Ooo la la! Luc Barthelet Chats About Sims 2!

Thursday, January 22, 2004 - 22:20

General Manager Luc Barthelet joined us in chat today.

Read the transcripts!

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 5:59:14 PM)
Hello and Welcome to today's chat with Maxis General Manager, Luc Barthelet! Some of you may be familar with him from the Sims2 preview disk.

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 5:59:18 PM)
(and psst...BBS players and you know who you licking of the Luc)

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:00:58 PM)
Hi everyone! Let's go

reanimation (Jan 22, 2004 6:01:18 PM)
will there be bigger resoltuions in the sims 2 1280x1024

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:01:18 PM)

niluo (Jan 22, 2004 6:01:26 PM)
What is your favorite new thing about the Sims2?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:01:26 PM)
The video capture in the game

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 6:01:44 PM)
*eyes widen* 496 players all asking questions...please ask the questions slowly

jayguy23 (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:03 PM)
Can sims swim in lakes, oceans or ponds?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:03 PM)
Who would do that after you see the pools in Sims2?

Karynn (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:26 PM)
Can you look through your sim's eyes, like on the sims for console?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:26 PM)
Nope. but there is a camera man mode

tripplee_11 (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:36 PM)
Since death is suppose to be part of the game, will there still be graves filling the yards as they die? or will there be a cemetary??

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:36 PM)
You can make one.

CanineFace (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:51 PM)
....come....out ? (A slow question.

MaxisLucky (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:51 PM)
Please don't ask questions about the release dates for CaSIE or Sims2. That information will be released when Maxis has solid information about it.

Burninator_Trogdor (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:58 PM)
About how slow would the Sims 2 run on a computer about 450MHz or slower? By the rock Luc!

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:02:58 PM)
not too well. Time to upgrade

Csim (Jan 22, 2004 6:03:42 PM)
will there be other types of death besides just fire and drowning?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:03:42 PM)
Yes. Old age

ashtay (Jan 22, 2004 6:03:55 PM)
Will there be expansion packs to Sims 2 like "Sims"?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:03:55 PM)

Bruce (Jan 22, 2004 6:04:20 PM)
What are the exact length of each life stage? We know babies will become toddlers in 3 sim days, how long for toddlers, teens, adults, and seniors?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:04:20 PM)
We are still tuning that one

Katikins (Jan 22, 2004 6:04:48 PM)
Will there be more outdoor plants and things to decorate gardens in Sims2?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:04:48 PM)

ChEeTaH (Jan 22, 2004 6:05:13 PM)
Luc, how do you feel about all the attention you get from licking teenage girls and that specific fansite? Did you get teased a lot by Will already?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:05:13 PM)
Not by Will but pretty much by everybody else...

Jena (Jan 22, 2004 6:05:25 PM)
Are the new camera features and angles, like the videos, the "big surprise"?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:05:25 PM)

bookworm28 (Jan 22, 2004 6:05:45 PM)
Can old people die at different times? Because it would be kind of annoying if all your grandparents died exactly at the same time.

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:05:45 PM)
I agree

Guest (Jan 22, 2004 6:06:09 PM)
Can you elaborate for the public about the video capture feature Luc?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:06:09 PM)
You can "tab" at any time into cameraman mode.

Vilandra (Jan 22, 2004 6:07:45 PM)
Can teen sims get braces or even worse zits?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:07:46 PM)
I am not sure that was the best part of being a teenager

Monsieur Helm (Jan 22, 2004 6:08:47 PM)
what is cameraman mode?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:08:47 PM)
it is a mode in which you can move in the house as if you were playing a first person game

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 6:09:08 PM)
If you continue to post your questions to the main chat section you will be booted

simsstop_barry (Jan 22, 2004 6:09:45 PM)
In a chat transcript it looked like you said that you will be able to download objects etc within TS2 application. Does this mean no more searching sites for skins and objects?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:09:45 PM)
No. You will still be able to get objects from all websites also.

zockedi (Jan 22, 2004 6:10:12 PM)
Please answer at least A FEW question that's aren't about Luc or camera mode! When sim teens run away-where do they go to-do you get to go there with them?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:10:12 PM)
We have community lots also in Sims2.

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 6:10:50 PM)
We are currently experiencing some form of technical difficulty. Please refrain from asking questions for a moment.

Zave (Jan 22, 2004 6:11:24 PM)
IMy question has to do with the marrying of NPC's. If your Sim were to marry the Repo Sim, would they be able to get all of the items that particular NPC took from them in TS2?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:11:24 PM)
The repo man works for the SimCity government...

Coco (Jan 22, 2004 6:11:38 PM)
Question about SimCity 4 imports! What size should the starting city be? What is the smallest as far as squares are the sims houses? eg. 6x6 or 8x8 etc etc. Is it safe to work on my city now?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:11:38 PM)
I believe it is 64x64

beehappy07 (Jan 22, 2004 6:11:53 PM)
I’ve seen in previous TS2 chats that you can buy groceries in community lots. Will food still be in the refrigerator automatically, or will it all come from purchased groceries?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:11:53 PM)

bigsimsfan1 (Jan 22, 2004 6:12:14 PM)
what is going to be the rating of this game

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:12:14 PM)
T rated

keymasterkel (Jan 22, 2004 6:12:42 PM)
In CAS, can you create a "child" (i.e. customize a sim how you want it) and then add the parent AFTER that sim is created? Or must you always create parents first in CAS mode?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:12:42 PM)
If you want to use the DNA you need to create the parent first. if you do it the other way they are adopted.

redhawk (Jan 22, 2004 6:13:24 PM)
If sims are sick, do they have to call their school to tell them that they won't come to school, or do they just stay home and lose grade points?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:13:24 PM)
The sims have day offs

MaSMeL (Jan 22, 2004 6:13:48 PM)
in cameraman mode, can a sim still interact with objects or is it purely for cinematics?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:13:48 PM)
it is meant to be purely cinematic. but you can switch back and force using tab

Guest (Jan 22, 2004 6:14:15 PM)
can u still buy clothes in the community lot?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:14:15 PM)

ozgod (Jan 22, 2004 6:14:24 PM)
Will we be able to create custome 3D content for Sims 2 by using popular 3D programs (Carrara, Maya, Softimage, etc.)?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:14:24 PM)
Yes. Maya mostly

chargersis1 (Jan 22, 2004 6:14:34 PM)
how many girl friends can u have when ur a teenage in sims?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:14:34 PM)

Joanna (Jan 22, 2004 6:15:44 PM)
We've seen some pretty wild screenshots (obstacle courses, lab experimentations, etc.) does that mean that we will be able to follow our Sims to work? Or is that just some "at home" activities?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:15:44 PM)
Those are at home activities. Sometimes the sims do homework!

XuKano (Jan 22, 2004 6:16:05 PM)
Is there a way to program the way you want the children to look like before they are born?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:16:05 PM)
Yes. If you make them in CAS

pepper (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:04 PM)
hi luc.. i luv you xD .. what can you tell us about those military - cheerleading shots?? Thanx

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:04 PM)
Thanks. That's what happens when a marketing guy (Jerry) plays with the game...

Simsdarling (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:16 PM)
If each sim has their own objects does that mean each sim will have their own money (instead of a big family pot)?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:16 PM)

Lil Lisa (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:40 PM)
Will we be able to see sims at work and at school, etc. Will sims be able to drive. will moms have days off after having a child or do they have to be worried about getting their child getting taken away

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:40 PM)
They might have to use their day off

Puu (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:54 PM)
Can you still write bios for your sims? And if so... can you write a bio for a sim after it's been moved into a house?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:17:54 PM)

chaseabryant (Jan 22, 2004 6:18:30 PM)
What is the smallest size that a lot can be in the neighborhood, for example now lots in TS1 the larger ones are like forty by forty squares. Can you make teeny tiny ones like ten squares by seven or something like that?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:18:30 PM)
I beliebe they are all multiple of 16x16

CanineFace (Jan 22, 2004 6:20:05 PM)
Is there any chance, you have ONE male sim having TWO female sims girlfriends and that these two female sims still dig eachother. Or are all Sims the jealous type and don't share boy/girlfriends (Phew... what a question)

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:20:05 PM)
The Sims are the jealous type. But the simulation is getting more complex, so there might be a combination of sims that let you do it. I'll have to investigate.

personella (Jan 22, 2004 6:20:18 PM)
do the sims have to "play" to conceive in TS2, or can they just kiss alot like in the 1st game and still get pregnant?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:20:18 PM)
They have to play.

nerahdius (Jan 22, 2004 6:20:31 PM)
does design mode, when used, affect a whole room or just a selected object? the screenshots put out make it seem that you have a few choices that affect all the furniture and flooring and wallpaper in the room

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:20:31 PM)
Just the selected object

ScarsYouGave (Jan 22, 2004 6:21:04 PM)
will everything that i've seen in the preview videos be there? does the game actually look like those movie clips?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:21:04 PM)
Most videos are made using the game. only the E3 video was not.

Schweighsr (Jan 22, 2004 6:21:47 PM)
Will Sims have a personal inventory, similar to what was added in “Hot Date”?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:21:48 PM)
Yes, but we might not show it in the UI.

ScarsYouGave (Jan 22, 2004 6:21:58 PM)
will they still spin to change their clothing?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:21:58 PM)

simmy2sky (Jan 22, 2004 6:22:20 PM)
MaxisLUC Please!! Do sims actually have number ages like 16,23,35 or just life stages?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:22:20 PM)
They have stages and you know how far they are in their stage.

Deward (Jan 22, 2004 6:23:33 PM)
With the new camera mode being so flexible will we now be able to look upwards towars the sky and will there be things visable in the sky such as clouds and the sun?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:23:33 PM)
Yes you can look upwards. In fact some sims like to look at the clouds.

simsmaster88 (Jan 22, 2004 6:23:57 PM)
Will there be like a meter that tells you how far along in each stage each sim is?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:23:57 PM)

Guest (Jan 22, 2004 6:24:08 PM)
Will we get sim figure versions of you and the entire Sims 2 Team when you ship The Sims 2?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:24:09 PM)
too many people.

Jeeds (Jan 22, 2004 6:24:53 PM)
are there decorating themes, like a 80-ties theme which decorates the entire house, so you don't have to manually set the wallpaper, carpet and things?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:24:53 PM)
the collections organize things by genre. if you stay within a collection you can easily remodel a house.

Jay (Jan 22, 2004 6:25:30 PM)
Will pregnant Sims tire more easily or get hungry faster than normal Sims?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:25:30 PM)
they show the usual signs of pregnancy...

Miss Tris (Jan 22, 2004 6:25:55 PM)
Are you afraid of large groups Luc?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:25:55 PM)
No, I like my chats to be with 500+ users

simmy_dude (Jan 22, 2004 6:26:28 PM)
will the diamond above the heads still change color to match the mood?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:26:28 PM)
Yes it does.

Sugar_and_Spice740 (Jan 22, 2004 6:26:50 PM)
Will we be able to to edit what we video tape and can we make more than one album also would we able to add title to our albums....thanks for anwering all of our annoying questions

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:26:50 PM)
yes you can edit the videos.

Guest (Jan 22, 2004 6:27:35 PM)
Can you turn the ageing meter off certain people?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:27:35 PM)
you can control it at the house level

zockedi (Jan 22, 2004 6:28:01 PM)
Will the "interests" a Sim can have be very different from the sims. Why don't you want to answer the question about how sim 2 personalities will be more defined than the original sims? Your're answering all the old already answered questions.

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:28:01 PM)
yes, the personalities are much more detailed and different.

Godziller101 (Jan 22, 2004 6:28:39 PM)
Can u put special effects in the videos?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:28:39 PM)
yes after the fact

simsstop_barry (Jan 22, 2004 6:29:09 PM)
will the videos be edited within ts2 or with a external program like casie?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:29:09 PM)
more like video premiere. or window movie maker (free)

simmy doodle (Jan 22, 2004 6:29:33 PM)
Will you always get pregnet when you "play"??

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:29:33 PM)
I guess I would have hundreds of kids then.

simmy2sky (Jan 22, 2004 6:31:08 PM)
What kind of computer do you play The Sims 2 on, LUC?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:31:08 PM)
I have 3 I use. a 2Ghz laptop with a Radeon 9000. I 2Ghz Desktop and a 3Ghz desktop with ATI 9800 boards

speedreader (Jan 22, 2004 6:31:28 PM)
Tell us about weddings. Will sims get engaged, then have a ceremony with guests? Predetermined guests, or will you invite the people you want?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:31:28 PM)
Yes you will be able to invite Sims to the wedding

JaZzY (Jan 22, 2004 6:31:44 PM)
Can a teen sim get pregnant?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:31:44 PM)

Godziller101 (Jan 22, 2004 6:32:18 PM)
Can you make something like home movies, that your sims can watch on their tv? Using the cameraman mode, of course.

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:32:18 PM)
I like that idea. The TVs will play any AVI. so you can make movies for your sims

shareallicu (Jan 22, 2004 6:32:42 PM)
I never realized how much time goes into making such a cool game! Are you Tired of the sims 2 yet Luc?!

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:32:42 PM)
I wish it was easier too

stony (Jan 22, 2004 6:33:11 PM)
Will teenage boys go through stages of...errrmm..."self discovery"?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:33:11 PM)
Don't know if we can do that and stay T rated.

simsmaster88 (Jan 22, 2004 6:33:22 PM)
How is performance on the 2 GHz laptop with a Radeon 9000 GPU? Poor, fair, good, EXCELLENT? Happy

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:33:22 PM)

zockedi (Jan 22, 2004 6:33:41 PM)
Will a jealous sim who comes to a wedding beable to cause a scene and interrrupt the wedding? Can a sim get cold feet and change his mind after getting engaged?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:33:41 PM)

XuKano (Jan 22, 2004 6:34:25 PM)
Will the tvs play non sim related AVIs?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:34:25 PM)
YES if you move them to the right folder. I think shortcuts work too. like for the MP3 playback

BCD (Jan 22, 2004 6:34:44 PM)
If a married man has an affair and gets another woman pregnant, will his wife know naturally? Can he tell her? Or will she just have to find out through gossip?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:34:44 PM)
She will know only if she sees the event or other sims gossip about it.

kittykatnat (Jan 22, 2004 6:34:57 PM)
Will an Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 128MB give me excellent video?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:34:57 PM)
yes it should

nathan7056 (Jan 22, 2004 6:35:30 PM)
How many real secounds will be a sim minute?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:35:30 PM)
A sim day should be about 15 minutes

sadiesladie (Jan 22, 2004 6:35:48 PM)
what video games can you play on the tvs

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:35:48 PM)

BlonD (Jan 22, 2004 6:36:02 PM)
what about radio features

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:36:02 PM)
it plays MP#s. you can control the play list

collisa21 (Jan 22, 2004 6:36:35 PM)
do sims have birthdays?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:36:35 PM)

XuKano (Jan 22, 2004 6:37:32 PM)
Will the Grim Reaper be nicer?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:37:32 PM)

eendys (Jan 22, 2004 6:37:59 PM)
soo.............hows life with Bella?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:37:59 PM)
She disappeared. I have not seen her since last time. I am kind of worried.

simmy2sky (Jan 22, 2004 6:38:15 PM)
What else can be done with the couch besides nap and sit, come on Luc tell US!!

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:38:15 PM)
make out?

DrummaBabe26 (Jan 22, 2004 6:39:30 PM)
Will there be any new pre-made families living in the neighborhood? and if so, who are they?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:39:30 PM)
Yes. Many. I won't tell before we ship because it is part of the fun.

Monsieur Helm (Jan 22, 2004 6:39:42 PM)
Luc, i have your bella, the price a free game :P

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:39:42 PM)

slipknot9877332 (Jan 22, 2004 6:39:54 PM)
In the screenshot where the teen got arrested, wat did she do!?!?!?!?!? please answer im going crazy! Happy

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:39:54 PM)
Maybe she run out.

eman484 (Jan 22, 2004 6:40:07 PM)
I saw a pic of a sim girl on the phone holding a plate. Does this mean you can do alot of activites while on the phone?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:40:07 PM)
could be that or a bug!

Schweighsr (Jan 22, 2004 6:40:46 PM)
Will we ever see Disabled Sims? [I mean Sims in wheelchairs, or one that need canes/crutches to walk]

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:40:46 PM)
Disabled Sims is a really interesting issue. It is really tough to do in the game because they do so many things standing up.

Willnem (Jan 22, 2004 6:41:28 PM)
Luc, what if we are actually Sims and just dont know it?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:41:28 PM)
I know

giants (Jan 22, 2004 6:41:41 PM)
are there animals in the game

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:41:41 PM)
yes. In the rug.

ShocC (Jan 22, 2004 6:42:06 PM)
What other types of objects will we be able to buy in the community lots, other than groceries? Will it be alot like Unleashed (vegetables etc.), or more like Hot Date (clothes etc.)?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:42:06 PM)

chaseabryant (Jan 22, 2004 6:42:46 PM)
Reflections or cabinets on a refridgerator in a screenshot, can they show up like that in gameplay mode?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:42:46 PM)
Reflections from shiny surfaces and mirror reflections are in the game.

shareallicu (Jan 22, 2004 6:43:36 PM)
How does the Family Tree work? Does it Keep track of ALL sims in that family or does it eventually "cap-Off"??

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:43:36 PM)
It really tries to keep track of all related Sims.

collisa21 (Jan 22, 2004 6:44:11 PM)
can sims see themselves in mirrors

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:44:11 PM)

Enjoji (Jan 22, 2004 6:45:03 PM)
Will a Sim's accessories, like glasses or hats, come off when they go to sleep or take a shower, or will they stay on like Sims1? Please answer?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:45:03 PM)
the sims do not shower with their hat.

alwayslamer247 (Jan 22, 2004 6:45:11 PM)
PLEASE ANSWER ME??????? Will teenager sims be able to cook?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:45:11 PM)
I believe so.

Guest (Jan 22, 2004 6:45:23 PM)
do pregnant sims stay pregnant if aging mode is off?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:45:23 PM)
no. they have their baby.

Kassie (Jan 22, 2004 6:46:15 PM)
Do you think there might ever be a sims 3/

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:46:15 PM)
and 4 5 6...

iluvsims (Jan 22, 2004 6:46:19 PM)
how long will this chat last

MaxisLucky (Jan 22, 2004 6:46:19 PM)
We've got another 15 minutes for this chat - it ends at 4:00 pm PST

ScottyoSim (Jan 22, 2004 6:46:48 PM)
What happens when you don't pay the bills?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:46:48 PM)
I expect some repo.

the sims fan (Jan 22, 2004 6:47:16 PM)
LUC PLEASE ANSWER ME can fires spread into different rooms?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:47:16 PM)
I think so. I did not check. I usually have the fire alarm, because the firefighter is cute.

zockedi (Jan 22, 2004 6:48:17 PM)
INTERESTING QUESTION ALERT! If you create identical twins and give them the same personalities, but give them totally different life experiences, will their personalities end up dramatically different?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:48:17 PM)
yes. they will have lifes and that will drive them to be different sims

SimsStash (Jan 22, 2004 6:48:46 PM)
Will servo be back?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:48:46 PM)
hmm. sorry about that. there was a lightning storm at Maxis last summer and servo did not make it.

l3aby_spaz (Jan 22, 2004 6:48:55 PM)
will teens be able to have their first kiss with a teen of the same gender?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:48:55 PM)

PianoRockRckr (Jan 22, 2004 6:49:23 PM)
PLEASE ANSWER ME!! will the male sims have bachelor parties? complete with adult entertainers?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:49:23 PM)
I guess you are a custom content creator?

Eonly (Jan 22, 2004 6:49:49 PM)
I've seen pictures of police all women, will there be policeMEN?!

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:49:49 PM)

UrkoSIMy (Jan 22, 2004 6:50:14 PM)
if i fight and win will the girls love me more than the looser

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:50:14 PM)
except for the one who don't like bullies.

UrkoSIMy (Jan 22, 2004 6:50:40 PM)
will there be french kiss Luc Happy

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:50:41 PM)
most kisses are french.

twistedhero (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:03 PM)
Hi luc, Can same sex couples mix their DNA in sims 2?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:03 PM)
nope. we have not figured out that one yet

caramelcutie411 (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:13 PM)
If two teenage sims are in love, and one of them ages to an adult - will the teenage one still be in love with the adult?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:13 PM)
not for long

SimsStash (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:34 PM)
Is it ture you said Maxis is working on SimCity 5?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:34 PM)
that one got me into real trouble.

zockedi (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:49 PM)
What if a teen never GETS kissed? Will they still grow up?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:51:49 PM)
yes. like in real life (sight)

TigerGal210 (Jan 22, 2004 6:52:13 PM)
What are some of the new kisses?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:52:13 PM)
family kiss

XuKano (Jan 22, 2004 6:52:42 PM)
Can an elderly sim marry an adult Sim?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:52:42 PM)

GameMasterEvert_B (Jan 22, 2004 6:52:56 PM)
There was said to be a mode where u can catch moments as if on a video camera. Can you shoot these movies in camera mode like you can with album pictures?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:52:56 PM)

l3aby_spaz (Jan 22, 2004 6:53:22 PM)
Hey Luc! Will sims only be able to "play" on the bed? Cuz it would be really kinky if they could "play" on the kitchen counter or in the shower Wink

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:53:22 PM)
I believe the hot tub is a cool place too.

Super_Blonde (Jan 22, 2004 6:53:46 PM)
I know that adult sims and teenage sims cannot have romantic relationships, but can a teen have a crush on an adult sim?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:53:46 PM)
crush yes. more no.

simmy2sky (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:00 PM)
Luc, how PROUD ARE YOU OF THE GAME? Is it turning out to your liking?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:00 PM)
I am soooo proud!

Chicky29 (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:09 PM)
MY TURN PLEASE!!! Will time be saved at home while our Sims visit other places?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:09 PM)

Tentothaage (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:33 PM)
PLEASE ANSWER ME Will their be gothic teens, punk rock teens, and all the other styles of teens you see in real life?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:33 PM)
yes. we have provided enough clothing for that, and enough personality variations.

charmedgurl (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:49 PM)
can two sims go in the shower at once, if their in love?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:54:49 PM)
I keep asking for that feature myself

simsmaster88 (Jan 22, 2004 6:55:17 PM)
Will certain events automatically be recorded on video? Like how pictures were taken automatically when a sim got married...

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:55:17 PM)
we are leaving it ot user control.

Dabuzz (Jan 22, 2004 6:55:32 PM)
*sigh*... once again.. can the aging process be turned on and off during the game?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:55:32 PM)
yes at the house level, I already answered that.

JLD1217 (Jan 22, 2004 6:55:46 PM)
will personalities be more in depth than in the sims 1?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:55:46 PM)

robinu (Jan 22, 2004 6:56:30 PM)
Can I pull you into the shower with me Luc? Wink

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:56:30 PM)
Maybe in Sims 3

La001 (Jan 22, 2004 6:56:48 PM)
will pregnant women have to buy maternity clothes or will their clothes just stretch?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:56:48 PM)
They get pregancy clothes automatically

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 6:57:50 PM)
Luc is going to chat for an extra ten minutes since we had some technically difficulties

Eonly (Jan 22, 2004 6:57:51 PM)
When you have more than one family living together, will they know what room is there's and where to sleep, eat and make food in their own kitchen, and how does the last name thing work, can you type more than one last name, I always had to use the apartement dwellers.

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:57:51 PM)
Sims have ownership to objects.

angel_101 (Jan 22, 2004 6:58:12 PM)
are the pregnacy clothes stylish?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:58:12 PM)
as much as in real life...

melle (Jan 22, 2004 6:58:45 PM)
can toddlers leave the house if they're not being watched?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:58:45 PM)

simlova (Jan 22, 2004 6:58:51 PM)
Can two sims messing with the same dude get pregnant at the same TIME?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:58:52 PM)

SkegeeAce (Jan 22, 2004 6:59:16 PM)
LUCCCCC PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?! When sims divorce do they split their stuff and fight over kids?!

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:59:16 PM)
only one leaves

Obie (Jan 22, 2004 6:59:48 PM)
PLEASE ANSWER! can you make apartment buildings and stuff like that?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 6:59:48 PM)
the neighborhoods are more suburbia than downtown

DestinyPacific (Jan 22, 2004 7:00:07 PM)
Are there 3somes???

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:00:07 PM)
What are you talking about?

simfreak (Jan 22, 2004 7:00:16 PM)
can you build balconies

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:00:16 PM)

simsmaster88 (Jan 22, 2004 7:01:15 PM)
Will Sims have their own last names? Like if Will Wright moves in with Luc Barthelet, will Mr. Wright be known now as Will Barthelet, or will he still be known as Will Wright?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:01:15 PM)
I forgot the asnwer to that, but I know the Sims have last names now.

Seji (Jan 22, 2004 7:01:36 PM)
Please! Is Free Will still an option you can turn on and off?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:01:36 PM)

TS2_lover (Jan 22, 2004 7:01:47 PM)
PLEASE LUC???please answer.:-(will sims have fovourite tv shows?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:01:47 PM)
They do. per channel.

kittygirl (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:03 PM)
Will there be covered porches, decks, etc?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:03 PM)
we have plenty of decks.

Ezrianna (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:23 PM)
If both parents die what will happen to the kids?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:23 PM)
They will go to the social worker.

Coryashire (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:39 PM)
PLEASE CONSIDER: how do you add ponds like in the nighborhood flythru?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:39 PM)
you can add them in community lots

teddy321 (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:50 PM)
PLEASE LUC ANSWER ME, THANKS FOR STAYING THE EXTRA TEN MINUTES! Happy When the sims have sleepovers, do they bring sleeping bags, if not where do they sleep?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:02:50 PM)
they can use the regular beds.

SiM2FrEaK (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:05 PM)
Could a guy have 5+ girls pregnant at the same time?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:05 PM)
yes. nice goals in life you have.

slipknot9877332 (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:16 PM)
How many channels are on the TV?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:16 PM)

Willnem (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:31 PM)
can you use the telescope to spy on neighbors?i heard you could unofficially

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:31 PM)
yes. but don't tell/

missim (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:40 PM)
Bonjour luc! J'aime les sims ! Je crois que je aimerais les sims deux aussi!!!

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:40 PM)

jsz (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:56 PM)
will a sim be able to watch tv, eat popcorn, and talk on the phone at the same time?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:03:56 PM)
not really. maybe in Sims 3

Nicky (Jan 22, 2004 7:04:08 PM)
Can the social worker still magically escape if you wall her up?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:04:08 PM)

zockedi (Jan 22, 2004 7:04:34 PM)
HOW MUCH do sims GOSSIP? How much does this alter the course of events?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:04:34 PM)
yes they gossip a lot. and it does impact the game. they talk about things they have seen.

Pansina (Jan 22, 2004 7:05:03 PM)
have you started planning sims 3?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:05:03 PM)
we will start one minute after we launch Sims 32

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:05:11 PM)
oops I meant Sims 2

495969 (Jan 22, 2004 7:05:27 PM)
Are there new things for the pool?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:05:27 PM)
Underwater camera?

Simlover85 (Jan 22, 2004 7:05:51 PM)
PLEASE LUC!!!!!!!!! Will there be a misery clown?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:05:51 PM)
no. been there, done that

John (Jan 22, 2004 7:06:13 PM)
In one of the videos a guy works out for only a short time and becomes in shape, is it like that in the game?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:06:13 PM)
yes, but it takes more time.

2simornot2sim (Jan 22, 2004 7:07:05 PM)
can you swim nude?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:07:05 PM)
I do all the time.

Willnem (Jan 22, 2004 7:07:28 PM)
Can sims paint personal experiences with the easel?..i noticed a painting in a dinning room,of the same dinning room in one of the screen shots

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:07:28 PM)
yes the easel has more options for the very creative sims.

Puu (Jan 22, 2004 7:07:45 PM)
When's your birthday, Luc? :D

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:07:45 PM)
Week after next

mooberry (Jan 22, 2004 7:08:25 PM)
Please!!!! *sobs everywhere* can sims kill each other?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:08:25 PM)
not directly, but I bet someone will find a way.

tberg75 (Jan 22, 2004 7:08:48 PM)
are the sims still silly and go around applauding the new lights? anything big new and exciting about build mode that you like luc?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:08:48 PM)
The pools are REALLY cool.

Chicky29 (Jan 22, 2004 7:09:01 PM)
Guess this is my last chance!! Will time be saved at home,as it does in The Sims while our Sims visit other places in Sims2?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:09:01 PM)

Simlover85 (Jan 22, 2004 7:09:10 PM)
LAST QUESTION PLEASE!!! Will there be rodents and bugs?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:09:10 PM)

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:09:26 PM)
5 more minutes

DML2 (Jan 22, 2004 7:09:48 PM)
what if we take a picture of somebody's who is naked but is censored? in the painting/portrait, will it be censored or not? yes or no

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:09:48 PM)
who said you can do that?

Karynn (Jan 22, 2004 7:10:06 PM)
Can you have an in-game sim customizing thing, like the vanity table on the console? By the way, Happy almost Birthday!!

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:10:06 PM)

simmy doodle (Jan 22, 2004 7:10:25 PM)
Can little kids pee in the pool

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:10:25 PM)
nobody does that!

simsmaster88 (Jan 22, 2004 7:11:07 PM)
Are sims more superficial in judgment? I mean, Betty Newbie could do much better than Bob...Why doesn't she get with a more attractive sim, like Marty or Bernie?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:11:07 PM)
Sims are way smarter, but even smart sims make poor dating decisions.

Jerabi (Jan 22, 2004 7:11:44 PM)
Does the sims still pee blue?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:11:45 PM)
Yes. It looks better in the pool

Calisa (Jan 22, 2004 7:12:35 PM)
Tell us something about the Sims 2 that no one will expect. Just one little secret. Come oooon.

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:12:35 PM)
you can bring the camera as low as 10 inches from the floor.

sheardtso (Jan 22, 2004 7:12:56 PM)
Last time..... How will the sims be paid Daily or Weely

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:12:56 PM)

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:13:05 PM)
last question

chaseabryant (Jan 22, 2004 7:14:59 PM)
What is that kid growing in the screenshot?

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:14:59 PM)
Little palm trees...

MaxisLuc (Jan 22, 2004 7:15:11 PM)
Goodbye everyone. See you next time.

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 7:15:15 PM)
Ok everyone that wraps up our time for today. Now Luc has to get back to making the game! Thank you all for coming!

MaxisDano (Jan 22, 2004 7:15:20 PM)
Bye all!

MaxisLucky (Jan 22, 2004 7:15:35 PM)
Thanks everyone! Bye!!!

MaxisKitty (Jan 22, 2004 7:15:46 PM)
Until Next Time....and see you on the boards


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