Transcripts for Apartment Life Chat

Monday, August 4, 2008 - 23:00

We held two chats for The Sims 2 Apartment Life Expansion Pack this week.

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MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 11:57:52 AM)
Hello everyone! Happy

MaxoidKim (Aug 7, 2008 11:57:57 AM)
Hi guys!!

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 11:58:03 AM)

MaxoidInternGuy (Aug 7, 2008 11:58:10 AM)
Hello you party people!

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 11:58:19 AM)
Hi Hi

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 11:59:06 AM)
Hi everyone, welcome to the Apartment Life chat! This is a moderated chat so please ask your questions and they will be answered in order.

rlmap (Aug 7, 2008 11:59:15 AM)
will sims be able to own helicopters?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:00:18 PM)
Yes, you will be able to own helicopters.

SirenPrincess (Aug 7, 2008 12:00:19 PM)
Can witches wear normal clothes or will they always wear their witch outfit?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:00:19 PM)
Yes, witches can wear regular clothes and go "incognito"

Tingofea (Aug 7, 2008 12:00:46 PM)
Will our sims pay rent?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:00:47 PM)
Yes, you pay rent weekly.

SimHead82 (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:17 PM)
Hey Maxoids! Do the closets come in more than one size?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:17 PM)
Closets come in 2 forms. One is a 2 tile sliding door that goes on the wall, and the other is a one tile freestanding rack so that you can make a walk-in closet of your desired size. Happy

Sim23839 (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:23 PM)
Is Belladonna Cove a Neighborhood you can chose from the main menu, or a sub-Neighborhood

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:23 PM)
It is an all new neighborhood you can choose from the main menu!

becki (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:24 PM)
Are pets allowed in the apartments?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:24 PM)
Yes, you can bring pets into your apartment (if you have Sims 2 Pets installed)

deskp (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:48 PM)
can normal pets live in the apartments

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:01:48 PM)
Yes, your pets can live in apartments too.

Breezy9592 (Aug 7, 2008 12:02:13 PM)
are there any new death?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:02:13 PM)
Yes there is a new death.... be very careful opening the Murphy Bed. ;-P

Bologna (Aug 7, 2008 12:02:48 PM)
What is your favorite new object in the expansion pack? Be it a random decoration object, or something Sims can interact with.

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:02:48 PM)
I love the open mic where sims can sing, recite poetry and comedy. Also love the breakdancer.

Nay (Aug 7, 2008 12:03:07 PM)
will rents be based on the size of your apartment?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:03:07 PM)
Yes, the bigger your apartment, the more it will cost. But the quality of the appliances that are in the apartment upon move in also plays into the price

zola (Aug 7, 2008 12:03:49 PM)
How many storeys can the apartments be on the most?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:03:49 PM)
The same as it's always been for residential and community lots (and of course you can use the cheat to make it higher).

Jenpow01 (Aug 7, 2008 12:04:25 PM)
Can we use closets in regular houses?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:04:25 PM)
Of course! You can create walk in closets or erect a 4 walled box to place the 2 door version.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:04:33 PM)
Hey maxoids! What do you like the most about Apartment Life?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:04:33 PM)
I love the fact that I can just walk over to neighbor's door and knock on it! It's also cool to everyone get out of their apartments and gather in the "common areas" to hang out and build relationships

Malamute2345 (Aug 7, 2008 12:05:04 PM)
how many roommates can you have?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:05:04 PM)
One non controllable roommate per household.

Ant (Aug 7, 2008 12:05:42 PM)
Are there just apartment buildings, or are there townhouses and condos were you have to pay rent, too?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:05:42 PM)
An apartment lot can have as few apartments as you want, so you can make a duplex/townhome or a rental home or whatever style of building you like.

Malamute2345 (Aug 7, 2008 12:05:53 PM)
How does the rotating bookshelf we saw in the trailer work?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:05:53 PM)
It functions like a normal bookcase, but if you read a certain book, it will lead you to another room.

Tanner (Aug 7, 2008 12:05:59 PM)
are there going to be prebuilt aparments?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:06:00 PM)
You'll find several in the bin as well as all sorts of apartments in Belladonna Cove. For example town homes, mobile homes, lofts, penthouses and lofts.

2che (Aug 7, 2008 12:06:12 PM)
if the roomate is a NPC...will he pay rent?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:06:12 PM)
Of course your roommate has to pay rent! You're not going to let him freeload, are you? Roommates will pay rent based on the amount of Sims in an apartment. So if your family of two gets a roommate, s/he will pay a 3rd of the rent

emerald (Aug 7, 2008 12:06:57 PM)
can i have buttler in flat too?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:06:57 PM)
Of course!

Tego (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:09 PM)
I don't understand exactly how the apartments work. For instance if only one playable family lives on an apartment lot and NPC families live in the rest what happens if you want another playable family to move in?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:09 PM)
When you decide to move in a second (or third or forth) playable family, the NPCs will let you have the pick of their apartments and which ever place you take, that NPC will move somewhere else.

Denkzz (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:35 PM)
What are all the different apartment types?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:35 PM)
You'll finda all sorts of apartments including town homes, mobile homes, penthouses, lofts and studios.

no1butus12 (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:51 PM)
How long will butlers be able to stay?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:51 PM)
Butlers work a full day.

Jeff (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:55 PM)
Does Apartment Life come with a new neighborhood?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:07:55 PM)
Yes, Belladonna Cove.

Camisado (Aug 7, 2008 12:08:25 PM)
How often will we pay rent?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:08:25 PM)
Paying rent is really easy. Once a week you go to the mailbox and drop off your rent check. Make sure not to be late or you will get into trouble with the landlord!

ErhamaPlayer (Aug 7, 2008 12:08:42 PM)
Can we own cars on apartment lots?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:08:42 PM)
If your apartment building is built with garages (connected to apartments), then your Sim families can place a car in them.

Patt (Aug 7, 2008 12:08:45 PM)
What chores does the butler do?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:08:45 PM)
The butler does everything you'd want a butler to. He cleans up messes, tends children, fixes broken things, gardens, and even cooks and answers the door!

mabynke (Aug 7, 2008 12:09:17 PM)
How many sims can live in each apartment?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:09:17 PM)
While it could get cramped you can have as many Sims live in an apartment as on a residential lot...that's 8 Sims and 2 Pets.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:09:49 PM)
What ages are witches?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:09:49 PM)
Teens through elders can be witches.

leniStar (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:07 PM)
Can we become landlords?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:07 PM)
The landlord is a non playable character.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:26 PM)
can we interact with other sims in neighbouring apartments (eg, will we see our sims in different apartments?'

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:26 PM)
Yes - you can walk over, knock on your neighbor's door and (if they're home) walk in. And of course you can see your Sim while you're over in your neighbor's flat

gabe0199 (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:49 PM)
can kids be witches to?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:49 PM)
Witches are teens through elder Sims.

SimInTheSun (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:58 PM)
Can our sims marry the butler?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:10:58 PM)
Yes. Assuming they charm him enough, of course.

BlossomAngel23 (Aug 7, 2008 12:11:03 PM)
Are there any new foods or food stands available in this EP?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:11:03 PM)
There is a really cool Hot Dog/Gyro food stand.

pepek92 (Aug 7, 2008 12:11:16 PM)
Could you use Build Mode when you are in apartment?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:11:16 PM)
There are a few build mode things you can do while your Sims live in an apartment, like paint their walls and replace their flooring.

gianttacosalad (Aug 7, 2008 12:11:40 PM)
There are 8 to an apartment right, not 8 to a lot right?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:11:40 PM)
Correct. There can be up to 8 Sims and 2 Pets in an apartment, although if you're not renting the penthouse it could be cramped Happy

SuperSillySim (Aug 7, 2008 12:12:24 PM)
Can witches change back to "normal" or are they always going to be a which?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:12:24 PM)
You can cast a spell that will change a witch back to "normal".

sobored131 (Aug 7, 2008 12:12:26 PM)
can you remodel your apartment while living in it?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:12:26 PM)
It depends on how you define "remodel". You can repaint the walls and floors, put objects in, etc. But the landlord is not going to let you move walls or put in new doors, etc.

steve (Aug 7, 2008 12:13:33 PM)
I'm most excited for ceilings!! How do they look and what are you feelings on them?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:13:33 PM)
I LOVE THEM!! Happy They make taking screenshots really fun!

becki (Aug 7, 2008 12:13:41 PM)
Does Belladonna cove have anything to do with Bella Goth?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:13:41 PM)
That is a great mystery of the Simsverse. Is it? There is certainly that curious statue in the center of town...

SirenPrincess (Aug 7, 2008 12:14:26 PM)
Can you tell us about the new social status?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:14:26 PM)
In AL you'll see new social groups that tend to be found in certain areas. Gearheads and Bohemians are more prevalent in low rent districts while Socialites and Techies are in high rent districts.

saveoursouls (Aug 7, 2008 12:14:40 PM)
What do helicopters have to do with AL? I mean how will we use them. In the base game helicopters pick us up to go to work. So how will it be used in AL(if there is a new way)?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:14:40 PM)
You can now own the Helicopters.

PajamaRick (Aug 7, 2008 12:14:59 PM)
Are there different kinds of vending machines?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:14:59 PM)
There are snack and drink machines.

sunbonnet52 (Aug 7, 2008 12:15:02 PM)
Won't the money be all lumped together in an apartment like it is now in homes? How can Sims pay separately for rent?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:15:02 PM)
All Sims living in one apartment unit are a family and will be responsible for the rent of that unit. All other families that are moved into the same building will pay their own rent.

Jerms (Aug 7, 2008 12:15:34 PM)
How do the ceilings veiws work?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:15:34 PM)
In build mode you'll find a new UI button which provides a 45 degree angle from the floor of your ceiling. In Live mode you can toggle on and off ceilings with a ui botton found in the lower left corner.

regencynut (Aug 7, 2008 12:16:54 PM)
how do you designate individual apartments? Is it by using specific doors or by something else?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:16:54 PM)
Yes, like hotels (and dorms) there is a specific door (a new apartment door with a welcome mat) that must be used as the only door to the apartment.

my maddnes (Aug 7, 2008 12:17:18 PM)
where do u park a helicopter?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:17:18 PM)
Why, on your brand new helipad!

Mac (Aug 7, 2008 12:18:24 PM)
what was your favourite thing about developing apartment life and why?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:18:24 PM)
The team put their hearts into this pack to make it simply amazing. We put ceilings and closets and lots of amazing objects for our builders. We provided lots of new outfits for the fashionistas. We have Butlers and breakdancers and heart beds and even a spring rider for toddlers. A lot of love went into this pack.

Sergavon (Aug 7, 2008 12:18:53 PM)
Can you brush your teeth in AL?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:18:53 PM)
Yes. We have added a couple of Medicine Cabinets that your Sims will be able to grab a toothbrush from and brush their teeth.

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:18:56 PM)
and sweat. A lot of sweat went into this pack too.

blueeyes233 (Aug 7, 2008 12:19:11 PM)
could you explain what is meant by Freeze Time?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:19:11 PM)
Freeze Time is a VERY powerful witch spell. It actually changes the workings of the space time continuum and makes time itself stand still. I hear that some witches and warlocks are immune to it, but few have the power to cast this spell, so I don't know for sure.

Thyrcmng827 (Aug 7, 2008 12:19:22 PM)
Are we expecting new Wants and Fears?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:19:22 PM)
Of course. With all the new additions how could we not include new wants of fears, especially with the addition of witches.

xstacielove (Aug 7, 2008 12:20:29 PM)
If there is only one door to an apartment can we balconies

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:20:29 PM)
Yes, you can have balconies and even backyards in your apartment units

Twiggers849 (Aug 7, 2008 12:21:15 PM)
Can adults use any of the playground equipment?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:21:15 PM)
The playground equipment will be amazing for children and teen Sims. However, Adult Sims can push children on the merry go round.

darkroses909 (Aug 7, 2008 12:21:28 PM)
can witches have babies?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:21:28 PM)
Yes. The path of magic does not render Sims infertile.

boko95 (Aug 7, 2008 12:22:43 PM)
can you create potions like the Love Potion from the couldron?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:22:43 PM)
Yes, if you have the appropriate other eps (like Nightlife for the Love Potion) then your witches will be able to learn to make the potions on their cauldron. There are new potions in this ep as well.

boko95 (Aug 7, 2008 12:22:59 PM)
are there secret doors like the bookcase?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:22:59 PM)
The secret bookcase is like a hidden door.

JaimePG (Aug 7, 2008 12:23:16 PM)
Can special sims be witches? A vampire-witch, a zombie-with,... etc.

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:23:16 PM)

KCKfish11 (Aug 7, 2008 12:23:22 PM)
I heard you can have uncontrolable roommates is that true?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:23:22 PM)
Some of your roommates are indeed out of control! Some of them are really nice, though and will be a real help around the house. But your roommates are like pets - you can look at their motives, but not actually control what they're doing

Tasha (Aug 7, 2008 12:23:53 PM)
Will brushing their teeth bring up their hygiene like washing theie hands?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:23:53 PM)

Mordred555 (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:14 PM)
Can our neighbors be noisy?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:14 PM)
Yes, your neighbors can make noise that disrupt your sims and your sims can complain about it to get it to stop.

Niky (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:34 PM)
Can you marry or date your roomate?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:34 PM)
Yes, you can ask your roommate to move in as a "real" member of the family.

Faris (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:45 PM)
Do new families have to start out in an apartment?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:45 PM)
No, you can move your Sims into any lot.

subaru815 (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:59 PM)
Any new animals?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:24:59 PM)
You'll find a small dog who comes in a pen as well as a huge aquarium with lots of interesting aquatic action.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:04 PM)
Do you have to pay for the ceilings?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:04 PM)
Only if you repaint them.

Trinity (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:33 PM)
Can you suduce the landlord?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:33 PM)
You bet!

Demonica (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:38 PM)
So how can i get rid of them parasite-like Roommates?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:38 PM)
not all roommates are like parasites (though some might be). But you can always kick your roommates to the curb if you're fed up with them.

DaveJB1994 (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:56 PM)
Can you visit other sims apartments?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:25:56 PM)
Yes you can. In AL, you can visit the neighbors in your apartment building.

Jerms (Aug 7, 2008 12:26:40 PM)
When does it come out in stores?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:26:40 PM)
It will be in stores on August 28th.

Ant (Aug 7, 2008 12:26:59 PM)
Is there any way you can reduce your rent?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:26:59 PM)
There are opportunities to reduce rent if you are of good reputation and make the right connetions.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:27:38 PM)
Can you visit neighbors in your apartment building?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:27:38 PM)
Yup. You can visit neighbors in your building.

Cam (Aug 7, 2008 12:27:59 PM)
Is the statue in the new hood of Bella Goth?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:27:59 PM)
It certainly does look like her, doesn't it?

Oridgeo6997 (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:00 PM)
Can landlords be female?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:00 PM)
Landlords can be both female and male.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:12 PM)
can we have balconies?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:12 PM)
Apartments can be built with balconies as long as they don't lead to anywhere else.

nicnac (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:30 PM)
can roomates kick you out

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:30 PM)
No way! You signed the lease, so it's your place and the roommate can't kick you out

SilverChains14 (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:37 PM)
Is it possible to fly on brooms?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:28:37 PM)
Witches do fly on brooms.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:29:08 PM)
Can you own a penthouse?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:29:08 PM)
You can rent a penthouse much like every other kind of apartment.

Panda (Aug 7, 2008 12:29:35 PM)
will there be a cheat to be able to control your roomates just like pets?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:29:35 PM)
Don't tell anyone, but you can use the same cheat you use for pets to control your roommates.

Faris (Aug 7, 2008 12:29:52 PM)
Does the heart shaped bed do anything special?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:29:52 PM)
Apart from bringing your Sims joy, they vibrate and light up.

fishigrl (Aug 7, 2008 12:30:22 PM)
Can witches "fly" to other lots or is it like the vampire bat thing?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:30:22 PM)
Witches will get on their brooms and fly off the lot - it's really cool!

Twiggers849 (Aug 7, 2008 12:31:00 PM)
can rent vary depending on the size and quantity of the 'apartment'?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:31:00 PM)
The rent of an aprtment building is based on the size and the fixture/appliances that come with it.

*Bobbie.. (Aug 7, 2008 12:31:55 PM)
if your sim mooves out of their apartment, does there roommate stay there or come with them?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:31:55 PM)
If you move out , your roommate won't come with you. They will go look for another place.

cjman (Aug 7, 2008 12:31:58 PM)
what is your favourite thing a witch can do? a favoutrite spell?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:31:58 PM)
I love that Witches can teleport! It's the best way to get around an apartment. One of my favorite spells freezes time.

Thyrcmng827 (Aug 7, 2008 12:32:11 PM)
Are the apartments single rooms only, like the Dorms in Unversity? Or can we make them with multiple rooms...

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:32:11 PM)
You can make your apartment as big as you like, with as many rooms and floors as you like.

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 12:32:19 PM)
The chat ends in 10 minutes! Make sure to ask all your best questions before you go.

Nicira (Aug 7, 2008 12:33:04 PM)
Can all sims become witches?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:33:04 PM)
Your sims have the option of becoming a witch. It is completely under your control.

Mariah4110 (Aug 7, 2008 12:33:42 PM)
Can we build apartments without using the lot zoning cheat?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:33:42 PM)
For apartments to be functional, you will have to use the lotzoning cheat.

sims2chelsea (Aug 7, 2008 12:34:06 PM)
Can you replace the furnishings of the apartment with better ones? Like the fridge, stove, toilets, etc.?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:34:06 PM)
Once you've rented an apartment, you can change whatever objects you like inside it.

redefined (Aug 7, 2008 12:34:48 PM)
can we view the apartments before we buy them with a real estate, just like in real-life?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:34:48 PM)
You can do this in two ways. Enter the apartment from the neighborhood view without moving a sim in. This affords you the opportunity of changing it. OR you can move a family on an apartment lot and check it out prior to renting

Theachen7 (Aug 7, 2008 12:35:55 PM)
Is witch a turn on/turn off?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:35:55 PM)
Yes there is a witch related turn on / off.

Krizz (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:06 PM)
Well, guys good job! How did you come on this great idea?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:06 PM)
From you guys. Happy The fans have been asking us to make apartments for awhile.

JaimePG (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:23 PM)
all the apartaments have the same prize??

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:24 PM)
No can't rent a mobile home and a penthouse for the same price Happy

cyn (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:32 PM)
does the broom work like a car?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:32 PM)
Witches ride their brooms instead of walking. They can ride their broom to community lots, work and school.

drwsarah (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:40 PM)
Can you change the wallpaper and flooring in your apartment?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:36:40 PM)
YES. We want your Sims to feel at home.

SirenPrincess (Aug 7, 2008 12:37:20 PM)
How does the social reputation system work?

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 12:37:20 PM)
Your reputation can go up or down depending on what kinds of socials you perform on the townies. The higher the reputation you have the more chances you can gain certain benefits. But if you have a lower reputation you will have the world hating you.

KCKfish11 (Aug 7, 2008 12:37:41 PM)
What is the ages your sims can turn into witches?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:37:41 PM)
Witches are teen through elder.

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 12:38:01 PM)
There are 5 minutes left in the chat!

Trinity (Aug 7, 2008 12:38:21 PM)
Can your spells backfire and cause some funny outcomes?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:38:21 PM)
Some of them can. When you're not too good at Magivestigium (teleportation) yet, you can sometimes end up high in the sky with nowhere to go but down. Happy

justbrie (Aug 7, 2008 12:39:23 PM)
When you move out of an apartment can you take everything(furniture, decorations, etc.)with you?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:39:23 PM)
When you move out of apartments, you will get reimbursed financially for all the objects you leave behind.

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 12:39:40 PM)
As a reminder, there is another chat today at 4:00 PDT. If you didn't get a question answered, tune in to the chat later today!

luciferf (Aug 7, 2008 12:39:45 PM)
are ceiling tiles customizable?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:39:45 PM)
Yup...just like floors!

SuperSillySim (Aug 7, 2008 12:39:48 PM)
How does the newspaper get delivered?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:39:49 PM)
The paper person will deliver it right to your apartment door.

Joey132465 (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:17 PM)
Can you have a Vampire/Zombie/Plantsim/Werewolf/Witch?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:17 PM)
Yes. For example you can have a Vampire Witch.

Katie (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:37 PM)
can you turn the ceilings off

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:37 PM)
Yes. There is a toggle but on the Hub in the lower left corner.

Brd709 (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:46 PM)
Do NPC Neighbours bring their own furniture?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:46 PM)
NPC neighbors will have fully furnished apartments (if you build your apartment building for them, you can look at ours for examples).

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:48 PM)
is there a new secret haunted witch location?

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 12:40:48 PM)
Yes, there are new secret lots.

aimeexlauren (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:02 PM)
will elevatros be made avaliable or will we have to get open for buissness?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:02 PM)
There is a new elevator in Apartment Life.

gianttacosalad (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:26 PM)
Are there more actions between parent and children?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:26 PM)
Yes. For example parents can read their children to sleep and swing children around by the arms.

Krizz (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:30 PM)
Are you proud about the results?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:30 PM)
I think I speak for all of us when I say that we're very proud of this pack. We are giving the community two things they have been asking for for a long time: apartments and witches. I'm sure you guys will have a great time with this pack and really enjoy all the cool stuff there is to find in Apartment Life

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:34 PM)
The chat is now ending, thanks everyone! If your question didn't get answered, you can attend another chat today at 4:00 PDT!

AJR94 (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:50 PM)
does rent auto-matically get paid or do we have to pay it like bills?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:50 PM)
It's more like bill paying - you'll have to remember to pay the rent, but you'll get reminders when it's due.

rissa39 (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:54 PM)
Is the secret door something that can be easily gotten from the build/buy mode, or does it need to be unlocked?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:42:54 PM)
You can find it in the Buy Mode Catalog.

Timoth26 (Aug 7, 2008 12:43:10 PM)
Can witches go to college?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:43:10 PM)
Yes, witches can go to college.

arasd3313 (Aug 7, 2008 12:43:35 PM)
Can a robot become a witch?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:43:35 PM)
Servo can become a witch. S/he looks great with that hat on Happy

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 12:44:21 PM)
Thanks for all the great questions! Bye! Happy

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 12:44:27 PM)
Thanks for playing the Sims 2! Without you, I would be a shell of a man. Instead, I lead a happy life making fun games for all of you.

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 12:44:27 PM)
Bye guys! Thanks for chatting with us today!

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 12:44:31 PM)

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 12:44:38 PM)
The chat is now over. Thanks everyone!

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 12:44:42 PM)
Bye everyone!

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 5:55:49 PM)
Hi Bim!

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 5:55:54 PM)
Hey J!

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:04:18 PM)
Hi everyone!

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:04:49 PM)
Hello everyone Happy

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 6:04:53 PM)
Welcome to the chat for The Sims 2 Apartment Life!

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:04:56 PM)

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 6:05:04 PM)

kry (Aug 7, 2008 6:05:50 PM)
Will there be bunk beds to save space?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:05:50 PM)
There won't be bunk beds, but you can have a Murphy Bed that folds up and saves you a ton of space in small apartments

Scarlett2311 (Aug 7, 2008 6:05:55 PM)
Are there any new radio stations?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:05:55 PM)
We have not added any new radio stations, but we have added many new songs to the pack.

Chibikins (Aug 7, 2008 6:06:57 PM)
Will sims who purchase a unfurnished apartment have their rent go up after they furnish it?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:06:57 PM)
Nope, your rent will stay the same no matter what items your Sims put in.

xstacielove (Aug 7, 2008 6:07:37 PM)
Will Homecrafter be updated for use with ceilings

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:07:37 PM)
Ceilings are essentially floor tiles, so you will be able to make ceilings.

Scarlett2311 (Aug 7, 2008 6:07:52 PM)
How will libraries work?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:07:52 PM)
There is a community lot in Belladonna Cove which is a library, as in it's a building with many books. We haven't added any new library functionality.

Sally (Aug 7, 2008 6:07:57 PM)
How does a roommate count against the 8 Sim / 2Pets rule?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:07:57 PM)
Think of your roommate as a very smart and well-dressed pet as far as household limits are concerned Happy

kry (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:02 PM)
Are there new items/interactions for babies?

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:02 PM)
Yes, there is a new peek a poo social that's very cute and also toddler hugs.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:06 PM)
are ceilings automatically built on community lots?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:06 PM)
When building on community lots ceiling tiles must be placed down much like floors. The community lots in BellaDonna Cove do have ceilings.

onmymind04 (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:16 PM)
Is this the last expansion pack for the Sims 2?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:16 PM)
Currently, there are no plans for any future Expansion Packs. We will be adding content once a month to The Sims 2 Store.

PajamaRick (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:33 PM)
Quick question...will there be new Neighborhood objects and some "trashy" slum-type decorations?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:08:33 PM)
As you'll be able to see in Belladonna Cove, there are a bunch of new neighborhood ploppables that help distinguish between the better and worse parts of any neighborhood.

LP7 (Aug 7, 2008 6:09:26 PM)
How do trash chutes work? Do they work like the trash can on the street or does someone have to take the trash out?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:09:26 PM)
Trash Chutes will work like the trash cans out in the street. Take your trash there and it will be gone for good.

sims2headmanic2 (Aug 7, 2008 6:09:43 PM)
Any new clothing?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:09:43 PM)
Of course. There is new clothing and hair.

PopeBarley (Aug 7, 2008 6:10:32 PM)
Will our buildings HAVE to have ceilings?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:10:32 PM)
The ceilings were always there! But you'll have the option of seeing them or not.

Bonnie (Aug 7, 2008 6:11:09 PM)
In the earlier chat, there was something about not being able to have doors in apartments other than the special apartment door? So we can't have a side door?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:11:09 PM)
Every apartment can only have one entrance. Every other opening to the outside (like a balcony or a patio) must be enclosed in some way. So no, you can't have a side door.

leniStar (Aug 7, 2008 6:12:14 PM)
What's your favorite new item?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:12:14 PM)
I love the open mic. You can sing, recite poetry, and perform comedy. A Sims skill dramatically impacts performance too.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:12:18 PM)
what happens with the other playable families in the same house? can they get children or marry without my dicision?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:12:18 PM)
No. Other than relationship updates, other playable families on your lot won't progress. Think of separate apartment units as if they were separate lots.

joelmole100 (Aug 7, 2008 6:12:56 PM)
Will old buildings still function without ceilings or will they have to be updated?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:12:56 PM)
A default ceiling will be automatically "installed" in your previously built lots. You may have to turn them on through the UI. You can always change them.

aandk (Aug 7, 2008 6:13:03 PM)
Can sims learn to teleport from witches?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:13:03 PM)
Witches in all their variety are the only one's that can teleport.

abattista (Aug 7, 2008 6:13:07 PM)
Will a specific cheat code be needed to build apartments like hotels in Bon Voyage?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:13:07 PM)
Yes, it's very similar to Bon Voyage. You'll need to build a regular residential lot and then use the lot zoning cheat to turn it into an apartment.

SimInTheSun (Aug 7, 2008 6:13:34 PM)
How many new hairstyles are there? Men need alot more good ones!

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 6:13:34 PM)
There are over 30 new hairs~!

samdoodle (Aug 7, 2008 6:14:11 PM)
Will there be any new hobbies for people who have Freetime

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:14:11 PM)
No, but there are many new interactions and objects that will give your Sims hobby enthusiasm if you have FreeTime installed

SimLover (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:02 PM)
What has been the funnest part of making this expansion?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:02 PM)
For me the best part of every pack is working with our development team and visiting the boards to hear all of the things you guys get excited about.

Pricia (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:18 PM)
Can the butler look after the children or do you need a nanny?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:18 PM)
The butler can do it, although he tends to keep to a very regular schedule. So if you're working the graveyard shift, you might still need a nanny in addition.

SimInTheSun (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:22 PM)
How many new hairstyles are there? Men need some good ones!

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:23 PM)
Over 30 new hairs, across gender and age, are in this pack.

Franica (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:29 PM)
Will some buildings have pet rules? Like no pets allowed, or cats only?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:15:29 PM)
There will be no restrictions other than the maximum amount of Sims/pets per family. We figured that your Sims would want to bring their four-legged friends into their apartments, so no restrictions on that!

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:15 PM)
Tell me more about the "Lap Dog"

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:15 PM)
Oh, the lap dog. Well, the lap dog is a tiny little dog that's more suited for apartment life. It comes with its own pen and kind of acts like the contained pets in Sims 2 Pets in that it likes to mainly stay in its pen. But you can pick it up to play with it and even carry it around and sit with it (on your lap, of course) on couches and living chairs.

Cjb402 (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:22 PM)
What was the most challenging aspect in creating this Expansion Pack?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:22 PM)
Making apartments work was definitely the biggest challenge we faced in this Expansion. We've simply never had several controllable families in the same lot, and it was definitely difficult to make it the best experience possible for you Sims fans out there.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:47 PM)
Will the version of SecuROM in Apartment Life have an install limit?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:47 PM)
The Digital Download version has a limit to the number of computers you can install the game on, it does not limit how many times you can install it on the same computer.

rose (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:58 PM)
Which is your favourite new social group?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:17:59 PM)
The Gearhead fashion is edgy and cool. There are complimentary hairstyles and plenty of opportunities to exhibit good and bad behavior. They have a unique greet too.

junyell (Aug 7, 2008 6:18:00 PM)
Can you add a grocery store or clothing store in a common area of an apartment building?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:18:00 PM)
Apartment lots are not proper commercial zones. You cannot start a home business out of your apartment nor can there be a community lot in the common area.

sadie2 (Aug 7, 2008 6:18:25 PM)
Do all wicthes become evil?

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 6:18:25 PM)
There are good, neutral and evil witches.

Stefan1331 (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:00 PM)
Will the 2000 wall segments limit still be in the game?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:00 PM)
Yes, that limit has not been changed.

rose (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:07 PM)
Do communal areas of the apartments add to the amoutn of rent?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:07 PM)
They do not. Rent is only based on the size of your apartment and the fixtures/appliances inside your apartment.

FaeLuna2 (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:36 PM)
Will the Trash Chute feature mean an end to angry sims kicking over trashcans as far as Apartment zoned lots go? If so all my Romance sims are moving to apartments!

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:36 PM)
We wish them well! It is infact difficult, if not impossible, to kick over a trash chute Happy

Tartufica (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:38 PM)

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:19:38 PM)

Zizyzoo (Aug 7, 2008 6:20:32 PM)
Are there any new cars?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:20:32 PM)
You can purchase an ownable helicopter in Apartment Life.

Joey132465 (Aug 7, 2008 6:21:04 PM)
Is there secret lots? If so what are they?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:21:04 PM)
There are secret lots associated with the good and evil witches. But that's all we're giving away at the moment... Happy

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:05 PM)
will witches have any special pet?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:05 PM)
If you also own Pets, in Apartment Life witches can summon a spectral cat.

abattista (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:29 PM)
Would you suggest apartments for familes or for single and or lovers?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:29 PM)
I'd suggest apartments for everyone who likes having a lot of people around. And if you happen to be in love with the Sim down the hall - even better! But if your family is too big, it might get a little crammed in the apartments of Belladonna Cove

Megan (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:31 PM)
Can you kill the Landlord to stop Rent?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:31 PM)
LOL, no. If you kill the landlord, a new landlord will be hired to take over.

honeypooh112 (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:32 PM)
are there witches duels?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:32 PM)
Good witches and Evil witches do have a rivalry. Evil witches like to summon Spectral Assistants to do their dirty work.

Stefan1331 (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:39 PM)
Will the 2000 wall segments limit still be in the game?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:22:39 PM)
The same limits on wall segments that are found in previous Expansion Packs exist for Apartment Life.

sims2headmanic2 (Aug 7, 2008 6:23:47 PM)
Can you push other sims into the trash chute? :D

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:23:47 PM)
Darn. I wish we had thought of that! But no, you can't :(

Jenpow01 (Aug 7, 2008 6:24:07 PM)
Can the open windows be shut?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:24:07 PM)
Open windows have a shut version available in build mode.

Stefan1331 (Aug 7, 2008 6:24:25 PM)
Will we be able to set the level of the sound for speakers? (so that we do or don't disturb the neighbours)

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:24:26 PM)
You can't set the level, but you'll need more than one stereo on to make your neighbors mad.

rissa39 (Aug 7, 2008 6:25:19 PM)
I read in the previous chat that a certain book activates the secret door in that one bookcase. What is this book called and how did you guys come up with the idea of a secret door?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:25:19 PM)
It's a secret! Wink You will have to try them all out to find it. Doesn't every house need a secret hiding place?

Twoyys4me (Aug 7, 2008 6:26:11 PM)
Do Witches have a lucky black cat?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:26:11 PM)
Witches have spectral cats that come in a variety of colors. (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:08 PM)
is it possible to sleep, if the neighbors make noise?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:08 PM)
If your bed is in the room that has a wall adjacent to the noisemakers, your Sims won't be able to stay asleep while the ruckus is occurring.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:13 PM)
I want to build a home for the elderly. Am I able to put a shared kitchen the common area? Do apartments have to have kitchens?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:13 PM)
You can have a shared kitchen in the common area. If you don't have a fridge in your own apartment, you will be charged for all the goods you consume. But if you have a fridge or more inside your apartment, the food points will be deducted from those

sluurper (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:16 PM)
How do you make a duplex

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:16 PM)
You can build an apartment building to have as many apartments as you like. So to make a duplex, you just make two connected houses with apartment doors for front doors and no other entrance.

jlynna11 (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:16 PM)
If you have Open for Business can you somehow own apartment complexes?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:16 PM)
Apartment can be rented but not owned.

Skyline (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:55 PM)
Does Mr. Rod Humble make a return in AL if so does he bring a new computer?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:27:56 PM)
Unfortunately, Rod's too busy nowadays to visit the Sims. You'll just have to enjoy his previous gift for now.

Robin (Aug 7, 2008 6:28:07 PM)
I'm so excited to see the return of sprial stairs! How many tiles will these new space savers take up?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:28:07 PM)
We are very excited about Spiral Staircases as well!! They are 2x2.

phll363 (Aug 7, 2008 6:28:52 PM)
can you have shared bathrooms in a aparment buildings to help keep the rent down?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:28:52 PM)
you can build apartments that would have shared bathrooms per floor. That would keep the rent down, but then you have to walk across the hall to shower - how gnarly!

SimCrazed32 (Aug 7, 2008 6:29:08 PM)
WIll there be a preview of The Sims 3 shipped with the game?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:29:08 PM)
There are some great decorative items in Apartment Life, you should check them out! In FreeTime, you can find a preview of what's to come from The Sims.

nikkivikki189 (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:01 PM)
are there any new places to whoo?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:01 PM)
You can WooHoo in the sliding door closet and the ownable helicopter. Happy

Brewcrew4191 (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:07 PM)
Can students walk to school?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:07 PM)
Yes. If they miss the bus, they'll no longer have to sulk at home, worrying about their grades all day.

crystal (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:14 PM)
Tell MaxoidSam and MaxoidHunter we miss them :(

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:36 PM)
I miss them too.

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:42 PM)

WLSEStudio (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:43 PM)
What does the Spectral cat actually do?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:30:44 PM)
What do cats do? They love sleeping and eating and sometimes they have to use the littler box... sounds like a pretty good life to me!

Megan (Aug 7, 2008 6:31:14 PM)
Can you lock just a certain sim from a room?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:31:14 PM)
Locks are still by category. So if that certain Sim you want to lock out is your roommate, we added a new lock to keep them out of your private rooms.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:31:30 PM)
What is the must cute object?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:31:30 PM)
Toddler stuff is always cute! I love the spring rider and the huggle interaction. That's so adorable :D

emi (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:10 PM)
is break dancing something that your sims will have to keep on practicing to get better at?

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:11 PM)
Practice makes perfect. Happy

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:20 PM)
Will roofs make ceilings, automatically?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:20 PM)
The floor tiles of the level above create a ceiling on the level below.

Joey132465 (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:48 PM)
Is Bella Goth the Grand Witch?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:48 PM)
No. There are two High Witches, one of light and and one of dark. Who they are depends on your neighborhood.

umikagami (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:49 PM)
What is the difference between a regular cat and a spectral cat?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:32:49 PM)
Spectral cats come from the spectral plane, and so do not require some of the care and attention that regular old cats would need. They also look different. You know, more spectral.

Kate (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:11 PM)
What was the hardest thing to design?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:11 PM)
Apartments was an engineering feat but providing our fans with the ability to move up to 4 single-controlled families on a lot with an ability to visit neighbors and have a non-controllable roommate is awesome.

Stefan1331 (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:37 PM)
Automatic lights system is the same?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:37 PM)
Yes? Lights should function as they always have. Your apartment lights should act just like your old house lights. Is that what you were asking?

Ant4 (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:39 PM)
There are laundry chutes, right? What if they don't wash them enough? Do they walk around naked?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:39 PM)
The chutes are for trash and not for laundry! Your Sims never had to do laundry before, so we didn't want to ask too much of them with all the new apartment stuff going on.

dieAlexBean (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:46 PM)
Will we have to leave an apartment unoccupied for the landlord? Where does he live?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:46 PM)
The Landlord does not live on the Apartment Lot.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:46 PM)
Are apartments available in college towns?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:34:46 PM)
No. Apartments can be placed in base, downtown and shopping neighborhoods.

Pricia (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:03 PM)
Are magical subhoods open to all witches or do they need a certain level to enter, like secret lots in FreeTime?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:03 PM)
Witches can visit any secret lot independent of their alignment.

Kolby (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:05 PM)
Is it sunny in California? B-)

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:05 PM)
Of course, thanks for asking! : Is it sunny where you are?

Eli Stone (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:17 PM)
I understand you can only move in 4 playable households but can you make more than 4 apartments for other NPCs to move into?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:17 PM)
Yes, you can make apartment buildings with more than 4 apartment suites. Any apartment suite that does not hold a playable family will eventually be moved into by an NPC neighbor from one of the social groups

dieAlexBean (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:23 PM)
Why are there neutral witches?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:36:23 PM)
That's more of a moral question that I don't completely feel comfortable answering, but I think it's because it's hard to always see things in black and white. Consider neutral witches as a shade of gray.

Twiggers849 (Aug 7, 2008 6:37:13 PM)
Is there anything that would rapidly decay a witch's motives like with vampires?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:37:13 PM)
Some of the spells have backfires, for example, if you fail at Benemoodus Simae (good mood for a sim) then your motives will be hit instead.

Thewoods5600 (Aug 7, 2008 6:37:23 PM)
What is your favorite witch spell?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:37:23 PM)
You can summon bees. BEES!

Mommas (Aug 7, 2008 6:37:23 PM)
How will we get our mail?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:37:23 PM)
There is a new mailbox on Apartment Lots where you can retrieve your mail.

sadie2 (Aug 7, 2008 6:38:07 PM)
can you become the landlord?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:38:07 PM)
Landlords are non controllable Sims.

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 6:38:41 PM)
There are 10 minutes left in the chat! Get your best questions in now!

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:39:17 PM)
Can we get married with Landlord so we don't have to pay our rent? Happy

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:39:18 PM)
If you marry the landlord, a conflict of interest will cause him to search for a new job and a new landlord will be assigned to your building. If you become best friends with your landlord, they can give you a discount though.

leniStar (Aug 7, 2008 6:39:43 PM)
How many ways can you get evicted?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:39:43 PM)
Your Sims will never get evicted. It would be pretty bad for your Sims to be stuck in the Sim Bin without any money to move into a new place! So the landlord is going to let you stay in the apartment, but s/he will make sure to get the money through the repo man.

PajamaRick (Aug 7, 2008 6:40:07 PM)
What is the hot dog/gyro stand like?

MaxoidAlan (Aug 7, 2008 6:40:07 PM)
It's an awesome looking diner stand that serves delicious food and it even has a clock on it.

Megan (Aug 7, 2008 6:40:30 PM)
Is there a Ding-Dong-Ditch Feature? :D

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:40:30 PM)
That's a cute idea. If only we had thought of it... Happy

dieAlexBean (Aug 7, 2008 6:41:14 PM)
Will the room mate equip his room on his own?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:41:14 PM)
No. Roommates don't have access to buy mode, so you'll have to provide a furnished room for them. If you don't give them a bed, your Sims might have to take turns with the roommate for taking naps...

SexySingleSimmer (Aug 7, 2008 6:41:24 PM)
Why have you waited this long to bring Spiral Stairs to the game? you could have added them in Pets (it was expected due to Unleashed having them) or even on the exchange??

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:41:24 PM)
Spiral Staircasess were worth the wait. They're awesome and come in exciting materials including glass and marble.

amclo (Aug 7, 2008 6:41:33 PM)
Does the bookcase connect to two apts or is it to a secret room in only one apartment?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:41:33 PM)
The bookcase can connect rooms in a house or apartment, but not two different apartments.

GoldenBuffy (Aug 7, 2008 6:42:06 PM)
Please answer. How will we be able to control multi families in one building?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:42:06 PM)
You will be able to move in up to 4 families into one Apartment Lot. You can control one family at a time. You will be able to visit the other families and NPCs apartments. You go to the neighborhood to switch to any of the other families that you moved into that lot.

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 6:42:21 PM)
The chat ends in 5 minutes!

matt (Aug 7, 2008 6:42:39 PM)
is there a load screen every time you leave your apartment?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:42:39 PM)
No, as long as you don't leave the apartment lot, there won't be a load screen. You visit your neighbors, invite them over, or hang out in the common area without load times

Jeneor15 (Aug 7, 2008 6:43:19 PM)
Will we be able to see into other apartments or do we need to knock

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:43:19 PM)
When you first arrive, you'll be able to see into all the (empty) apartments. Once you choose an apartment and other families move into the other ones, you'll only be able to see into your apartment unless you knock on your neighbors' doors to visit.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:43:35 PM)
Can you still have gardens in apartments? How can you stop others from messing with your garden?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:43:35 PM)
If your apartment has a backyard you can keep your plants there and that will keep most of the meddling down.

JonnyT (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:14 PM)
Are there any new places for sims to.. you know.. WooHoo! :P

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:14 PM)
Yes, Sims will find that the 2 door closet and ownable helicopter serve as alternatives to the bedroom or elevator.

LP7 (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:14 PM)
Is there a janitor NPC that lives on the apartment lot?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:14 PM)
There is no janitor, but the landlord will take care of the lot for you. S/he'll fix items, water plants and exterminate roaches. The landlord comes on the lot in the morning and leaves in the evening.

JonnyT (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:28 PM)
Have you had any funny glitches during the development stage?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:28 PM)
The funniest glitch I ran into was one of my Sims closed the Murphy Bed while another one of my Sims was using the Bed.

johnwalterman (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:47 PM)
Will we still need to buy ingrediants like in Makin' Magic or can we cast anything we want?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:47 PM)
You can buy or make the reagents necessary to cast spells.

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:44:50 PM)
I had a bug where the butler never left and kept playing video games with my kid.

Sapphicc (Aug 7, 2008 6:45:55 PM)
Can you jack stuff from a neighbors apartment?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:45:55 PM)
If by jacking you mean stealing, then the answer is no.

Katenigma (Aug 7, 2008 6:46:15 PM)
Will more than one Sim at a time be able to be on the spiral stairs, like the modular ones, or will they not want to follow another Sim?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:46:15 PM)
More than one Sim at a time can use the spiral stairs. They should be going in the same direction as those stairs are pretty narrow.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:46:24 PM)
Do you get vermin and rodents in your apartments?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:46:24 PM)
If you're messy you'll get vermin, just like you would in a messy house.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:47:22 PM)
Can you get evicted from your apartment?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:47:22 PM)
If you don't pay your bills or rent unfortunate things can and will happen.

Astreon (Aug 7, 2008 6:47:23 PM)
Does using the voodoo doll gives you Magical experience?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:47:23 PM)
Our research in the magical communities in around the world told us that witchcraft and voodoo are two very different types of magic. So being versed in one doesn't make you more proficient in the other

Thewoods5600 (Aug 7, 2008 6:48:52 PM)
Can you explain more about Bunny Wuzzy and her "brood"

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:48:52 PM)
I created that family. Bunnie and her brood do not live in Belladonna Cove. (Aug 7, 2008 6:49:22 PM)
is it posible to hurt or fell off the new playground objects

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:49:22 PM)
It's possible that kids with lower body skill might not make it all the way across the monkey bars, but they won't come to any permanent harm.

bAnE (Aug 7, 2008 6:49:32 PM)
Can we rent TWO flats but for one family?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:49:32 PM)
No, your family will have to make due with one apartment.

Stefan1331 (Aug 7, 2008 6:49:54 PM)
Walls still snap to grid even with cheats? And we still can't build half length walls?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:49:55 PM)
Unfortunately the way that we had to set up The Sims 2 cannot support changing these features.

sluurper (Aug 7, 2008 6:50:29 PM)
Can you report loud parties to the police?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:50:29 PM)
Calling the police is pretty extreme - how about you bang on the door first. Or you can walk over to their door and complain to the neighbor in person. But calling the police? No, that's too much.

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 6:50:34 PM)
The chat is now ending. Thanks everyone for your great questions!

goldenkit (Aug 7, 2008 6:50:41 PM)
Can you let the Lap Dog out of the pen?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:50:41 PM)
Yes, for instance you can carry it around, sit on the couch and stroke it.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:51:31 PM)
what happens if i forget to pay the rent repeatedly?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:51:31 PM)
If you can't pay your rent, your landlord will submit the total for collection and the repoman will come and take all your stuff.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:52:16 PM)
Can Helicopters Crash?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:52:16 PM)
OMG!! no.

rbviper7 (Aug 7, 2008 6:52:20 PM)
Can I Use the Vending Machines in the Residential Lots?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:52:20 PM)
Yes, you can use vending machines on residential lots.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:53:39 PM)
How do Sims become a witch?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:53:39 PM)
Start with befriending a witch. Once the friendship reaches a certain level you can ask to learn their magical ways.

boko (Aug 7, 2008 6:53:44 PM)

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:53:44 PM)
Two roommates seem like a little much. One roommate per household should be enough Happy

leniStar (Aug 7, 2008 6:53:59 PM)
Other than the landlord and butler are there any more NPCs?

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:53:59 PM)
There are the street performers, a breakdancer and a human statue, and the high witches, as well as the social group sims that live all around.

boko (Aug 7, 2008 6:55:22 PM)
Can an evil witch go in a Good witch lot?

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:55:22 PM)
Yes, Sims of any type can visit the witch secret lots.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:55:22 PM)
Are witches affected by rain like vampires are affected by sun?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:55:23 PM)
Witches are not affected by Rain. Some evil witches may even enjoy bad weather!

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:56:53 PM)
Hey good job guys, I´d like to know the max and minims of The rent prices thx

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:56:53 PM)
Rent prices are as high or low as you can dream. In our neighborhood they range from around 800 simoleons to over 4,000.

Guest (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:18 PM)
What are the new things we could expect from the building mode?

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:19 PM)
We have added a measuring tool that counts the tiles when you are dragging the wall and roof tool. We have also added ceilings and the ability to move wall hangings up and down the wall. It is amazing how different your houses/lots look with these new features.

Nile (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:20 PM)
Can we burn witches?

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:21 PM)
No, no, no! Witches are Sims too!

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:34 PM)
Well, I mean, they can set themselves on fire.

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:36 PM)

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:38 PM)
You know.

MaxoidLakshmi (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:43 PM)
Thanks for coming everyone! Happy

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:44 PM)
The chat is now over, thanks everyone for coming!

MaxoidShannon (Aug 7, 2008 6:57:54 PM)
Bye guys!! It was a blast!! Hope you are as excited about Apartment Life as we are!!

bAnE (Aug 7, 2008 6:58:00 PM)
Can we do woohoo with a witch on a broomstick?

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:58:00 PM)
Wow. That would be dangerous! While we like our Sims to have fun, this was just a little too much. No woohoo on a broom!

ChatMaster (Aug 7, 2008 6:58:09 PM)
Bye everyone!

MaxoidJerome (Aug 7, 2008 6:58:15 PM)
Goodbye everyone! Thanks for the cool questions

MaxoidScott (Aug 7, 2008 6:58:26 PM)
Later everyone. I had a blast working on this pack, and hope you enjoy playing it! Now you can go gossip about us on the boards Wink

MaxoidBim (Aug 7, 2008 6:58:39 PM)
Bye folks! Thanks for your ongoing support.

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