July Horoscopes

Thursday, June 30, 2005 - 23:20

What do the stars have in store for you this July? Check out the July Nightlife horoscopes to find out.

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July Horoscope

Your summer is heating up -- get ready for sizzling hot nights! Whether it's a starlit soak in the hot tub with someone special, a lively game with your friends down at the bowling alley, or scoping out the scene and assessing the possibilities at your favorite club, you are in for a few thrills this month. Read on to see what the stars predict for you and your Sims in the steamy month of July.

Your loyal patronage of the local coffee shop pays off when that drop-dead gorgeous waiter agrees to a date with you. Suddenly your mornings are brighter and your coffee is perkier.

A surprise "gift" from a date just might leave you feeling hot and bothered -- and not in a good way! Too bad you didn't play things cool on your night out. Now what you thought was the rosy beginning of a romance smells a lot less sweet!

Your intuitive nature pays off as you effortlessly size up your date and fulfill their every whim -- almost before they even know they have it. Asking the right questions helps you give them exactly what they want -- and that gets you exactly what you want.

Settling down is for couch potatoes. You're young! You're gorgeous! Get out and soak up the nightlife and enjoy the benefits of being single. Your hormones will thank you for it.

Retiring Virgo steps out this month and basks in the glowing lights of pulsing nightclubs. Beware whom you attract though or you might find yourself bitten by a strange new love.

Your balanced approach to life usually suits you well, but sometimes you need to just let the wild side take over. This is one of those months. Live it up and plan on calling in sick tomorrow. Your career may suffer but your Pleasure aspiration could go through the roof!

A first date with the intense and dynamic Scorpio is always a whirlwind, but make sure you and your date want the same things from your night out or you might end up on the stinging end of a hate letter apres rendezvous.

Sometimes the sparks just don't fly. What you thought was the perfect match with a hot redhead turns out to be a nightmare of a date. Next time remember, it's always easier if the chemistry is there. Feeling flashes of attraction? Go for it.

You're not persnickety, you're just specific about what you want. Go ahead and confess your turn-ons and turn-offs and see if you can find someone who shares your passions -- and pet peeves.

Is your relationship taking a toll? It's time to figure out if you're getting out as much as you're putting in. Take stock and be prepared to unload if the price is too high. A mysterious purchase from a be-scarved woman could spark the rebound you've been waiting for.

Could this be it? You can't believe how well you're getting along with your new love. Those flowers you got are a vivid reminder of just how great your last date was. You should have called that matchmaker months ago!

You've always thought of yourself as something of a night owl, but lately the daylight really brings you down. Was it something you ate? Someone you kissed? Steer clear of the sun until you suss it out.


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