Another mail from MaxisCactus, this time about Spore on Steam!

Hey Everyone,

Just in time for the holidays, Valve announced that Spore™ and Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack are available now via Steam, a leading platform for PC games and digital content with over 15 million accounts around the world.

For more info or to get Spore from Steam, visit

Now this would be a nice Christmas present!>

Hi Spore Fans,

Have a favorite Spore creature? Get a Spore sculpture created!

MaxisCactus mailed some of the fansites. You can read about it below:

Hi Everybody,

A lot has been happening in the studio as we get closer and closer to June's Creature Creator release! As usual, we've been receiving more and more questions from curious fans.

Here's one of our most commonly asked questions answered:

I received a mail from Maxis about creature concept art, FAQ and videos:

Hey Everyone,

I received a mail from MaxisCactus about the Frequently Asked Questions and a Fansite Kit!

Hello Spore Fans,

Soon we’ll be sending out some Spring news to the growing Spore community. However, we still want to give our fansites the first look.


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