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Monday, January 28, 2008 - 22:00

We talked with Rose from Rose Sims to get some insight into custom content creation. Come check it out!

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Fan Interview - Rose Sims

MaxoidMoonBelly from The Sims 2 talked with community member Rose of RoseSims2 to give some insight into custom content creation!

The Sims 2MaxoidMoonBelly: How did you first hear of the Sims, and what got you into playing the game at first?

Rose: In fact, I had been a big fan of EA's games for a long time before The Sims came. SimCity was my favorite until I get The Sims 1, when I saw the news about The Sims 1 I was looking forward to get it and then bought one as soon as it on sale in China ,that's really a great game. Once I discovered people can make custom content I fell in love with The Sims.

MaxoidMoonBelly: What is a memory you have of a fun or favorite moment in the game with your Sims?

The Sims 2Rose: There are too many funny things we can find from the game. For myself, I do like watching what the kids are doing in the game, and I also like to make my Sims do some cooking. Sometimes they burn themselves, lol !! As we can make custom content ourselves, I also like put some protagonists from different Cartoons in one family, for me it was really funny when Sailor Moon met Yuna.

MaxoidMoonBelly: What inspired you to start making your own creations?

The Sims 2Rose: At the beginning, I don't know how to make things for The Sims game, so I need to search everywhere to find a thing I wanted, that's really cost me a lot of time and sometimes I can't find anything. Then an idea came into my mind, why don't I make it myself? When I started to make things myself, I found it as funny as play The Sims games so I made more and more things and I think I will make more in future.

MaxoidMoonBelly: What would you say is the biggest challenge to making things for the game?

The Sims 2Rose: I think that is making a suitable 3D model of the thing for the game. If you want to get more details of a thing in the game, you should use much more vertexes when you make it's 3D model, but in fact, the 3D model can't use too many vertexes and faces, otherwise when you put it into the game ,it maybe cause the game to crash.

MaxoidMoonBelly: What programs do you use (modeling and texturing)?

Rose: I use 3D MAX and MilkShape for modeling and Photoshop for Texturing.

The Sims 2MaxoidMoonBelly: Had you any knowledge of these programs before you started making items for The Sims?

Rose: I had learned how to use the 3D MAX and Photoshop when I was in College, but MilkShape was completely new for me.

MaxoidMoonBelly: Where did you go to learn how to do modeling and texturing?

The Sims 2Rose: When I started to make things for The Sims, I spent a lot of time in the Create section of MTS2 to learn how to make things. I should say that the MTS2 is really a good place for both Sims creator and player.

MaxoidMoonBelly: What are the most requested items you get asked to make?

Rose: I have a folder to put all the pictures of the requested items, from the folder most of the requests are fantasy items, most of the roles from famous cartoons. Items from FF series, Sailor series, Naruto etc.

MaxoidMoonBelly: What do you like most about The Sims game?

Rose: I think that it is the freedom, we can create anything we want into the game and then play with our creations. We can even create a story or a film through the game, that's really exciting! I think no other game can support this as better as The Sims done.

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