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Thursday, February 10, 2005 - 22:20

"Those of us who studied Econ 101 by playing quarters know that there's more to higher learning than libraries and study groups. We asked University Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau why we should pledge EA..."

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The Sims 2 University

By Andrew Pfister

We talk up the Senior Producer of the game.

It has begun. The first of presumably many expansion packs for The Sims 2 sends the kids off to college, where they must fend for themselves and get their way through four years of lousy teaching assistants, underage house parties, and sloppy roommmates. But when they return home with a degree and the fast track to a new career, it'll all be worth it.

Those of us who studied Econ 101 by playing quarters know that there's more to higher learning than libraries and study groups. We asked University Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau why we should pledge EA...

1UP: Is University based on any particular college or just the typical "college" lifestyle?

LeTourneau: Just typical college life and lifestyle. We wanted to allow players to create their own college fantasy so left it as open ended as we possibly could.

1UP: Does the sim family have to take out a sim loan to pay for sim university?

LeTourneau: Nah, the student is able to work to get scholarships to pay for expenses. School itself is subsidized, so all teens can go. For the first time, Sims will be able to take on campus jobs such as working as a barista in a local coffee shop, become a tutor, join a band to receive tips, etc.

1UP: Can you design your own dorm room or apartment

LeTourneau: You can definitely buy furniture and change the wallpaper, etc... You will not be able to change the walls though, those are set. Just like in real life, in The Sims 2 University, does not allow you to move the existing walls and dorms. However, you can still go in the game and build your own dorm if you'd like. We keep it open for all kinds of players. However, you can decorate your dorm room however you want with over 125 new objects in The Sims 2 University and thousands of different ways if you use the design mode to customize your room.

1UP: What are the majors?

LeTourneau: There are 11 total, including History, Mathematics, Drama, Art, etc...

1UP: What kind of jobs can a college sim take?

LeTourneau: Your Sims can find a variety of ways to earn extra cash. They can work as a barista at the coffee shop, or a personal trainer at the gym. They can tutor other students, or perform in a band. They can even take over of the cafeteria staff.

1UP: Can the sim flunk out if he or she does poorly?

LeTourneau: Absolutely. Poor grades gets you on academic probation. Another bad semester and you're out.

1UP: What kinds of wants and fears, related to college life, does the Sim develop?

LeTourneau: Well there are many tied to the new objects and interactions in the game. They also have wants related to academics, like "Write Term Paper," or "Make Dean's List."

1UP: Can a Sim's college career last for more than four years?

LeTourneau: Not really. College is made up of 4 years. If you have to repeat semesters because of academic probation it could be longer, but in general it is four years.

1UP: If a Sim graduates, does that change the career choices and income he or she earns?

LeTourneau: Yep. There are four new careers that are unlocked when you earn a degree, in addition you can start the other careers at a higher level with a degree.

1UP: Will any of the following be included?
- A Scarface and/or Che Guevara poster?
LeTourneau: No.

- Grateful Dead and/or Phish t-shirts?
LeTourneau: No, though there are rock posters.

- Kraft mac & cheese/instant ramen?
LeTourneau: Ramen of course; we already have Mac and Cheese (generic brand though).

- Bringing laundry home to parents?
LeTourneau: No laundry.

- Annoying roommates?
LeTourneau: Well definitely annoying housemates.

- Student protests?
LeTourneau: No protests, the Sims live in an idyllic world.

- A crusty old dean?
LeTourneau: Crusty professors.

- Nerds?
LeTourneau: Only if you play your Sims that way.


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