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Saturday, February 2, 2008 - 21:12

In some regions of The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we celebrate Carnival. It's not the average Carnival. Not the Rio-de-janeiro type of Carnival. Not at all. For starters, Dutch Carnival is most celebrated in Catholic regions, mostly the southern provinces Noord Brabant and Limburg. And in Belgium, it's mainly the Flemish people that celebrate Carnival, also in Catholic regions. In Germany it's celebrated throughout the entire country, although there are some differences between the western and eastern part.

The reason I'm posting this, is because EA created several Carnival outfits for your Sims! And along with that, you can download a PDF file with a plumbob you can print and put together.

The first download is a baton twirling girl. In The Netherlands she is called 'Dansmarieke' and in Germany it's 'Tanzmariechen'.
The second download is a fool or jester. In The Netherlands this is a 'Nar' and in German this is called a 'Narr'. Quite similar to each other.
And as I've mentioned before, the third download is a PDF file with a printable plumbob in it. It is in German, but the images kinda show you how-to. It shouldn't be a problem.

Click below on the image to view and download the items mentioned above!

Carnival downloads

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