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Although not officially announced, Maxis gave a select group of North America and International press a sneak peek of the next expansion pack for The Sims, Makin' Magic*. Look for an official announcement in the coming weeks.
*This is a working title.

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Er staat een nieuw uitbreidingspakket voor The Sims aan te komen, en wat voor een!

In dit uitbreidingspakket kunnen the Sims magische spreuken gebruiken om hun liefdesleven te verbeteren, chaos te bezorgen bij boze buren of een einde maken aan al hun zorgen!

Een geheel nieuw magisch carnaval-achtige bestemming, spannende nieuwe gameplay en een hele hoop nieuwe karakters staan je op te wachten in dit magische juweeltje!

Stuur the Sims naar Magie Stad om hersenkrakende tricks uit te voeren en geheime recepten te ontdekken voor snode spreuken.

We have posted the next 4 songs for the Superstar Soundtrack. Download yours today to get your party started.

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Each week we will be presenting 4 new tracks for your Superstar Music CD. Download and print the liner notes and burn your own CD of music from Superstar!

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"But few probably ever envisioned The Sims as a tool for serious social and personal expression."

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Want to add some new Celebrities to your Studio Town area? Download the Make-A-Celebrity tool and create the Celebrity of your dreams! When you're done you can exchange your Celebrity creations on the Celebrity Exchange!

Download The Superstar Make-A-Celebrity Tool (3.05 Mb)

Now you can exchange Celebrities with other users on the Celebrity Exchange. Upload Celebrities you create with the Make-A-Celebrity tool or rate and download Celebrities created by other users!

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USA Today has a story about where to find the hottest stars!

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If you ask me, people who write these articles could try to research the subject a little better before they start writing. What I mean exactly? Christina Aguilera can be found in The Sims Superstar, not in The Sims Online. And The Sims Superstar is not an online game.

"...The Sims: Superstar" is another solid addition to the series, and it's sure to keep some of the die-hard fans living like shut-ins for months to come."

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