Medieval concept arts

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 22:22

SimGuruHouts promised us several Medieval concept arts today. And he's already shared some. Tomorrow there will be more artworks. Happy

Alright, time for some concept art from @TheSimsMedieval!


Our artists were absolutely amazing! Here's a look at a storyboard being developed into the finished piece.


I loved the different outfits. Sims in armor are just too cool!


PlumbBob concepts for @TheSimsMedieval. Do you remember which one we used? Don't cheat!


One more piece of @TheSimsMedieval concept art before lunch. This guy looks pretty friendly, right?


Here's the cover of the concept book. It was a gift from our art director to the team when we finished.


One last piece of Medieval concept art for today (my favorite kid's toy). I'll post more tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!


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