Sims Camp and Gamescom video!

Friday, August 9, 2013 - 00:44

SimsNetwork is going to Sims Camp and Gamescom 2013!

Woooo I was so scared to make this video! So a few important facts: I am Dutch, so I have an accent and my English may sound funny because of that. I had a paper with some *not to forget* key points in front of me. So I was occassionally constantly staring at that, because I was afraid I'd forget something important! I say "uhm" quite a lot, cause I was so nervous! And just as I was nearly done with my video, my lovely boyfriend disturbed the recording. He was standing outside and needed me to open the door for him, and I tried waving at him to use the other door, but he didn't get me. Instead he just waved back at me. xD So I had to stop recording and made a second part and basically just put them together, without any editing. Apologies. I tried my best. But I'm just not that good yet with video editing and such. :P I hope you enjoy the video anyway! Oh and be sure to subscribe because I will do more videos in the future. At Gamescom, but also after that!


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