Welcome to The Sims 2! Part 14

Monday, January 19, 2004 - 22:00

Hello Everyone!

We receive lots of inquiries from the community about the game via email and the message boards. We'd like to share answers to some of the most popular questions that we have received with you.

  1. How many floors can a house have?
    In The Sims 2, buildings will have three stories. In addition, there will be the ability to build a rooftop floor.
  2. Will separate families be able to live together?
    Yes, you'll be able to create households of Sims living together that are not genetically related to one another. Create anything from a sorority house to a commune or a retirement home to a bachelor pad! You can also create a huge extended family household all under one roof, including grandparents, parents, kids, and various relatives such as aunts, uncles and cousins.
  3. Will kids and teenagers be able to have sleepovers?
    Yes, you can invite Sims to stay over for a slumber party, complete with junk food and ghost stories.
  4. Will we be able to do more interactions with babies besides sing, feed, and play? If so, what are some of them?
    There will be a lot of special social interactions for babies beyond singing, feeding and playing with them. Your Sims will be able to teach their babies to walk and talk. Adult Sims can toss the babies up in the air and catch them safely. Plus, the babies will need to be changed, bathed and put to sleep. Sometimes, a baby will surprise everyone and toddle over to play in the toilet on their very own.
  5. How will the careers be different in The Sims 2?
    We've made several changes to the career game. First, as your Sims progress though their career tracks, they will have access to different clothes to show off their career levels. In addition, if they make it to the top, not only will they have "styling new threads," but they'll also unlock a special career object. Your Sims will also now have weekends with some time off from work to spend a little more time at home with their family and friends. Finally, teenage and elder Sims will have different career choices from adult Sims.
  6. Are there any new types of deaths?
    Yes, in The Sims 2 your Sims will now die of old age.
  7. How much detail will there be for big life events?
    In The Sims 2, big life moments will have a lot more texture and detail compared to the original Sims. For example, when your Sim gets married or abducted by aliens there will be in-game cinematics and special effects that bring that event vividly to life and effectively emphasize the drama.
  8. Will they able to do laundry?
    We don't plan on letting Sims do their laundry in The Sims 2. Why is everyone so fixated with laundry?
  9. If one Sim is involved with another Sim and then has and affair and gets pregnant by that other Sim, will the first Sim that they were seriously involved with know that it isn't their baby when it's born?
    Yes, there is the possibility that Sims will have affairs and their indiscretions will be revealed.
  10. How will move outs occur?
    When Sims move out they will take all the objects they own with them. Those will then be available to them in their new dwelling.

Please feel free to use the above FAQs to update the information on your site and/or your own FAQ sections.

I look forward to sharing more information with you again next week!

By the way, the last video was captured as the game was playing. We have made a lot of good progress with the in game video tools and cameras. I hope you enjoyed the last video, there will be plenty more.


Luc Barthelet

Movie director with The Sims 2


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