Community Interview with Natasha Bedingfield

Friday, May 2, 2008 - 23:00

Our Sims team will be interviewing our biggest star yet from The Sims 2 FreeTime, international pop artist Natasha Bedingfield! She's recorded her smash hit "Pocketful of Sunshine" in Simlish and is taking questions from our community!

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Community Interview with Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha BedingfieldNatasha BedingfieldOur Sims team interviewed our biggest star yet from The Sims 2 FreeTime, international pop artist Natasha Bedingfield! She recorded her smash hit "Pocketful of Sunshine" in Simlish and took some time out to answer questions from our community!

Q: Aquamarine996 - Was it hard to learn Simlish for your song? & TinkerBell4993S - Was it hard to learn the language? And was it weird singing it in Simlish?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Not really. It did make me feel like a one year old again though. I took the task very seriously.. I wanted to get the pronunciation just right.

Q: Ccgraduate2010 - What was it like singing in Simlish?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Fun

Q: kstradleigh - How does it feel to have a song in a video game?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - I love that there are so many more ways to get your music heard. That with vid games my music can make people feel like playing to it.

Q: MikeSimsOFB414 - What was the best part or your experience recording Pocketful of Sunshine for The Sims 2 Free Time?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - I felt very silly because it sounded so weird at first.

Q: OneilClover - What gave you inspiration for your song?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Freedom and needing a space to escape too. Things like vid games, movies are like music - a great escape.

Q: mawhiskers3 - Was it fun recording your song in Simlish?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - No it was boring..... Of course it was fun!

Q: Simgirl20055 - I was wondering, if you play The Sims, have you ever made yourself on your game?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - No I like to be someone different on Sims like a man or a brunette girl gone wild.

Q: JudiDumas - My question is since your music has gone global and you've touched older generations, will that impact your song writing in any way?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Everything is an influence. My experiences are a lot more broad now so there is a lot more to draw from.

Q: Calivinny - Will you be singing any other of your songs in Simlish?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Don't know

Q: (user unknown) - Natasha, when you wrote "Pocketful of Sunshine", what was your mood, and what did the song symbolize to you, happiness, joy or something else?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Sticks and stones are never gonna break me because I have a bubble around my self. A safe place so that nothing can harm me. I feel like the song just came to me like a gift at a time when I needed it.

Q: jason7871 - What went through your head when you were approached and/or asked too collaborate with the PC game The Sims 2?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - I thought .. Great!! Let's do it!

Q: Gypsy101 - You probably have such a hectic lifestyle, how do you find the time to play The Sims 2?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Its a challenge I tell u.. Right now I'm suffering from acute Sims deficiency in my life. But I'm not complaining.. I love my job.

Q: Ryn926Player - Do you still remember Simlish after you finished recording the song?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - No. It I had to read it.

Q: Chrissy8550 - Do you think you've done anything wackier then made a song in Simlish? If so, what?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Sure. I'm quite a wacky person.. I like quirky stuff... I wrote a song on my album with cowboy hat , a tutu, and a plastic bazooka. That's my sense of humor.

Q: Karenbops - If you do play the Sims 2, what is your favorite Simlish song in the game?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - I like the singer's songs.

Q: BballGurl24plyr - What's your favorite part of music, what made you want to sing on stage?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - It's the best thrill and adrenaline buzz.

Q: cougirl94 - Have you ever accidentally slipped into Simlish when singing the song in English?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Lol!! No Happy

Q: (International member) - Is there any behind the scenes story as you were recording the Pocketful of Sunshine in Simlish?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - We filmed the process. U can find it on youtube. I though Ashton Kutcher was gonna punk me or something cos it was such a wild experience!

Q: (International member) - How was it to record the song for The Sims 2 FreeTime and how long it took to record it?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - An hour.

Q: (International member) - Why did you choose to have your song in FreeTime?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - I was asked to by The Sims and thought it would be fun and saw that a lot of other artists did it.

Q: (International member) - What do you do in your FreeTime?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Adventures!

Q: Ntatsdafifthbratz - With your music, do you try to convey a message to the audience or is it more personal, something you do for yourself?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Both Happy

Q: SimOJocheerio - Is there a specific place that you have set aside for writing or thinking of a song or songs?
A: Natasha Bedingfield - Studio is the best place.


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