Welcome to The Sims 2! Part 20

Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 22:00

Begorra, lads and lassies! Dia Duit! 'Tis I, Luc O'Barthelet, General Manager and head leprechaun of Maxis, and if'n ye haven't guessed it already, we're gearing up for the good times of St. Patty's Day. Just as St. Patrick famously (if not accurately) drove the snakes from the Emerald Isle, we're hard at work driving the bugs from The Sims 2, all so that we can bring you the best, most fun, and completely addictive simulation game on the planet in exchange for a wee nip from your pot o' gold.

To commemorate St. Patrick's Day, we have two brand new images for your enjoyment - the first features a cast of characters engaged in at least a couple of favorite pastimes common to pubs the world over, and the next features a family called the Shenanigans enjoying a warm St. Patty's Day celebration in their back yard, bedecked in green apparel (except for one poor soul who looks like he's about to get a good pinch as a result of his unfortunate wardrobe choices). To see these images, just follow the rainbow below (and by "follow the rainbow", we mean "click on the link").

The Sims 2 The Sims 2

Beannachtam na Femle Padraig!


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