Specials: Mid-Century Modern House in The Sims 4

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 17:23

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When I went into build mode in The Sims 4, I looked up one of my own Sims 3 houses as inspiration:

But it ended up being a completely different house as you can see below. This is partly due to shortcomings in The Sims 4, and partly cause it just looked so much better this way. It turned out to be quite a different house.

So I created a mid-century modern house. Or well I tried. I think I did pretty well!! I wish I could show everything, but I was only allowed 20 screenshots in total, and I didn't want to only use those for my houses. But here are two screenshots of my mid-century modern house.

On one hand I found build mode to be much easier. But with certain things I couldn't for the life of me discover how to achieve something. Like with roof tiles and trims. I decided to add an extra room later on, when my building was nearly done. I could add a new room. I did that, like I usually do, by adding several separate walls. So I didn't use one room. And because of that, I think the space didn't count as a room yet? So the solution? I had to add another room on top of it, remove the roof tiles and walls of that one, and suddenly the room underneath could have ceiling tiles and a trim. That's odd, even for builders. And I did express I find this odd.

Things I missed during building:

  • No friezes like in The Sims 3 (no cheat for them). You have friezes to put on the walls, but there is no frieze to put on top of your buildings. So as you can see on my Sims 3 screen, the building I tried to recreate could never work. Cause there simply isn't a frieze.
  • Not that I need it, but the cars in the game cannot be used by Sims, and therefore there aren't any garage doors. You simply don't need them. But that means I wasn't able to place one on my recreation either :P
  • The low white flower fence from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, is one that I used in a lot of my builds. That one simply isn't in The Sims 4. There are similar ones but they aren't as low. And I used them for my terrace stuff. Instead I had to play around with the trim, but it's not quite the same.
  • No moveobjects cheat! I nearly cried. They are aware what we think of this cheat not being in the game.

Just being honest here.

There is also plenty I do like, new features:

  • Trims and friezes (the new kind). It adds a finishing touch to a house.
  • The amount of modern windows in the base game!! I don't think we've ever had this many modern windows.
  • Being able to change the position of the windows (vertical).
  • Llama (and other funny) shrubs!
  • For a complete list of new build features, please check my Build article (coming soon), because it's too much to mention here.

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