Spore F.A.Q. and Fansite Kit

Friday, March 28, 2008 - 01:30

I received a mail from MaxisCactus about the Frequently Asked Questions and a Fansite Kit!

Hello Spore Fans,

Soon we’ll be sending out some Spring news to the growing Spore community. However, we still want to give our fansites the first look.

We’ve received a number of questions from you all about Spore and we want to address as many of these as we can. To make it easy, you can now check our new FAQ site to find out the answers to some of your most common questions. Going forward, we’ll be compiling more of your questions and updating the FAQ regularly. We can’t guarantee we’ll get to them all, but we’ll do our best to get you as much information as possible.

Visit our new FAQ page here:

So many of your fansites are brimming with Spore art. To help you keep them fresh with the latest images, we’ve put together a special collection of Spore assets for download. Inside the exclusive fansite kit you’ll find an assortment of eye-popping glyphs, wallpapers, renders, icons, and more!

You can download the fansite kit on our website here:

Also, keep an eye on for new updates appearing in the next couple of days.



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