Producer Blogs: A Designer's Thoughts: Establish Your Own Shop!

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 20:41

Designer Alan Copeland is really excited to show you The Savvy Seller's Collection he created for Midnight Hollow! For more information about The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow, click here!

Savvy Seller’s Collection Blog

One of the most iconic things about watching the Harry Potter movies was watching Diagon Alley come to life. I loved that this group of relatable misfits had all found a common ground amongst the hustle and bustle of this small marketplace.

When we were first talking about what Premium Content would come with Midnight Hollow, I wanted to capture the vibe of this group of nonconformists coming together to peddle their wears and oddities. 

Since we’ve had countless requests for The Sims 3 Store to offer additional business gameplay, I couldn’t be happier to be introducing you to the Savvy Seller’s Collection coming exclusively with Midnight Hollow!

With this set your Sim can establish their own shop! The Savvy Seller’s Collection comes with a variety of rugs, shelves, pedestals and even parking spots that let you stock your Sims storefront any way you wish. Customers can purchase any item that are placed on these items, or the new Cash Register will keep an inventory of all the items you have for sale for easy, one stop shopping.

You can set up the markup on each shop display or set up a sale for items you want to sell quickly. You can also hire an employee to help run the register. 

The Savvy Seller’s Collection also comes with a new shop door that lets you name your store and set the hours. 

If you don’t want the hassle of having your Sim own a Store there are a plethora of different stores to shop at in Midnight Hollow so you can just go around and browse what others have for sale. 

Midnight Hollow comes out September 26,2013, so make sure your Sims are ready to get to business as soon as it comes out!  

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