Welcome to The Sims 2 University! Part 3

Saturday, January 8, 2005 - 22:00

Happy New Year Everyone,

I hope this T-Mail finds you all well, and that you had a safe and happy New Year. I know many have been touched by the disaster in SE Asia, even some at Electronic Arts, and I can only hope that each of you has been spared personal loss in this tragic event.

For the next two weeks I am traveling throughout Europe on a press tour for The Sims 2 University. I started in Amsterdam on Wednesday, and it was wonderful to have so many from the User Community there at the event. I continue to be honored by the community's love and commitment to the game. You are such an important part of the games' success. Then it was Brussels, today in Warsaw, and now just arrived in Madrid, then Frankfort, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and finally Milan, before I head to New York City to wind up my tour. I'm sure there will be more information on The Sims 2 University posted than you can all sort through.

As I’m demoing the game, it's becoming clear to me that we need to make everyone aware of how we describe the content we make for each expansion pack. As you know, The Sims 2 introduced many new types of content, for example Neighborhood ploppables and ground textures. We often use the terms Objects and Items and I want to make sure you are all clear on the difference so that when it comes up as a topic you can make sure players understand what each word means.

Objects for us are unique user-placeable selections in the catalog that offer either gameplay or architectural additions. A new lamp, a new sofa, the pool table and 2-Story columns we are introducing in the Sims 2 University -- these are what we mean when we talk about objects. We include new NPC's in the object count, like the Cheerleader NPC we are adding. Each of these new gameplay elements involves Edith scripting (game scripting) and that is how we distinguish them from Items.

An Item is anything that adds additional content to the game including objects, but also content that does not offer interactions for the Sims. Examples of these would be wall and floor patterns, new outfits in Create-A-Sim, or neighborhood elements. New social interactions can fall into this category as well, although we tend to call those out separately.

I hope that makes it a little more clear. So when you see something that says "includes 100+ new objects," you understand how that differs from "Hundreds of decorating items."

I'm having a great time showing off the game, and here are a couple samples of the things people are getting to see on the trip. I can honestly say that the Cow Plant is the hit of the tour so far. Hope you enjoy.

I'll hit you guys soon with an update on the tour and more tidbits. It's hard being away from the office as the pack is being finished, but the team is doing an awesome job and we can't wait to get the game in everyone's hands in March.

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