2 eager for news about the upcoming expansion, GameSpy recently got permission to republish some letters from an actual student of The Sims 2 University. In our first batch of letters she talked about adjusting to life on campus, life in the dorms, and rushing a sorority. After a rowdy Freshman year, however, her adventures have only begun. This week we peek in and learn about choosing a major, new career options, jobs around campus and more...

Dear Mom and Dad,

The Sims 2I gotta say, it's nice not to be a lowly Freshman anymore. There wasn't much ceremony when I began my sophomore year -- aside from a very positive pop-up text message from the school -- but the important thing is I'm moving up in the world. Oh! And I forgot to tell you, just by making it to my sophomore year I got additional grant money from the school. Because my grades were good it was pretty substantial. Right away I bought a minifridge for our sorority lounge.

Actually, keeping up the Sorority house is more work than I thought. I know I'm only a sophomore, but I really feel like I'm in charge of this place -- I'm in control of all seven of my sisters. Every one of them all brought home grants, so for a while it seemed like we were rolling in dough. But we couldn't just sit around and enjoy it. See, in order for our sorority to stay popular we have to keep making lots of friends and we have to keep being social in order to attract fresh meat. I mean, new rushes who we can boss around.

The Sims 2
Everybody loves pool! Check out that funky bar -- I'll have to get one for the sorority house.

That's why we threw a massive bender of a party last weekend. We bought some arcade machines and a pool table to make the place a little more hip, and for a while the place was packed. Naturally I wanted to protect the investment by putting sprinklers everywhere in case Maryanne tried to burn the place down with her mac & cheese again.

But Grubs -- you remember Grubs from my other letters, right? No, I didn't invite him, but I think he's dating Maryanne and Brittney simultaneously, so he shows up. It turns out that Sims can set off all the sprinklers by holding a lighter under one of them. Real funny, Grubs. I think he wanted to see all of my sisters come running out in wet tee-shirts. I coulda strangled him.

Anyways, the party was a huge hit but now I think we all need new furniture, and I don't know where we're gonna get the cash-money. I mean, Simoleons don't grow on trees. Well, most of the time they don't.

I may have to get a job. I'll tell you about it in my next letter.

Dead Mom and Dad,

I suppose I should really bury the hatchet with Grubs, because he helped me get a job today. Earning some extra simoleons around campus isn't all that difficult, it turns out. So there I was, checking out the little mall we have on campus here, and I see Grubs standing on the street corner. He's just ... standing there ... rapping. Singing about big butts.

Turns out you can earn tips just by rapping. "Shouldn't you be in class?" I asked him. He explained that you can always cut class if you'd rather be making money. And besides, "chicks dig on the whole rap thing," he said.

Before I could beg to differ, he jutted a thumb over his shoulder and pointed out that the coffee shop is hiring as well. That was awesome, because I can't rap. I can certainly pour coffee, though. All you have to do is walk up to the guy at the counter and ask to work there, and you can put on the uniform and take his place. Unlike the 'real' jobs that you guys have, I can show up and work for a few hours whenever I want. The pay isn't that great, but I get to meet a lot of people and work the whole social angle, which helps my sorority.

The Sims 2
Working at the coffee house doesn't bring in a ton of money, but it's a great way to meet hot guys.

There are plenty of other jobs on campus. I could be a bartender or a lunch lady. I could also be a tutor or a personal trainer. Working a few extra hours a day really takes its toll, though -- I've got to get some sleep so that my grades don't suffer. I've saved up enough for a shopping spree, though: I'll let you know how it goes in my next note.

Yo Mom and Dad,

I have a confession to make. For weeks now I've drooled over the lip-shaped sofa. The sisters complain that it doesn't really fit into our classic Victorian sorority house, but I know a quality investment in furniture when I see it. "Looka dis reda suede!" barked the salesman. "Italian lippa sofa! Very popular, yes!"

I bought two, the arranged them across the lounge as though the kitchen was about to passionately kiss the living room.

That's not all. There's so much more furniture available than there was back home. There's a "Groovy" furniture set, which allowed me to sex up our whole downstairs with 60s-era chic. "Medieval" furniture is also available, although it's not my thing.

Grubs is also furnishing his own frat house, having rebuilt most of it after he and his psycho band-mates nearly burned it down. He's going for the "worn" look, that is, he's buying ratty old couches and recliners (from yard sales, I assume.) They've got springs sticking out and duct tape on all the corners.

He also bought a "juice barrel" for parties. He rolls up the barrel and a huge crowd forms. He's nicknamed his fraternity "I Felta Thigh." I work so hard to build up my sorority's reputation, and here he's managed to be the big man on campus with some juice and duct tape.

Still, my sisters and I managed to find our own groove. You can buy a "Bubble Blower" that several people can share. It's a big hit! Er, not literally, I mean -- I swear mom, it's just bubbles.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Heard you got a bubble blower of your own. Don't go too crazy with that thing. Grubs was here last weekend blowing bubbles with Maryanne until 2 AM, then got the brilliant idea to put soap in the campus fountain.

Anyways, my sophomore year is almost over. Can you believe it? I'm nearly halfway through college! Anyways, once you start school, you can pick a major any time you want. However, by the end of your sophomore year, you have to declare.

The Sims 2
This sweet camera is a career reward object, but my councilor let me try it out.

All this week I've been doing my research. Sim State has a ton of great programs! Majors include Art, Biology, Drama, Economics, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, and Psychology.

I've been leaning toward the Political Science program, because my dream is to someday be an actress and Poli Sci really builds up the social skills. The classes require that I build up my charisma, creativity, and body development. It's good training for the political or military career track too, obviously. No Dad, I'm not going into the Sim Army like you. Sorry!

Picking a major is easy. I just picked up the phone and called the college registrar to get a list of my options. It was that fast!

The classes that I take now that I've declared my major are awesome. This semester I'll be studying "Protestors: When to Oppress." Next year I'll follow it up with "Patriotism: Why Every Country is Worse than Yours," and after that "Lab: Make Your Own Monarchy."

My grades are still holding up, so my future looks bright. Speaking of which, I'm meeting my career councilor in a few minutes, so I'll let you go. I'll tell you all about it in my next letter.

Dear Mom, Dad, and my new Sister!

Wow, congratulations guys! I didn't even know you could have kids at your age. I knew that bubble-blower would lead to trouble. I'm not saying you're too old for me to have a sister or anything. I just mean, wow. Medical miracle!

Anyways, my career councilor tried to talk me out of my dreams of entering the new Show Biz career track. He said that it was tons of hard work and no respect. He said that I would end up as a commercial actor, and that I would leave for work every morning wearing a giant french-fry-head costume. But I'm willing to pay my dues. Think of the glamour!

The Sims 2
When they're not partying, the guys at Grubs' frat house watch the new Sports channel all day.

Other careers include a career in the paranormal, a career track for an artist, or a job in the natural sciences. These careers are all special. That is to say, you can only enter them if you're a college graduate. Sorry Mom, sorry Dad! The careers are more challenging, anyways, and they all assume you have a college education to build off of. But if you send my Sister to Sim State in a few years, maybe she can get in while the getting is good?

Speaking of getting good, I just finished my sophomore year! Grant money, here I come! It just flew by, didn't it? It sure took Grubs by surprise. He never declared, so by default he ended up as a Philosophy major. Go figure. His first class is called "Who Controls the Pie Menu and Why?"

Like I said in my earlier letters, every time you complete a year of college you get a perk of some sort. As I finished my sophomore year, the college popped up a little text window for me that asked if I was doing what I wanted to do in life, then gave me the opportunity to switch my life's ambition. I didn't take it, though. I'm all about being popular, and that's the way it's going to stay.

Oh yah, one more thing before I go. There's something weird going on on this campus. There are people strolling around in dark blazers with little llama crests on them. They never seem very talkative and this morning I saw one step into a limo and drive off. What's the deal? I'll have to investigate. I'll let you know what that's all about in another letter. Meanwhile, my work is never done. Off to class!


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