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MySims Kingdom is now available for pre-order on the Wii and DS!

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Hot newcomer Katy Perry adds sizzle to The Sims 2 Apartment Life soundtrack with a Simlish version of her latest single "Hot N Cold".

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Already one million Spore games have been sold and 25 million creations uploaded! Woah! Read all about it in the press release at Read More.

The first patch for Spore can now be downloaded! We've added a list with fixes to our Patch page.>

I got a mail from Caryl Shaw about Online Accounts.

Lucy and I made a post to the Spore forums and I wanted to share the
information more broadly since I assume you all are seeing this issue
out there in your communities.

I'm trying to answer questions within the forum post so the information
can be shared.

Thank you all for your continued support - and we hope you are having
fun with the game.

- Caryl

You can read the forum post by clicking on Read More, as I included it in this news post. You can also read it on the official Spore forum by clicking here.

Our Dutch community manager asked me to promote the Hyves and Netlog Spore gadgets on my sites. I don't think people from outside the Benelux even know these sites, but I wanted to share this news anyway.

The difference between Hyves and Netlog is that Hyves is primarily used by Dutch people and Netlog is mainly used by Belgian people. Although you can register on both.

EA has emailed me about DRM in Spore to explain what it is and why they are implementing this in Spore. A lot of questions get answered so it's a good read.

It's pretty long so I've added it to the Read More below.

EA Mobile has announced that Spore Origins for iPhone will be available this month! Read more in the press release below (click on Read More).

A Dutch celebrity, Micha Klein, has awarded many promising artists during the launch of EA's newest game Spore.

During the launch of the newest game Spore from Electronic Arts, Computer Artist- and Veejay pioneer Micha Klein has handed out the first Spore Expo Award and a cash prize to Roos van der Heiden, with her creation 'The Clash Of The Species'. Roos is one of the young artists of Project 7, each of which has, using art and animations, shaped the new game Spore in their own way. The jury criteria for the Spore Expo Award consisted of using your creativity and fantasy, surprise and connect with the universe of Spore.

You can view the Dutch press release here. If you are truly interested, you can translate it through Google or something. I don't think it's really interesting. It doesn't contain any information we haven't posted before.



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