New Spore Updates

Friday, April 25, 2008 - 03:52

I received a mail from Maxis about creature concept art, FAQ and videos:

Hey Everyone,

We've been keeping an eye on your fansites and the creature concept art many of you feature in forums and galleries has pretty much floored us. The ingenuity of these creations is astounding. We've had a lot of fun discussing your art and members of our development team have recreated a few fan concepts in our creature editor. Renders of these have been uploaded to the site, as well as developer commentary. We even sent off these creature concepts to NASA for evaluation from their Astrobiology Institute.

It's all up here:

Also, we’ve been receiving more and more questions about the game, and have updated our FAQ section.

Finally, we have a couple new movies for you to check out. See the developers discuss procedural animation or the new Yuri’s Night movie here:

Check back to this week for more updates.



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