Chat with Producers Tim LeTourneau,Thomas Vu and Art Director David Patch

Tuesday, October 5, 2004 - 23:00

Thank you to everyone that showed up for our chat event. If you couldn't make it the transcripts will posted in the chat area.

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maxiskane (Oct 7, 2004 6:04:44 PM)
Hello and Welcome to The Sims 2 chat! Today we are pleased to announce that we have a room full of Maxoids who helped to create The Sims 2 here to chat with you. Please help me welcome Executive Producer Tim LeTourneau, Design Director David Patch, Producer Thomas Vu, Software Engineer Ray Mazza, Software Engineer Matt Goss, and Assistant Producer Jack Greaves.

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:04:51 PM)
hello all

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:05:20 PM)
Hey there

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:06:02 PM)
Hi Folks

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:06:08 PM)
Hi Everyone

maxisjack (Oct 7, 2004 6:06:13 PM)
Hello Sims2 Fans!

SimGuyInVegas (Oct 7, 2004 6:06:51 PM)
Are there any Maxis employees still working there or did they all come to chat? lol

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:06:51 PM)
Nope we're all here today to chat with you!

dirppy (Oct 7, 2004 6:08:39 PM)
Love the game, I'm having very few problems. When can we expect an expansion?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:08:39 PM)
Haven't announced a date yet, but I'll let you guys know we're already at work on one

Thecallumus (Oct 7, 2004 6:09:08 PM)
Can you give us a clue about finding Bella Goth. Is she an NPC, do you need a certain requirement. And is her name still the same?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:09:08 PM)
check the balloon

chbbytskn (Oct 7, 2004 6:09:09 PM)
Do you know where Bella is? The guide book says she's a Townie in Strangetown, but I can't find her.

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:09:09 PM)
She's there, but reclusive. We're planning on making it easier to find her with the patch.

nickcrabs (Oct 7, 2004 6:10:15 PM)
Why is Sims2 running so much smoother then the original? How you do that?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:10:15 PM)
Lots of optimization from our team of talented engineers!

ddrultramix10 (Oct 7, 2004 6:10:23 PM)
There's a sim video on thesims2 where the camera goes directly through the house like a first person view through a sim, how was that done?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:10:24 PM)
in the lot...hit the "tab key" and that will put you in camera man mode. See the manual for all the keyboard controls

jojo (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:01 PM)
Hello I wanted to say YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! I love this game. Can you tell us some tentaive ideas you may be having for expansion packs? PLEASE PLEASE Answer me.. Thanks

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:01 PM)
Like I said we have announced when or what yet. But I think you guys can tell with the lifetime gameplay, we have a lot of ground we cover.

coonhound1974 (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:32 PM)
Can we expect more objects for the community lots in the coming future?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:32 PM)
The team is always exploring ways to add more objects to different aspects of the game.

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:54 PM)
Do you guys know when the Sims 2 is going to come out for Macintosh.

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:54 PM)
Don't have the exact release date, but it is definitely be worked on.

nickcrabs (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:55 PM)
Any chance of getting SERVO back?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:11:55 PM)
We have thought about it...but right now he's not in the far.

Gem Windcaster (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:09 PM)
Hey MaxisLucky, now the game is out - do you feel people reacted as you anticipated, or was you surprised in any way? Wink

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:09 PM)
We've been really happy with the response to the game so far. You guys are finding some of the little cool details and making some amazing movies.

sla (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:09 PM)
Has anyone asked where is Bella yet? Plz give us a hint on what to do to find her! Fans can't wait!Thnx!

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:09 PM)
I even have trouble finding her. We'll make it easier in a patch.

ddrultramix10 (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:25 PM)
How can a sim die? I know how, but in The Sims 2, are there any other ways a sim can die other than the original deaths in the first Sims? (Besides satellite).

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:25 PM)
Death by flies!

shurst2004 (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:57 PM)
The balloon? Do we have to use the little shooter from the "As if we need a website" game? Happy

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:12:57 PM)
LOL - you could try! Glad you find the little webgame!

dirppy (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:02 PM)
Any hint on how to get kidnapped by aliens?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:02 PM)
Telescope at night, from there it's random.

dawnspencer (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:20 PM)
Is it possible to have triplets, I've read people have?

MaxisMatt (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:20 PM)
Nope, twins are the limit. (Seriously, can you actually maintain *three* kids at the same time? Happy )

sla (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:53 PM)
How many "hidden" interactions are there in the game? (meaning like th stel back gnome feature)

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:53 PM)
There are a handful. The Prima guide is a good source. Did you know you can watch TV from a toilet?

shurst2004 (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:57 PM)
So Ray? How much will it cost me to get you to give us just ONE hint as to where Bella is? I've got cookies..................................

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:57 PM)
again...check the balloon

DesStarFamilySim (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:59 PM)
Any idea when the patch will be released?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:13:59 PM)
We don't have a date for the Patch yet and we are still gathering information about what will be included.

DeadEnding (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:04 PM)
Hi! I'm addicted to the game...But is there a specific way that you can have twins? And can you give us any hints on how to have twins much easier? I've had 20 pregnancies with different families and no twins as of yet..please help :(

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:04 PM)
Keep on trying; it's not easy getting them. Certain foods may help.

poodlescoot2004 (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:31 PM)
wow... one of your guys is D PatcH! ominous...

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:31 PM)

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:36 PM)
I like Macadamia nut cookies...

kittylvr11 (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:52 PM)
what kind of college degree would you need to work for Maxis?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:52 PM)
None. At least I don't have one. But actually a lot of Universities now have degrees available in Game Design - Ray has one in fact from Carnegie Mellon.

kirtai (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:58 PM)
Why did you guys drop the entertainment career track? Will it be reincarnated sometime later?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:14:58 PM)
Sorry if that was your favorite career track. Who knows, maybe it will come back in some form!

Stalex (Oct 7, 2004 6:15:57 PM)
Does the height of a telescope effect the chance of abduction?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:15:57 PM)
No....but it doesn't hurt

Smithmoonstar (Oct 7, 2004 6:16:03 PM)
tnx for answering.. first I'd liek to know.. why doesn't join Union fulfil the marriage want?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:16:03 PM)
There are different wants for marriage/join.

dmelendez0 (Oct 7, 2004 6:16:28 PM)
MY child was kidnapped. Was that a Bug? if so, keep it.

MaxisMatt (Oct 7, 2004 6:16:28 PM)
You can save and reload the lot to get the kid back. They get mailed back to you Happy

Stalex (Oct 7, 2004 6:17:59 PM)
Sims should be able to order more food than pizza.

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:17:59 PM)
What would you like to see delivered? Chinese? Indian? Ethiopean? Mom's care package?

Astronas (Oct 7, 2004 6:18:00 PM)
A gamespot preview had once mentioned a "first person camera" where the camera would be stuck on your sims eyes and you would see exactly what your sims see. The same had been mentioned in a chat. What happened to that feature?

MaxisMatt (Oct 7, 2004 6:18:00 PM)
Actually this feature was turned into camera man mode, since Camera man mode gives you so many more ways to look around.

Stalex (Oct 7, 2004 6:18:01 PM)
Are you going to remake any old expansions?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:18:01 PM)
There were some great things in the original expansions, so it's safe to say some of them will make a return. But I guarantee they will be brand new and shiny, not just remakes.

Schweighsr (Oct 7, 2004 6:18:12 PM)
Will the patch make the Nannies better? Because they are pretty useless now.

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:18:12 PM)
I've read various things about her on the boards; some think she's useless, while others can't seem to live without her.

SimLogic51 (Oct 7, 2004 6:19:07 PM)
How do we get alien babies?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:19:07 PM)
Space woohoo Actually that is how you get the little green brats

Strike (Oct 7, 2004 6:19:15 PM)
How do I get married people to divorce?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:19:15 PM)
Have them argue with each other a lot. Then fight some more. Then once they hate each other enough, the break up interaction should be available for you to divorce them. But think about the kids!

chbbytskn (Oct 7, 2004 6:20:10 PM)
Is Bella's new name "Bell"?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:20:10 PM)
Yes, but with an "a" on the end of it Happy

simluver1012 (Oct 7, 2004 6:20:27 PM)
R u guys working on a sims 3 yet???

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:20:27 PM) finished with the Sims2???

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:20:56 PM)
when you package a lot, do you lose all relationship with others except household member?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:20:56 PM)
Yeah, only the household relationships are maintained. This allows the house to be moved to other neighborhoods or the exchange properly.

Little Programmer (Oct 7, 2004 6:21:19 PM)
The Sims 2, is it make in C++?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:21:19 PM)
A lot of it. We script a lot, too.

SimGuyInVegas (Oct 7, 2004 6:21:42 PM)
Are there male nannies?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:21:42 PM)
nope. That would be a mannie.

poodlescoot2004 (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:00 PM)
There is a real controversy brewing on the BBS about WooHOo with the Grim reaper. Possible? or only if you're the programmer?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:00 PM)
I don't think it's possible to flirt with death.

Naiya (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:13 PM)
how many days are sims abducted?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:13 PM)
Sims are abducted for roughly 3 Sim hours. It's all the time the aliens need for probing and… in-fertilization..

Dirk-kun (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:23 PM)
MaxisTim, any relation with Brandi LeTourneau from Pleasantview? Wink

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:23 PM)
Distant cousin.

MooFwee8 (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:49 PM)
will sims EVER have cell phones?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:49 PM)
ever....maybe, you know never say never

aeroenginr (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:51 PM)
Why wasn't the alien skintone included when creating a sim family?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:22:51 PM)
We wanted to give the community something to do with The Body Shop! Seriously, you guys make great skins for your Sims.

Nicki (Oct 7, 2004 6:24:12 PM)
hello, when will the patch be released?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:24:12 PM)
We haven't announced a release date for the patch yet.

Trixie (Oct 7, 2004 6:24:18 PM)
What is the closest relationship that CAN get married? Uncle and Neice doesn't work, I'm trying first cousins,

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:24:18 PM)

irishsimmer (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:06 PM)
why are there conflicts in the wants and fears? for example my sim wants to have a baby but at the same time she is afraid of having one

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:06 PM)
There are tons of edge-cases here. A family Sim may always want to have a baby, but if she just recently had a baby, she would probably fear having another baby too soon.

Deedee (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:19 PM)
Did you expect this kind of interest in Bella?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:19 PM)
We were hoping...and as always you guys didn't disappoint us.

jones4nona (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:45 PM)
What kind of patch? I have had no problems.

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:45 PM)
Will you marry me?

vetsimmer (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:48 PM)
MaxisDoctorVu, are you still the weirdest?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:25:48 PM)
Of course he is...He's one of the quite wierd guys

Thecallumus (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:19 PM)
Is this a bug. In the Pleasants house I made Daniel woo hoo with Kaylynn and Mary-Sue caught them cheating and instead of getting angry and lowering relationship she cheered and clapped and boosted relationship. Is that a Bug or my bad timing?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:19 PM)
Sims just act in unpredictable ways sometimes.

Melsaisyou (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:24 PM)
I love the sims 2, I think you guys have offically thought of a way to get people distracted from their actually lives!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:24 PM)
Awesome, the team is extremely pleased with the community response to the Sims 2.

Harvestfreak (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:34 PM)
When does this chat end?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:34 PM)
This chat will run for another 40 minutes.

simcasey1979 (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:40 PM)
So, what are ya'll doing now that the game is released?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:40 PM)
celebratin' and working on the EP.

Vickster (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:43 PM)
Is it possible to have more than 8 people to a household?

MaxisMatt (Oct 7, 2004 6:26:43 PM)
Nope, 8 is the max. You can always move out family to other houses if you need to add more space.

Harvestfreak (Oct 7, 2004 6:27:13 PM)
Is the head in the strangetown circle of stone of Will Wright?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:27:13 PM)

TorturedArtist73 (Oct 7, 2004 6:27:55 PM)
are there going to be new food in the expansion?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:27:55 PM)
I take it you guys like the food options. It was definitely designed as an expandable system, so I think you can expect more ways to fulfill hunger.

nickcrabs (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:02 PM)
How are Townies made? Is it completely random?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:02 PM)
There are 30 standard townies per neighborhood, but if the game needs more, it creates random ones.

simluver1012 (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:09 PM)
is it possible to fall in love with a ghost?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:09 PM)
Have you been reading too much Ann Rice.....? currently you can't.

Schweighsr (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:14 PM)
So, no news about the release dates, the EP or any new Custom Content tools - what are we supposed to ask about then?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:14 PM)
The chat today is about gameplay - what you are curious about now that you've played the game a bit.

JayTweek (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:21 PM)
Some of the response you've got in the tech support boards is pretty grim, what with the less fortunate folks flaming and all. How do you feel about this?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:21 PM)
It's always tough, but we will try our best to work through the problems. There are so many different PC configurations out there that it's tough to hit all the edge cases with a game this huge.

Racoon (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:53 PM)
This patch, will it fix only gameplay problems or will it fix some technical problems, too? For example graphic problems with notebook graphicchips?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:53 PM)
We're still looking at data from users and Tech Support in order to determine what will be in the patch.

chapsticky (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:55 PM)
Would you consider releasing an EP rated M?

MaxisMatt (Oct 7, 2004 6:28:55 PM)
Nope. We're committed to providing games that families can enjoy.

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:29:02 PM)
OH! I just rembered! are you guys bringin back the Hacker job! That was my fav! OH! and you guys ROCK!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:29:02 PM)
Hopefully, we can bring in some brand new jobs that you will like just as much!

Deedee (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:04 PM)
It wasn't actually intentional to have kidnappings though, was it?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:04 PM)
No, not part of the design.

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:12 PM)
how do u flirt with a burgler once he is arrested i cant talk to him!!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:12 PM)
When the policeman puts the burglar in the police car, sneak out and free him/her. Now you will have the burglar in your relationship panel to call over and flirt with.

Joey (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:13 PM)
Does the ram or cpu effect the amount of sims that can be invited to a party or is it just random? The reason I ask this is sometimes I can invite 2 and sometimes can invite 4 to a party.

MaxisMatt (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:13 PM)
Yeah, it does depend on your computer, but it also depends on how many folks are already on your lot.

ace21fox8 (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:29 PM)
Hey guys great gaem, you did a great job, are the movies you are seeing suprise you, in how great there turning out?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:29 PM)
the movies are amazing! Some have almost rought us to tears

Trixie (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:47 PM)
What is the mystical Significance of 327,670 Aspiration points, that you guys made it the maximum?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:47 PM)
That number holds a special place in all of our hearts….

BerkleyJL (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:49 PM)
Will we ever be able to build walls/floors on slopes? I've tried to build some really beautiful rooms with depressed sections, but the grass inside makes it look a bit silly.

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:49 PM)
There's a trick to build flooring on slopes. Surround it with a fence first and hold the shift key when putting the floor down, then delete the fence.

Naiya (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:55 PM)
why can't you marry the grip reaper? it was one of my plans

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:30:55 PM)
He's got comitment problems...

simluver1012 (Oct 7, 2004 6:31:25 PM)
which one of u is the cutest?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:31:25 PM)
maxis kitty of course!

MaxoiRodi (Oct 7, 2004 6:32:42 PM)
Can you give us some tips that will help us convince the Head Master...????

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:32:42 PM)
You really gotta pamper that guy, he's a bit high-maintanence. Make the best food and put some nice decorations outside for when he arrives.

kirtai (Oct 7, 2004 6:32:52 PM)
Does a sim have to be at the top fitness level before making a graceful entrance to the pool?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:32:52 PM)
close to the top...

Brad34thesim (Oct 7, 2004 6:33:52 PM)
so hows Will ?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:33:52 PM)
He's doing great!

plzsime (Oct 7, 2004 6:34:23 PM)
The Helicopter is cool, what other weird carpools are there are and going to be?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:34:23 PM)
Did you see the top of the Law Enforcement career? (Or "not see" it...)

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:05 PM)
I love the basements! Did you plan on this or did someone be creative and managed to create one and them on from there?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:05 PM)
So here is the reality. We had wanted them in the design, and for scope reasons decided we couldn't do them. So it was all about creativity with the tools. And they are great!

shurst2004 (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:05 PM)
So, what do you all think about the movies we've all made so far? Any thoughts of making an expansion involving movies? (I'd love to have an expansion that would help create different type shows, like Big Brother or Survivor.) You guys don't have to answer this, just think about it!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:05 PM)
The team loves the fan movies that you guys have been making. It's usually sent out team wide and the creative juices are definitely evident in our fan community. Very cool ideas you have there.

AtomicSimmer (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:19 PM)
whats with the reticulating 3dementinal splines?

MaxisRay (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:19 PM)
We have to do *something* with the splines, so we reticulate them.

vetsimmer (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:51 PM)
What game is Will Wright working on now. (I heard it was a secret project) {spooky}

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:35:51 PM)
If I told you it wouldn't be a secret if we told you....

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:36:50 PM)
Hey, you all are great! A while back, people were talking about getting vacation houses, is that possible?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:36:50 PM)
not currently, sorry

MorningGlory (Oct 7, 2004 6:37:23 PM)
I think the aliens that impregnate our sims should have to pay child support!

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:37:23 PM)
Perhaps we'll have to do a Family Law expansion pack and work that in.

dawnspencer (Oct 7, 2004 6:37:45 PM)
How come we can only invite 2 people to parties? Thats a small wedding?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:37:45 PM)
Are you sure? I've invited as much as 8 people to my parties before.

Jonny (Oct 7, 2004 6:37:52 PM)
Do you like donuts?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:37:53 PM)
ummmmm donuts.................................................................................................................................

cdpengin (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:08 PM)
How are the community and BBS ranks calculated?

maxiskitty (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:08 PM)
Its super secret formula!

simluver1012 (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:26 PM)
why do u guys like teasing us?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:26 PM)
We only tease those we care about…

Paigeypoo (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:27 PM)
when will the transcripts be posted?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:27 PM)
same as always - not too long after the chat ends we'll post the transcripts.

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:42 PM)
In one of the movies,some guy hits a little cup on a stick...Where can i get him?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:42 PM)
just drive your sim nut to the point of break down!!!

simluver1012 (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:44 PM)
is it possible to fall in love with a ghost?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:38:44 PM)
You? Or your Sims?

Trixie (Oct 7, 2004 6:39:55 PM)
is the Wants/Fears/Aspiration points an expandable system too? Do you think we would ever get 60,000 point aspiration wants?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:39:55 PM)
Definitely expandable. That would be a pretty major want, we'll have to get creative with the requirements for fulfilling it.

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:40:18 PM)
how do you pronounce "spline"?? What's up with them??

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:40:18 PM)
spaaaaaa lineeee

Simlogic51 (Oct 7, 2004 6:41:21 PM)
how do you get your sims turned into a ghost?? do they have to die?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:41:21 PM)
Um I think you have to be dead before you come come back from the grave....

Paigeypoo (Oct 7, 2004 6:41:33 PM)
wat is doctor vu's real name????????????

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:41:33 PM)

Astronas (Oct 7, 2004 6:41:54 PM)
Isn't it a bit unrealistic for children not doing their homework to be taken away by the social worker? In real life there are many people who weren't good students and still grew up well.

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:41:54 PM)
This actually happened to DrVu, his experience was the model for this in the game.

ANKEWI2 (Oct 7, 2004 6:42:14 PM)
I love the spontaneous stuff the sims do. I really loved it when Vincund looked straight at me and whined about the furniture I bought. I almost died laughing ....but then that would have brought about the grim reaper. Yall have some of the best and bizarririest imaginations ever. thank you. Oh and thanks for the social bunny......he is great to fight with.

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:42:14 PM)
Lucy was one of the people really pushing for this idea of "breaking the forth wall". Looks like it was a huge hit with our fans since I've read many threads of people feeling a deeper connection to their Sims after these moments.

SyeraMiktayee (Oct 7, 2004 6:43:13 PM)
Why do Sims who have a happy life and die a peaceful death come back as angry ghosts?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:43:13 PM)
they just can't tear themselves away from the wonderful life they had....sniff sniff

ddrultramix10 (Oct 7, 2004 6:43:42 PM)
Will users ever be able to upload their videos to the sims 2 "my sim" websites? That would be fun. (Or can we already?)

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:43:42 PM)
You can already upload movies to your MySim page. Lots of people have and we love the movies that are being posted.

protege188 (Oct 7, 2004 6:44:26 PM)
Can you add custom videos to show on the TV? and How?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:44:26 PM)
You certainly can… I'm sure you can easily find an FAQ floating about on one of our many fan sites.

ddrultramix10 (Oct 7, 2004 6:44:30 PM)
We hear a sim tinkle but we dont hear them poo! Whats up with that?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:44:30 PM)
Cuz. and that should be good enough of an answer.

BerkleyJL (Oct 7, 2004 6:44:43 PM)
Is there a game-engine limitation that left out rugs, or did you underestimate their popularity?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:44:43 PM)
Rugs are really challenging technically, but we definitely know how much you guys want them.

coonhound1974 (Oct 7, 2004 6:45:30 PM)
Is there any way to keep ghosts from peeing everywhere?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:45:30 PM)
Your ghost probably died from drowning. Removing the tombstone would remove the ghost, but if you want to keep that ghost, you will have to live with the puddles.

Harvestfreak (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:25 PM)
What is the rate at which Boys and Girls are born. Because some people get 90/10 boys or 90/10 girls?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:25 PM)
50/ 50 seems your reseach has shown this.

Ali (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:27 PM)
what job jets u the richest fastest

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:27 PM)
The business career track or the athletic career is your best bet. Chance cards from any career can get you rich fast too.

Cool54654 (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:34 PM)
Will we ever be able to chose the shoes.

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:34 PM)
Absolutely, as long you don't mind picking the pants at the same time. Alas, they are part of the lower body and can't be separated.

shurst2004 (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:50 PM)
Any plans to up the file size limit of movies? I'm just curious because a lot of people seem to want longer movies but have issues with the allowed file size. Do you all have any tips for those people?

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:50 PM)
We're watching this feature and seeing how it's working out. This is the kind of feeback we're looking for - you should post on the Movies BBS thread.

~Bubble~ (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:58 PM)
Hiya! Did you know that you released the sims 2 on my birthday?

maxisjack (Oct 7, 2004 6:46:58 PM)
We did that just for you!

Chiron (Oct 7, 2004 6:47:48 PM)
Are the Sim food choices based on the kinds of meals the developers enjoy munching?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:47:48 PM)
They are based on the food we wished we were munching, as we were living on pizza and takeout for most of the project.

simgelf (Oct 7, 2004 6:47:53 PM)
I love the new interactions between the Sims, especially when they snuggle in close in bed while sleeping. That must have been lots of fun. You all have the best jobs in the world.

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:47:53 PM)
Sim spooning is great. I think we all love our jobs.

Jonny (Oct 7, 2004 6:48:41 PM)
Wat is reticulating?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:48:41 PM)
Resembling or forming a net or network: reticulate veins of a leaf. v. re·tic·u·lat·ed, re·tic·u·lat·ing, re·tic·u·lates (-lt) v. tr. To make a net or network of. To mark with lines resembling a network. v. intr. To form a net or network.

SimGuyInVegas (Oct 7, 2004 6:48:47 PM)
WIll there ever be a Mormon EP with a commune-type aspiration that lets you have 10 or so wives?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:48:47 PM)
DrVu fought for this in the design as it also mirrored and experience in his real life.

CrazySimPerson (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:24 PM)
I have to wait untill Christmas to get my copy...I need to buy a new computer, hopefully my parents will chip in! You'll still be selling it right?

maxisjack (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:24 PM)
I think we will have a few copies for Santa to hand out. You better be super nice though!

MooFwee8 (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:40 PM)
Will the Urbz ever meet the SIMS 2?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:40 PM)
Yes, they sit across the hall. We see each other all the time…

dcspuppy (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:43 PM)
you guys are very sarcastic

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:43 PM)
It keeps us sane.

d3tslnicqui (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:44 PM)
How come only male children have musical pee?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:49:44 PM)
It has to do with the harmonics of porcelin, velocity, and air wave compression.

vetsimmer (Oct 7, 2004 6:50:20 PM)
DocterVu is the best!!!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:50:20 PM)
No you guys are the best!

maxiskane (Oct 7, 2004 6:50:45 PM)
15 more minutes left in the chat!

redsilkSim (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:00 PM)
why is it that all the adult sims r the same height and etc

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:00 PM)
The honest answer. So that their lips meet properly when they kiss.

rkow (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:02 PM)
Does Dr. Vu look likr the Dr. Vu in Sim City?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:02 PM)
Yes, only meaner

ddrultramix10 (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:20 PM)
What is yalls favorite thing to do on the sims 2?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:20 PM)
I like to watch people who've never played the game play the game for the first time. Their eyes light up and you can totally see them get connected to their Sims.

Simc23' (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:32 PM)
MaxisLucy is the best!

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:51:32 PM)
Lucy, is that you lurking in the chat?

SyeraMiktayee (Oct 7, 2004 6:52:06 PM)
What are the aliens trying to accomplish by impregnating the men? There's GOT to be some kind of diabolical plan here!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:52:06 PM)
You got it. Diabolical they are.

MaxoiRodi (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:04 PM)
The bills our sims pay in TS2 are much less than in TS1.... Did you want to help us in this?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:04 PM)
Yes, it certainly helps relax the economic game so that you can buy more objects for your lots.

TheSidDog (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:47 PM)
Why isn't there country music in this game? Don't tell me DoctorVu had a bad experience with that music and cut it out :P

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:47 PM)
No, MaxisDave did. We was raised by Rodeo Clowns and scared emotional as a child.

justsimznc (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:53 PM)
out of curiosity which one of you in attendance maxis employees would be classified the most certifiable SIMS freak? Another words which one of you takes your work home and likes it tooo much?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:53 PM)
Tim not only takes his Sim to work. He IS a Sim. =-)

abble (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:56 PM)
any tips on how to get 2 story windows in? HAving trouble....keeps saying must be placed along wall

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:53:56 PM)
you have to make sure you have a second story, and walls built on that story where you want to place the window....can't help much more than that without pictures

xobabikatxo (Oct 7, 2004 6:54:18 PM)
when will the next chat happen

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:54:18 PM)
We'll be having a chat about The Urbz next week! Look for more information at

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 6:54:23 PM)
please answer!!!!!!!!! will pregnant sims bellies who are having twins be larger than one child?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:54:23 PM)
Nope, the bellies are the same size regardless.

almyghty (Oct 7, 2004 6:54:59 PM)
MaxisDoctorVu!, just thought I'd let you know, one of your relatives, Crystal Vu, of Strangetown, is now married to Dirk Gently. How do you feel about having a Douglas Adams character in the family? Wink

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:54:59 PM)
I welcome Douglas with open arms!

Harvestfreak (Oct 7, 2004 6:55:17 PM)
Is DrVu really messed up?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:55:18 PM)
He makes us call him DrVu, what do you think?

LokiDeuce (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:00 PM)
Are Dave and Lucky suggesting we drink foamy beverages from mugs when playing TS2, or any Maxis game in particular?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:00 PM)
or any other activity where heavy equipment is not involved.

Gem Windcaster (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:28 PM)
The toddlers are so unearthly cute! Who si responsible for that!?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:28 PM)
Our most talented skins, animation, and skins team! The voice work really helps with the cute factor!

Paigeypoo (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:29 PM)
you guys are so sweet. other than the sarcasm and tormenting!

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:29 PM)
yea right...sure.

Lamaqueen2 (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:44 PM)
Can a sim die from getting the flu?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:44 PM)
Yes indeed.

Karrieness (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:46 PM)
Why isn't there classical music?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:56:46 PM)
You guys can drop in any music you want as MP3's

reni401 (Oct 7, 2004 6:57:11 PM)
Any plans to bring back a chat room? Happy

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:57:11 PM)
Nope - we're only going to be hosting moderated chats like this one. Plenty of fan sites have chat rooms, tho... you should check them out.

TheSidDog (Oct 7, 2004 6:57:25 PM)
Hey, my bro next to me is playing at this very moment (I swear), and his Sim was taking out the trash when a weird pile of ask appeared. What is it? It's on the side walk?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:57:25 PM)
A weird pile of "ask"?

Brinas Creations (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:11 PM)
Will there be more careers and aspirations in the expansion packs?

MattTorchia60 (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:12 PM)
Do you guys love me?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:12 PM)
right now...oh yea! babe!

ANKEWI2 (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:23 PM)
Do the mad scientists and secret researchers work for DrVu?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:23 PM)
Oh, how insidious is DrVu - he may have a finger in everything… muahaha!

Lamaqueen2 (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:41 PM)
Why does my sim fart all the time? Thats such bad manners! Happy

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:41 PM)
Your Sims are sloppy yes?

bowlwoman (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:50 PM)
Why do my kids look so butt-ugly? LOL

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 6:58:50 PM)
It's all in the genes. Look in the mirror.

koolkat (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:06 PM)
when is ts2 coming out for mac??? PLEASE ANSWER AND IF SO THE DATE!!

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:06 PM)
We haven't announced a date yet - sorry - more information will be announced when we have some.

ddrultramix10 (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:21 PM)
One of my sims drowned and when the came back from the dead, they leaked water all over the house. Do ghosts come back from the dead and bring acts upon living sims based on how they died? Like a sim who died from hunger would eat all the food in the fridge when he came back from the grave?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:21 PM)
How'd you guess?! Right on!

dcspuppy (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:57 PM)
I am a Sims 2 addict and wonder why the sims mood bars go down soooo fast? Is there a way I can slow it down or just completely refresh them?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:58 PM)
Get platinum aspiration. Mood is maxed at that point.

theevilwriter (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:59 PM)
When will the form for reporting bugs be put on the site? I think Lucky (or was it Lucy?) said last wekend it'd be this week, but it is this week already!

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 6:59:59 PM)
The form is up on the site - You can find a link to it on the Help page - The Feedback Submission Form.

Harvestfreak (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:13 PM)
In the future will there be more ways of torturing your sims, and dieing?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:13 PM)
If DrVu is involved, I think it's guaranteed.

ddrultramix10 (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:14 PM)
Can sims have a threesome? Foursome? Eww what am I saying!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:14 PM)
They can have twosomes!

Chalko110 (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:39 PM)
I have a super neat Sim, and when she cleans bubbles follow her around afterwords. Is this a glitch?

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:39 PM)
No, she rocks at cleaning.

Tattoogirl (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:55 PM)
Do "Maxoids" find the level of obsession with this game to be a compliment, or a scary comparison to what has come to matter in everyday lives of people?

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:55 PM)
We are humbled and take it as a compliment, so long as you keep your distance....

maxiskane (Oct 7, 2004 7:00:58 PM)
Just a few more minutes left in the chat.

sla (Oct 7, 2004 7:01:12 PM)
why can't we place furniture diagonnally while doors/windows can be placed that way?

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 7:01:12 PM)
Wacky Sims logic!

dmelendez0 (Oct 7, 2004 7:02:06 PM)
OMG sponge baths!!! OLD Man sponge baths! Thanks for that one.

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 7:02:06 PM)
That was mine! Believe it or not, the sinks were the second object we designed for Sims 2 and I wanted something outrageous. I guess I did ok.

Guest (Oct 7, 2004 7:03:51 PM)
You should come out with a neighborhood creation tool for those unlucky ones that dont have Sim City 4!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 7:03:51 PM)
If you don't have SimCity 4 you are indeed Unlucky! Now… to get lucky, run out and grab SC4 deluxe!

Chiron (Oct 7, 2004 7:03:51 PM)
Thanks so much for the SHEER BRILLIANCE of this game. It's been a great chat!

MaxisTim (Oct 7, 2004 7:03:51 PM)
Thanks it's been really fun for us too. And we are so glad you guys are enjoying the game. As someone who has spent the last 2.5 years making it, it's an awesome feeling to have everyone loving it so much.

maxiskane (Oct 7, 2004 7:04:02 PM)
The Chat is now over. Thanks to everyone for joining us today!

MaxisDave (Oct 7, 2004 7:04:08 PM)
Thanks much all! this was too much fun!

maxisjack (Oct 7, 2004 7:04:20 PM)
Thanks you all!!!!

MaxisLucky (Oct 7, 2004 7:04:26 PM)
Thanks for coming everyone! The transcripts will be up later today.

maxiskitty (Oct 7, 2004 7:04:32 PM)
bye all!

MaxisDoctorVu! (Oct 7, 2004 7:04:35 PM)
Thanks all!


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