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EA Spotlights Slate of New Titles and Initiatives at Annual Summer Showcase Event. Read everything in the press release below.

EA has announced that Spore has gone gold. You can read everything in the official press release by clicking on Read More below.

You probably know about the "Spore Around the World" campaign EA had a while ago. The Netherlands also participated in this campaign.

The Spore Around the World campaign is now over. We would like to thank everyone for the amazing entries! We'll let you know soon which creatures were selected!

We held two chats for The Sims 2 Apartment Life Expansion Pack this week.

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I received a mail from the Dutch community manager Nita about Spore.

More than 2000 creatures crawled onto land yesterday morning to let everyone now that Spore is approaching very soon!

Here is the news post:

The people who were in Knokke (Belgium) last Sunday morning, must have been very surprised! More than 2000 Spore creatures crawled onto land there!

Next Spore prototype, BIOME, is now available for play!

To whet Spore fans' appetites as the September 7th launch date draws near, the Maxis team has released BIOME, the latest in a series of early, concept defining Spore prototypes that are available for free play.

Come watch the exciting trailer video for The Sims 2 Apartment Life!

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Submit your The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff room creations to this latest showcase!

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Join Will Wright as he speaks about the role creativity plays within Spore, and explains the philosophy behind Spore's creativity based gameplay.

EA Unveils New Games, New Relationships and New Online Experiences at E3. Read the press release below (click Read More).



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