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Thursday, April 1, 2004 - 23:00

Missed our Sims 2 chat with The Sims 2 Executive Producer, Lucy Bradshaw? No Problem! Check out the transcript of the event on the Sims 2 website. Read The Transcripts

GoldenGirl (Apr 1, 2004 5:58:06 PM)
hey i have a question why did you guys cut out 3d?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 5:58:06 PM)
Wondering if you got a chance to look at the calendar today?

flo_0069 (Apr 1, 2004 5:58:28 PM)
how long does each period of life last?

maxiskitty (Apr 1, 2004 5:59:53 PM)
Hello and Welcome to the Sims 2 chat with Maxis Executive Producer Lucy Bradshaw! Some of you may have seen her in the Sims 2 preview disk that came with Makin' Magic.

Farmfancy (Apr 1, 2004 6:00:07 PM)
Do men get pregnanat from being abducted?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:00:08 PM)
They sure can....felt like a great opportunity to have men share in that aspect of life:) Fun part is that this can introduce some alien genetics into the mix

SimmyGal24 (Apr 1, 2004 6:00:56 PM)
while the vanity be able to be used by all family members and if so will you be able to just change hair and stuff with that or clothes as well

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:00:56 PM)
At the vanity you can change the Sims hair, makeup, accessories, but not their facial structure, at the wardrobe you can change their clothes

SimsHunnie (Apr 1, 2004 6:01:15 PM)
Hey! Are you Luc in a female version? Cause Lucy...Luc...Take away the y...Hmm..I

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:01:15 PM)
Hmmmm, good question....

DSANFIE (Apr 1, 2004 6:01:43 PM)
The 3d thing was an April's fool joke right?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:01:43 PM)
Darn you are on to us

jen_map (Apr 1, 2004 6:02:52 PM)
I think I remember it being said that The Sims will have special days such as b-days and christams is this true?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:02:52 PM)
They'll have b-days, and births, first kisses, etc. These are Big Life Memories and they are pretty important in fulfilling a Sims' lifetime dreams....but watch out, they also have fears

tinkerbellafi (Apr 1, 2004 6:03:30 PM)
It was said that the sims will shop for groceries in the Sims 2. Will there be items you need to get like diapers, baby food, bottles, and the toys you have to buy specifically for children?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:03:30 PM)
We supply the diapers, could get pretty messy otherwise...but you can shop for clothing, video games, food, magazines or head out to parks or community pools etc.

98568 (Apr 1, 2004 6:03:54 PM)
When willThe Sims 2 Body Shop be released?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:03:54 PM)
We're closing in on soon.

bubala (Apr 1, 2004 6:05:14 PM)
Can sim teens runaway to like their boyfriends house

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:05:14 PM)
Teen Sims can run-away, they can also sneak out on their parents, but careful, they might get caught out on the town...

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:05:56 PM)
We all know Sims can die by being electrocuted and burned. What other new disasters will bring Sims to death in TS2?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:05:56 PM)
Yup. There's some fun new ways to mess with your Sims in Sims 2. Some are by chance, some are by how you play them

lucfan (Apr 1, 2004 6:06:21 PM)
do you have to have any of the simcitise to play the sims2?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:06:21 PM)
nope, but you can create neighborhood land forms for Sims 2 using SimCity 4.

jen_map (Apr 1, 2004 6:06:59 PM)
Has the move put a delay in working on the sims2?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:06:59 PM)
Well, we did get a weekend off while they moved all of our stuff. But we're here now and cranking away on the game....

TheBigGreen (Apr 1, 2004 6:07:05 PM)
When is the official release date for The Sims 2?

MaxisLucky (Apr 1, 2004 6:07:05 PM)
We aren't going to be answering questions about release dates today - we're working on the game - but it ain't ready yet. Stay tuned to for details.

theevilwriter (Apr 1, 2004 6:07:40 PM)
Lucy, are you less sarcastic than Luc? His answers confused a lot of people.

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:07:40 PM)
That's because he's French....uh, oh...I did not say that....shhhh

soccerbabe86 (Apr 1, 2004 6:08:12 PM)
is there going to be some kind of neighborhood index that allows you to just click to the neighborhood you want to go to? So you don't have to scroll through each neighborhood and go through the agonizing waits.. Happy

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:08:12 PM)
Yes, you can select from a catalog of neighborhoods, each with a picture and a blurb about them.

kirtai (Apr 1, 2004 6:08:54 PM)
Do boys tend to look more like Dad, while girls tend to look more like mom? It seems that way in the screen shots.

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:08:54 PM)
It's more like there are dominant features and recessive features...the more extreme you make one of the parents the more you will see those features in the children

MyLittleSimmy (Apr 1, 2004 6:09:32 PM)
Hi Lucy, how's it goin'? My question is about build mode. How does the stair tool work? is it exactly the same as in the original sims, or will we be able to actually build stairs?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:09:32 PM)
It's really cool, modular stairs, you can just click and they draw, you can build stairs onto really high decks or down into basement like structures.

NillaWafers (Apr 1, 2004 6:09:54 PM)
We now know that there will be no pets in the original release of TS2. However, will the infamous GERBIL be included in the game? What about GERBIL sickness?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:09:55 PM)
I loved the Gerbil too, but I think it was a Hamster

heatherlovescats (Apr 1, 2004 6:10:28 PM)
Where are the possible places of "playing"? Shower, I hope. There was a mention of that in a transcript somewhere. I think at least beds (All beds, even single ones?) hot tubs, and changing booths?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:10:28 PM)
Yup, the clothing booths hold some special features!

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:11:22 PM)
whats bodyshop

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:11:22 PM)
It's a tool that allows you to make Sims and to customize Sim clothing, makeup, etc etc etc

SimLovers (Apr 1, 2004 6:12:20 PM)
Will different Sims have different weights/heights? For example, there are 2 sims of the same age and one is taller than the that possible?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:12:20 PM)
They do get fit, thin or fat, they get old and they can get pregnant. The height is age based but within an age they are of one height....we wanted to do more with this but there's lots to consider in terms of the interactions.

pleasse (Apr 1, 2004 6:13:08 PM)
When the sims buys clothes, do they actully get to wear them?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:13:08 PM)
yup. you can change outfits really easily by using the dresser or wardrobe. It is pretty fun to dress for all occasions and we have made tons of clothes, and we hope player creators will make more with Sims 2 Body Shop

CB555 (Apr 1, 2004 6:13:36 PM)
Can the sims buy music for their radios?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:13:36 PM)
Well, you can download any MP3 and then make playlists for the stereo or different areas of the game. So in a way, you do that for them.

SingleGirl4343 (Apr 1, 2004 6:14:17 PM)
How do you teach someone what is theirs and not theirs?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:14:17 PM)
Sims do have ownership over certain objects, like their bed for instance, this comes from having them sleep in that location a few times, then that is where they always want to sleep

gurlygurl (Apr 1, 2004 6:14:42 PM)
Whta kind of new backyard objects will we have?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:14:42 PM)
Swingset, pool, putting green, topiary etc.

Little Blondie (Apr 1, 2004 6:15:08 PM)
How long will the toddler stage be?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:15:08 PM)
It is pretty short, we're still tuning this but right now we let them grow up to Children in about 5 sim days

lucky_ducky546 (Apr 1, 2004 6:15:31 PM)
Please answer this...can Sims marry more than one Sims at a time?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:15:31 PM)
Well, not in this state:)

emeldu298 (Apr 1, 2004 6:16:09 PM)
Will babies apear in the screen at the bottom where it show the family members or will they just be an object like in ts1?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:16:09 PM)
We're showing the selectable Sims along the left now in our UI,

GugGirl (Apr 1, 2004 6:16:40 PM)
What do YOU think "makes" this game ?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:16:40 PM)
Gosh, lot's of things but for me it is the storytelling...I've been goofing around making Sim home movies lately

Orange (Apr 1, 2004 6:17:17 PM)
Will sims have cell phones, purses, and like coats backpacks etc. stuff like that?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:17:17 PM)
The kids have backpack but no cell phones yet. Something that sounds handy though

ElijahWoodsGirl (Apr 1, 2004 6:17:51 PM)
Lucy PLEASEE ANSWER can u tell us if sim women go into labor when their pregnant

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:17:51 PM)
yeah, they do, and by the way that first trimester can get pretty messy

Elisir (Apr 1, 2004 6:18:35 PM)
can you have mutiple roofstyles in on house and will the roof be autogenerated like in the sims 1?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:18:35 PM)
Yeah, we made an auto-roof feature because it can be tricky to learn how to do this...there are lots of styles, tile, shingle and dormers and peak etc. Also chimneys

fuzzykins292 (Apr 1, 2004 6:19:01 PM)
will pregnant women have cravings?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:19:02 PM)
yeah they eat tons...they seem to like the chips alot

TheSidDog (Apr 1, 2004 6:19:26 PM)
Have basements been added?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:19:26 PM)
we made a cellar in a house in one of the neighborhoods we are playing with, it is cool

EJ (Apr 1, 2004 6:19:40 PM)
what game rating to you think the sims 2 will be?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:19:40 PM)
Teen, same as before...

Sabeltan (Apr 1, 2004 6:20:07 PM)
Will there be a random sim generator for those who don't want to spend a lot of time messing around with CAS?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:20:07 PM)
You can create Random Sims or choose from premade. So it is up to you

mini_meow (Apr 1, 2004 6:20:28 PM)
will there be chimney's if u have a fireplace and if so will you see it smoke?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:20:28 PM)
yes, fire and smoke and the chimneys fit in the walls with mantels and all

scottXa (Apr 1, 2004 6:20:58 PM)
can kids make mud pies for their parents on the birthdays

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:20:58 PM)
funny, we don't have that but we do have a play oven, if they are not very skilled at play or cooking they can burn things:)

Sims_2_Freak_222 (Apr 1, 2004 6:21:10 PM)
Will Sims be able to put make-up on?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:21:10 PM)
Yes. both formal and costume.

digi (Apr 1, 2004 6:21:31 PM)

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:21:31 PM)
I wish I could some days, but I don't do that....oh you probably mean Sims, they do get PTO days.

Simsfan2008 (Apr 1, 2004 6:21:43 PM)
Can you set objects on the mantels?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:21:43 PM)
small ones, like vases

Pig_Boy (Apr 1, 2004 6:22:16 PM)

MaxisLucky (Apr 1, 2004 6:22:16 PM)
Personal Time Off

Genni (Apr 1, 2004 6:22:32 PM)
How will a sim know when she's pregnant?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:22:33 PM)
Well, you'll get some tell tale signs, they begin to eat a lot, first trimester morning sickness etc.

Tweety (Apr 1, 2004 6:23:02 PM)
What about jobs? Will the career tracks be the same, different , less, more ect...?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:23:02 PM)
Some really fun ones and you earn career reward objects that are really cool too....also the helicopter car pool is awesome

AAAmy (Apr 1, 2004 6:23:17 PM)
Do the Sims still jump in the air and spin to change cloths?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:23:17 PM)
Yup, they like it that way...a lot less fuss

Twin-e D (Apr 1, 2004 6:23:48 PM)
can u change colors of woods, like put different stains on a bookcase for example?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:23:48 PM)
Man, you can change just about everyting. Base wood types, counter tops, upholstry, even foliage on trees

Sims_2_Freak_222 (Apr 1, 2004 6:24:30 PM)
Will you be able to see the Sims at work?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:24:30 PM)
Sorry, can't do this but you do get to go to community lots and socialize there with everyone in the hood and townies too

AnimalLvr508 (Apr 1, 2004 6:24:43 PM)
How do people react when male Sim's get pregnant? LOL!

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:24:43 PM)
It looks pretty funny, the waddle really well

mere124 (Apr 1, 2004 6:24:55 PM)
is there a daycare for toddlers

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:24:56 PM)
You can hire a Nanny

Tiffanie (Apr 1, 2004 6:25:48 PM)
MaxisLucy -- Will the Sims be affected by their dreams? Will they have nightmares or anything?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:25:48 PM)
Big time...if they start to encounter their fears, they begin to have nightmares... then they can get depressed, they then have some really strange behavior

Johnny29 (Apr 1, 2004 6:26:15 PM)
PLEASE I'M DESPARATE Will it be harder to make skins and meshes in the Sims2 because of the 3D graphics?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:26:15 PM)
We have tried to make it as easy as possible but there is definitely more to it...on the good side that means there is a lot more verstatility too

Si2Do (Apr 1, 2004 6:26:38 PM)
So you can marry the Nanny too? So an adult sim can marry his old nanny that he's had since he was a baby?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:26:38 PM)
Could happen

Lunar4evr (Apr 1, 2004 6:27:27 PM)
Will the kid's life score go down if u don't hire a nanny or babysitter while both parents are at work and no one is there to watch them?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:27:27 PM)
Kids have the desire to grow up well, that means they need to be well taken care of...if they don't get that from their family....well let's just say they might turn out a little bratty

simsstop_barry (Apr 1, 2004 6:27:46 PM)
do you have to change the nappies of baby sims etc?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:27:46 PM)
sure do...otherwise lots of crying and stinky

sims baby gurl (Apr 1, 2004 6:27:57 PM)
can old people marry young people?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:27:57 PM)
Elders can marry adults

MB (Apr 1, 2004 6:28:27 PM)
Do dreams affect life score?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:28:27 PM)
Their dreams are more feedback about how they are doing or what memories they have...if they are having nightmares, it just is not a good sign

The one and only lulu (Apr 1, 2004 6:28:36 PM)
so Lucy... do you slack off at work? (BE HONEST!)

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:28:36 PM)
yeah, just chat it up all the time:)

sky57575 (Apr 1, 2004 6:29:11 PM)
Lucky, if a sim is buried in your backyard, do they disappear when u move out or remain on the lot forever? I think they should remain there forever, so your love one won't just go away

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:29:11 PM)
If you only move out the family or one sim the gravestone stays...ghost and all

Anna (Apr 1, 2004 6:30:02 PM)
PLEASE ANSWER! Is there going to be a video camera in the sims? Great to capture life's big moments!

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:30:02 PM)
The movie making is SUCH a cool feature. You can video tape anything you want and you can edit the movies...we have some really fun ones....rifs on Matrix, Life and Times of Brian etc.

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:30:14 PM)
can u see the dreams that their having?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:30:15 PM)

meg (Apr 1, 2004 6:30:36 PM)
will the whole house wake up if the baby is crying, or will it be like in sims 1 just the person in the same room?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:30:36 PM)
You should hear those babies cry, definitely gets the parents up out of bed

simer (Apr 1, 2004 6:31:33 PM)
Is Work Hard? Or Fun?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:31:33 PM)
both...we work really hard. It is a huge game and we want to make it unbelievably great, we have the website, the tools, the game, build mode etc....but we love what we do

BCD (Apr 1, 2004 6:32:00 PM)
So, Lucy, what is your favorite premade family so far?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:32:00 PM)
The Spectre Family...Olive and Ophelia, they are kind of creepy

Vetsim (Apr 1, 2004 6:32:11 PM)
Can you change the fence colors?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:32:11 PM)
yup as well as the plants along it

Pepr (Apr 1, 2004 6:32:59 PM)
Can we enable/disable the impact of the big, life-changing events?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:32:59 PM)
not really, but you can mitigate them by going after positive memories if you have had bad ones or negative memories if you really want to mess with your sim

Becca (Apr 1, 2004 6:33:45 PM)
PLZ IM DESPERATE! Can sim adults move away from there family when you tell them to? or will the parents shoo them out?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:33:45 PM)
Teens can move out, adults can move away too

Banana (Apr 1, 2004 6:34:44 PM)
if they have low energy and the wake up do they still have big hissyfits?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:34:44 PM)
They do let you know when their motives are low, but they are a bit smarter about taking care of themselves...that is because you (the player) are going to be more involved in helping them get what they WANT, not just what they need

Tentothaage (Apr 1, 2004 6:35:30 PM)
Please Answer Lucy, Have you made you self? And was it easy or hard?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:35:30 PM)
I've done that....I found I wanted to make some unique clothes in Body Shop to really capture the real me

jesslaso (Apr 1, 2004 6:35:44 PM)
LUCY, what is your favorite feature in the Sims 2??

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:35:44 PM)
The new Aspiration gameplay

heatherlovescats (Apr 1, 2004 6:35:58 PM)
Can little girls do makeup too?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:35:58 PM)
We did not count it out....btw, men too

ScarySims (Apr 1, 2004 6:36:17 PM)
Can you see the baby sleep or will it be like sims 1 where u cant see the baby unless uu feed it??

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:36:18 PM)
you get to interact with the babies, feed them carry them toss them in the air

Andy (Apr 1, 2004 6:36:30 PM)
Do sims still have the same Charlie-Brown-talking-on-the-phone-voice?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:36:30 PM)
Simlish is big

Buso (Apr 1, 2004 6:37:05 PM)
Lucy please awnser Will your baby's get tooken away if you don't take care of them

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:37:05 PM)
Yeah, we don't want to have babies not taken care of, it is one of those things you have to get to

miaygi (Apr 1, 2004 6:37:50 PM)
will sims ever refuse to go to work?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:37:50 PM)

Geminilynne18 (Apr 1, 2004 6:38:23 PM)
I read in a previous chat that you can "invite" people to your wedding? Can you tell us anything more about that?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:38:23 PM)
you can throw a wedding party or other parties as well. They get scored....and can become good memories or bad ones

MLWithers (Apr 1, 2004 6:38:42 PM)
are there still mini objectives in the game like "invite boss for dinner"

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:38:42 PM)
yes we have those

sunshinechik (Apr 1, 2004 6:38:51 PM)
If two sims divorce can they ever get back together?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:38:52 PM)
Sure that is up to you the player

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:39:22 PM)
PLEASE ANSWER!!! can teens have jobs too ?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:39:22 PM)
Yup, they can.

dude_wheres_my_car (Apr 1, 2004 6:39:54 PM)
-- ..:: LuCy AnSwEr pLeAsE ::.. -- I'm not going to stop buggin' you until you answer my question! Can you change your sims hairstyles everyday or do they have to be the same from when you made them?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:39:54 PM)
You can change them at the vanity or at any mirror in the house

Twinb220 (Apr 1, 2004 6:41:12 PM)
Can two sims talk about more than just gossip and animals?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:41:12 PM)
They can talk about their interersts and the cool part is that if they see something elsewhere in the hood, they can talk about it. For example, if a Sim sees another Sim win a fight, they can spread that around the hood to their friends

Skybird (Apr 1, 2004 6:42:04 PM)
How much larger and lots in "Sims 2"?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:42:04 PM)
WE are giving you all different sizes, you get to place them, you can move houses after you build them even if they have a family in them, you get to decide where the community lots can even place trees, and boats and everything in teh hood

iluvtweety (Apr 1, 2004 6:42:26 PM)
can a sim walk away at the alter?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:42:26 PM)
What would a wedding be without a little suspense,

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:42:50 PM)
Lucy do you enjoy these chats?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:42:50 PM)
yeah, you guys are giving me really good ideas

monkeychimp30 (Apr 1, 2004 6:43:21 PM)
how many times can a sim get married

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:43:21 PM)
how may licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll...I have not counted, sorry...I'll have to try it....

sweetcheeks (Apr 1, 2004 6:43:47 PM)
Are weddings bigger like guest flowers a actual wedding and a cake Wink

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:43:47 PM)
Lots of hoopla around weddings now. and pictures and everything - and a limo too

Blondy (Apr 1, 2004 6:43:51 PM)
When will the transcripts be up?????????

MaxisLucky (Apr 1, 2004 6:43:51 PM)
Hopefully, we will get the transcripts up today or at least by tomorrow.

heatherlovescats (Apr 1, 2004 6:44:31 PM)
Can their be very very long hair, like Rapunzel style? I like making the sims look like me in TS1, and I have VERY long hair..

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:44:31 PM)
We've made long hair but there are some limits to the 3D stuff, hair can start to poke thru clothing if we make it too long

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:45:10 PM)
Can you add streaks and dies, without changing thier coler permanantly? Can you customize the Colour, or just pick from red, brown ect?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:45:10 PM)
We have some styles that have those. I hope people make these in The Body Shop, and you can change them at any time in the game

lil_cuttie (Apr 1, 2004 6:45:34 PM)
will you actually have to serve dinner and sit down as a family..kinda more realistic?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:45:34 PM)
Yes, we worked hard on the group meal and the whole food thing. They can cook all sorts of meals

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:46:47 PM)
* pLeAsE aNsWeR * i wont stop bothering you till you tell me! *What Happend 2 CasIE?*

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:46:47 PM)
It is still alive and well and charging toward Beta...we just decided to call it Body Shop....btw, that means you were in the know, since CasIE will be only known by those of you who have been with us for a long time

Simluver (Apr 1, 2004 6:47:19 PM)
can sim parents tell if their sim childdoes sumthing bad will they punish them?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:47:19 PM)
If they see it they can catch them at it....they do like to lecture if they find things out....even when teen sneak out and stuff

PEACHES (Apr 1, 2004 6:47:26 PM)
PLEASE ANSWER THIS! Will the sims 2 play well with a 14gb hardrive, 384mbram?

MaxisLucky (Apr 1, 2004 6:47:26 PM)
You can check out the system specs at

emz96 (Apr 1, 2004 6:48:03 PM)
LU-CY! Please Answer! Luc said that there was a glitch with weather b4, has it been fixed yet?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:48:03 PM)
It is a big, tough problem....we have not ruled it out but we're figuring out if we can come up with a simple implementation plan for now...

links (Apr 1, 2004 6:48:25 PM)
!!!!PLZ ANSWER!!!!! if a teen sim wanted to have a party without her/his parents knowing, where could the parents go that would give them the chance to do that????????????

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:48:25 PM)
They might be at work our out on the town....

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:49:56 PM)
Is the droping of 3D tech. going to affect the sims 2's graphics, and if yes, how?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:49:56 PM)
just like the article said, we think fingers and things are over-rated..:) Make sure you check the calendar

ktqtsims (Apr 1, 2004 6:50:11 PM)
Answer Please! Do you have to "unlock" items like in the PS2 version?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:50:11 PM)
Yup, part of the new aspiration game...reallyl fun

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:50:22 PM)
can the sims apply there own makeup?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:50:22 PM)
You do this for them.

Sarah (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:15 PM)
Will their be curly hair? I hope so, so i can make a Sim like me!

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:15 PM)
we have an afro and curly little girl SJP style right now and not ringlets....hmmm, something to think about there

hmslilchick09 (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:37 PM)
when will the game be released

MaxisLucky (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:37 PM)
We're working on the game - but it ain't ready yet. Stay tuned to for details in the coming months.

lazygirlchelsea (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:39 PM)
Can good-looking sims be popular?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:40 PM)
Sims are attracted to one another for all sorts of is in the eye of the beholder

Teenager (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:54 PM)
Can sims reject food they might dislike?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:51:54 PM)
They definitely have preferences

maxiskitty (Apr 1, 2004 6:52:42 PM)
Ten more minutes left

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:52:53 PM)
MaxisLucy - Do some jobs make sims work on weekends?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:52:54 PM)
yeah but they get days off too. just different work hours

SimStash (Apr 1, 2004 6:53:29 PM)
Do your sims NEED to shop for food, or will the fridge be stocked on it's own (like in TS1)?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:53:29 PM)
both ways can happen you can restock over the computer as well

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:53:50 PM)
I feel awkward asking this, but if you want married sims have "relations", but don't want them to have any more kids, will there be some sort of safe-guard? Or will it ask you?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:53:50 PM)
Yes. You can avoid getting pregnant....and still have relations:)

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:54:13 PM)
is the gimreaper in the game

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:54:13 PM)
He's one of my favorite NPCs

rbpjsg (Apr 1, 2004 6:54:26 PM)
Can you really create obstical courses?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:54:26 PM)
You earn ones of these as a reward in the career game

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:54:53 PM)
What is your favorite thing about the new building tools?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:54:53 PM)
modular stairs and terrain editing, I like building porches and overhangs a lot

Anna (Apr 1, 2004 6:55:05 PM)
If my sim is black- can his hair be braided??

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:55:05 PM)
We;ve got some of those styles

StarWars_Freak_No_1 (Apr 1, 2004 6:55:23 PM)
Will the sims 2 be released all around the world on the same day, or do the people in Australia have to wait? PLZ ANSWER

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:55:23 PM)
Same day everywhere or at least within 4 days

jessa2050 (Apr 1, 2004 6:55:37 PM)
Does coffee have a greater effect on sims than it did in TS1?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:55:37 PM)
boy they get pretty buzzed

stabri4e025 (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:05 PM)
when sims have babies do we get to decide the gender?or what the baby will look like?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:05 PM)
If you make a child in CAS you get to choose all of that but in the game, as in real life, it is up to the fates

nick (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:27 PM)
can you have blind dates

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:27 PM)
well, your Sims can Chat online and that builds relationships...

Mavss (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:38 PM)
where is the llama hiding in the game?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:38 PM)

Tentothaage (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:48 PM)
Will there be different types of Sims like Aliens and Elfs? Come on please answer me.

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:48 PM)

thisiscool (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:53 PM)
Are dread locks availible?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:56:53 PM)

QueenKamisha (Apr 1, 2004 6:57:35 PM)
Still adding stuff or just polishing?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:57:35 PM)
we're still adding, about 1/2 team is on polish and bug fix and then we have some specail stuff we are adding for flaire in other places

SirriS (Apr 1, 2004 6:58:20 PM)
will there be modern furniture or appliances in TS2?????

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:58:20 PM)
Lot's of different styles of decor, my favorite is the moroccan

pashosha (Apr 1, 2004 6:58:25 PM)
can you make the sims have scars and tatooes?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:58:25 PM)

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 6:59:23 PM)
Can Sims have better glasses and styles?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 6:59:23 PM)
There are tons in there and then Body Shop let's players create even more...frankly the fan creators have made so much stunning content I can't wait to see what they come up with

White Angel (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:06 PM)
For all of us out here who do not have playstation, what does it mean to "unlock" an item?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:06 PM)
You can earn interactions, objects and behaviors in the game by achieving different Sims 2 you will get unlocks by helping your Sim succeed at his aspirational goals

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:24 PM)
will they have body hair

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:24 PM)
stubble, mustaches, etc

maxiskitty (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:29 PM)
Lucy has time to answer two more questions, then we have to send her back to work. =)

CinnamonGoodness (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:30 PM)
does the hair on the sims heads move in the wind?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:30 PM)
It moves

Guest (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:44 PM)
can the sims chat in the computer???

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:00:44 PM)
yes they can

BobbiJaye (Apr 1, 2004 7:01:11 PM)
Can a sim get bruises and black eyes now? Will that be a part of makeup?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:01:11 PM)
They don't get these in gameplay but you could make it as makeup in Body Shop

allstargrl (Apr 1, 2004 7:01:48 PM)
can u marry the fire fighter?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:01:48 PM)
sure, and they are cute

Maury (Apr 1, 2004 7:02:30 PM)
Have a nice night Lucy, thanks for your time!

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:02:30 PM)
thank you guys

Twin-e D (Apr 1, 2004 7:02:51 PM)
what do u plan on doing after the chat is over?

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:02:51 PM)
Meeting about budgets...boring... very sorry

maxiskitty (Apr 1, 2004 7:03:13 PM)
Thank for coing everyone.. look for the transcript on the site

MaxisLucy (Apr 1, 2004 7:03:44 PM)
Thanks for coming all of your ideas....we'll have more chats with other people from the team as well, so keep the ideas coming and hopefully if we did not get to your question today, we can later

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