Exclusive: Ghosts! POOLS, Star Wars and New Career tracks!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 17:46

I just had the honour to attend a live conference call with a lot of other fansites and YouTubers and during that call we learned a lot about upcoming updates for The Sims 4!

Today we will get an update in our games where the Sims team is adding ghosts! Yes, you read it, ghosts! When after installing the update your Sims die, they can come out of their tombstones. If they had a good relationship with other Sims in the household prior to their death, they can eventualy move back into the household and become a playable character again! If they aren't friendly, you can befriend them and have them move in. Ghosts change into the colour of their mood. So a playful or flirty Sim would be pink, et cetera. Ghosts can woohoo with other ghosts and with living Sims, but they cannot reproduce (so they can't have any kids after they've died). Each type of death comes with special behaviour. Meaning that if a Sim has died in a fire while being angry, they can start a fire as a ghost when they're angry. Ghosts who died by emotion will have an area of effect around them that will influence other Sims's moods around them. Once a ghost has rejoined the household, they can die again, but only in a fire. Ghosts will retain their skills and traits. They won't have their career anymore but they can start over. Ghosts can hunt objects. Ghosts can also break plumbing. Sims who died from electrocution can also break electrical items. Ghosts will be "stuck" in the age they had when they died. Ghosts can do most of the things a normal Sim can do, with a few exceptions. They can still get married. They can complete all aspirations. It mostly comes with a bunch of cool new features normal Sims don't have. Ahhh I can't wait anymore!

A couple of other features in today's update are new eye colours (a variety of colours including purple, olive green hazel, some blues, hazel colours etc). And the team has also fixed a number of bugs. More details about the entire list of features will be posted later.

We are happy to announce that the Force is strong with our Sims. Because we are getting awesome Star Wars costumes for kids, teens, young adults, adults and elders. There is Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker for male teens/(young)adults/elders and a Leia for female teena/(young) adults/elders, and Yoda for kids of both genders!

The next update will be in November and will feature POOLS! YES! POOLS! AHHHHHHH! When the time comes we will post more information about this update. For now, we can only say that this will add a new way to die, which is drowning. Yay!

In December we will get a bunch of new career tracks for our games. No details on this yet, but it will add more gameplay and that's awesome. 

I should mention that ALL the game updates in this post will be free for everyone and they come in the form of a patch. So you only need to update your game (which happens automatically through Origin).

I would like to thank EA for including me in this conference call. I was SO nervous but I'm so happy to hear and share the good news with you guys! :D Check your games today to get the first free update.


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