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Score: 8.3/10 “Great”
"Makin' Magic presents plenty of interesting additions to the original game, but it also adds a whole lot more of them."

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This isn't a trick, you'll find plenty of treats in the newly opened Magic Town exchange!

Thanks to everyone that showed up and submitted their questions! If you missed the event, read the transcripts.

You loved the sweeping staircase. You jumped for joy when you discovered that the rich and famous would finally have their grand ballroom entrance. But then you cried when you tried to rotate the 12 Steps of Stone to face the other way. Well, cry no longer; the answer to your sweeping staircase needs is here, with 12 steps in the opposite direction.

Download Reverse Sweeping Staircase (823k)

Electronic Arts and Maxis will magically make the Grand Prize winner appear in the game, creating character skins for the winner and up to 4 friends or family, including a pet! Also, the winner and a guest will attend The Sims™ Makin' Magic sponsored, Teen People 2003 Artist of the Year Awards Party in Los Angeles on November 16!

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The first set of Makin' Magic wallpaper images is now available to download. Available in 3 sexy sizes.

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The Sims Makin' Magic

"Maxis has taken the high road with the last few expansions, offering plenty of new gameplay challenges as well. Nowhere is this more apparent than in The Sims: Makin' Magic."

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Still have questions about the Superstar or Makin' Magic Expansion Packs? Well you are in luck; MaxisProducer (aka Cooper Buckingham) will be online to answer your questions this Thursday, October 23 at 3pm (PST). Get there early to submit your questions.

Are your Sims tired of watching the same old TV commercials? Now you can spice up their viewing with new commercials!

Download TV Commercials (230k)



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