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Strategy Gaming posted an Interview with Luc Barthelet, general manager of Maxis.
Read the interview with Luc on Strategy Gaming, or click read more below this post to read it here!

By B.S. Battle.
Walnut Creek (SimCity newswire) - The Sim City Central Intelligence Agency said Wednesday it had set up a fashion company headed by a computer-game artist to help speed up its development of state-of-the-art disguises.
The venture capital company, called Qool Qlothes, takes its name from "Q," the Ian Fleming-created master gadgeteer who supplied the fictional James Bond with lethal clothing and cars.

By Tex Chure.
With headphones cocked on either ear and Kraftwerk blaring in the background, Sean Baity was in good company Tuesday.
The SimShow preparedness director and officials from all three groups that serve The Sims jostled last-minute preparations before powerful barrels through the internet early next week.

This just in......renegade French programmer Franck "Animal" Le Ouay has just completed a much awaited update to code allows users to create paintings out of JPG and BMP files......see included readme for further details.....Download HomeMaster DX5000

Luc's Server, Internet Territory (SCNS) -
Three Sims fans hunting for the mystical real release date of The Sims in a remote corner the internet have found the remains of what appears to be Sims' dinners, scientists and local leaders say. Internetologists and elders from the territory where the zip file was found announced the discovery Wednesday on

It was an event that left few in its path untouched. The week's final MAXIS upload gave people across the globe the chance to know in a most spectacular way that, whoever walks the Earth, can be duplicated in SimShow 1_3. Starting off the American coast, the available zipfile raced across the wires at speeds approaching T1 access in some areas. A thousand people had traveled to Cornwall, south-west England, so they could stand in line at an internet cafe to download the file. For them, the first contact with the new application came shortly before 10.00BST. "I can't believe it!

Yesterday, April 1st, was taken over by Sims promoting the upcoming game The Sims. Now Luc Barthelet has published a statement on the SimCity website. Click read more to read it!




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