Easter Bunny Stuff Pack Announced

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 - 10:41

Today EA announced a new stuff pack: Easter Bunny Stuff. Just over a week before easter, EA has announced this latest stuff pack for the Sims 2. With the delay for the Sims 3, fans complained a lot about the long time between the last pack for the Sims 2 (Mansion and Garden Stuff) and the release of the sequel. Tim LeTourneau, producer of The Sims 2 and the first couple of expansion packs, has taken some time off MySims for the Easter Bunny Stuff intermission. In the press release he is quoted: "Fans are dying to get more content for their Sims 2 games from EA. Easter Bunny Stuff will be a great addition to fill just that need, with new characters and special foods." The pack is said to contain roughly 60 items, among which are Easter Bunny clothes and new breakfast meals: boiled egg, traditional eggs benedict and chocolate easter egg. Furthermore you can find lots of colorful decorational items in the pack, combined with a new "Hide and Seek Easter Egg" interaction. Of course, Mr. Easter Bunny himself will also make his appearance. Time to decide is short: the pack will be in stores next week, right in time for Easter.

[Update] Of course all of the above is fake, an April Fools joke by SNW, The Sims Zone, DMS2C, SimParool and Sims 3 Nieuws. Don't rush to the stores next week to get this pack, you won't find it. And the screenshots below? Staged, thanks to Sims unclogging toilets in Bunny suits. We hope you had a laugh, even a Maxoid fell for it!

The Sims 2 Easter Bunny Stuff Pack The Sims 2 Easter Bunny Stuff Pack


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