Valentine's on!

Friday, February 4, 2005 - 22:20

February 14 it's that time of the year again, time to let your (secret) love know how special they are. You can do this in many ways: give them flowers, a tasty box of chocolates... or send a Sims Valentine's greet!

The fun part of a Sims Valentine's greeting, is that you can win something with it too! The coolest Valentine's greeting will be rewarded with an exclusive Sims mouse. We'll also give out three Sims pencil cases.

Wondering what you have to do in order to win? Create a really nice e-card from The Sims and the Valentine's Day theme. You can do this by using existing images, or using images from your own game. The card should be 800x600 pixels wide.
Once the card is finished, you can send this to Don't forget to enter your forum name, your real name and your address!

You have to send in your card before February 11 at 5pm (GMT+1).

You will be able to send the four e-cards from this website, and as a special bonus, the winning card will be added to the special Sims screensaver!

For more information about the Sims screensaver go here.


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