September Horoscopes!

Thursday, September 1, 2005 - 23:00

Find out what the stars are saying about you for the month of September!

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September Horoscope

The leaves are changing and so are things in your life. See what the stars have in store for you as the days get shorter and the nights get l-o-n-g-e-r. Longer nights mean more time for all of your favorite after-dark pursuits, so get ready for your nightlife to really kick off!

You've spent a few months on your own, but now you're completely ready to strike out and find a new romance. Why not get in touch with a matchmaker and see if you can find your true love?

Music is one of the great loves of your life and this month you have an opportunity to fire up that relationship. Enjoy your favorite tunes from your car or even throw an impromptu party by turning it up--and then boogying down.

A misstep creates tension between you and a friend. Your behavior made them furious and it's souring things between you. Give them a little space and let tempers cool and before you know it, together you'll be making the whole world sing with your harmonious karaoke duets.

An excess amount of energy has you on the hyper side this month. Happily your penchant for shaking your booty can help dispel some of that energy. Why not call a group of friends and head out to a nightclub to get your groove on?

A new commitment you made has your head in the clouds. But don't let that security lead you to take your relationship for granted. A little romance still goes a long way. Perhaps a moonlit smooch-a-thon in the local park?

A hot dinner date may turn cold if you don't monitor your mouth and keep from blurting out something you shouldn't. Keeping a zip on your lip could be the difference between a drink in your face or being offered a bite of your date's tasty morsels.

Your dreams of a new flame take on a whole new meaning this month as an unhappy date sends a message that leaves you stomping to extinguish a most unromantic fire.

A dance partner might put some not-so-subtle moves on you this month. Will you respond enthusiastically to their advances or shoot them down with a blatant brush-off?

You're feeling lucky, but your bank account isn't. An invitation to a friend's poker night comes just in time. See if your poker prowess can inject some new cash flow into your anemic funds.

You're so excited about your big date and you want everything to be perfect. A new outfit is always a good idea and so is a fresh hair cut, but beware spraying on the scent-some people can be quite turned off by an overly aromatic date.

Your new love is striking and sophisticated, but why do you only get to see them at night? What's wrong with a daytime picnic in the park? Better take a closer look if your new sweetheart seems totally daylight-adverse.

Your sporty little car attracts attention this month--some of it wanted and some not as desirable. Investing in an alarm could save you loads of heartache.

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