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Art Directors Bob King and Dave Patch join us in chat today to tell us about being an artist in the game industry.

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Maxis Kitty tells us how she selects the Maxis Pick each week.

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Maxis is putting it’s nose to the grindstone working on The Sims 2, so starting this week Sim Chats will occur every other week. Tune in Thurs February 26 at 3pm PST for the next Sims Chat!

We've received lots of fabulous entries, but we've noticed some entries are missing URL's to their family albums. If you make a submission, please remember to cut-n-paste your URL correctly so we can locate your story!

Find Out How To Cut-n-Paste A URL.

We asked the community how The Sims has effected or changed their lives. There are some wonderful responses worth reading!

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Move over Dance Dance Revolution, we're sharing the spotlight with you as best family game of the year!

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Who is this Sim Brother and who gave him that Asian money? Find out who his dream fooseball partner is and more in our interview with ChEeTaH from

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The Maxoids are all packed up and ready to roll! We won’t be holding a chat event this week on the Sims site, instead we are taking a virtual school bus for a field trip over to The Sims Resource to hang out in their chat room. Chat with MaxisLucky, Maxiskitty, MaxisDano and MaxisMojo at the Sims Resource site this Thursday at 11am PST.

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Moderator Anja is in gesprek geweest met Pippi.

Nita: Anja hoe was je gesprek met Pippi?
Anja: Erg wazig! Maar goed, lees het maar voor jezelf.

Naar het interview!

We'll be out for the holidays, so there will be no chat or events until the week of January 5th. Until then, have a safe and happy season!



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