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This week people from all around the world will be able to buy and play Spore. Europe will get it first. The country where I live, The Netherlands, will get it on September 4, as do many other European countries. Here is a list of the release dates and the regions/countries:

-- September 4th:
Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Finland and Australia

-- September 5th:
Rest of Europe and South America

-- September 7th:
North America

Click on Read More to view the complete press release!

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Apparently many celebrities have played Spore (or really the Creature Creator) recently and now we can vote on their creatures on

If you are curious who participated, click on Read More below to view the press release

Some lucky fansites and fans were able to go to the Maxis Studios on August 22nd for a Community Day!

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Play new OPERATION MANIA! Manage the mayhem of a wacky emergency room and treat patients with the zaniest ailments in healthcare history.

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Come watch the walkthrough video for The Sims 2 Apartment Life to get a glimpse at some of the cool new features!

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Dutch celebrities Micha Klein and Jean-Marc van Tol have designed a creature exclusively for Spore.

Computer Art- and Veejay Pioneer and Fokke & Sukke cartoonist bring creativity to life with EA's newest game Spore.

You can view Micha Klein's and Jean-Marc van Tol's creations online.

Micha Klein made "Flower Child" which you can view on YouTube
Jean-Marc van Tol made "Snorvogel", "Tsriop" and "Trompetier". All his creatures can be viewed on Flickr.

I haven't translated the Dutch press release, as I didn't think it would be interesting to any of our foreign readers. But I included in in the Read More section anyway in case you feel like translating it through Google or something.

EA has announced which titles will be in Leipzig's Games Convention this week (August 20-24). Spore will be available for visitors to play with.



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