Chat With Will Wright!

Thursday, December 4, 2003 - 22:40

Thanks to those who joined us in our chat with Will! For those who missed out
read the transcripts.

MaxisKitty (Dec 4, 2003 6:03:17 PM)
Hello everyone and welcome to the chat with Maxis Founder and Cheif Designer Will Wright! We expect a full house today so please be patient. =) So with out further adu I present Will Wright!

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:03:29 PM)
Hi everyone, thanks for coming today

Jena (Dec 4, 2003 6:04:03 PM)
Does it ever baffle you to know that millions of people world-wide love a game you founded?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:04:03 PM)
It does surprise me. I think a lot of it has to do with the cool stuff our fans have made for the game.

Simsdarling (Dec 4, 2003 6:04:28 PM)
Do you play any of the sim games at home, just for fun or are you just sick of looking at them all day long?? If so, which is your favorite to play?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:04:28 PM)
I still play TSO quite a bit, and of course Sims2.

SimScary (Dec 4, 2003 6:04:32 PM)
Have you figured out a release date for The Sims 2??

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:04:32 PM)
The Sims 2 is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2004

Wisdomism (Dec 4, 2003 6:05:05 PM)
Hi Will Wright (aka "The Creator") What is you favorite expansion pack? Why?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:05:05 PM)
I think Hot Date was my favorite, the addition of the downtown area felt like the largest single new feature we added since launch.

ladyluck (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:04 PM)
What were the name of your robots and is Battlebots still on TV?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:04 PM)
I've built many my last was named Misty. Misty has done pretty well 10-2-0. Battlebots is currently not on the air though they are looking for a new network to host it.

Whiner89 (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:34 PM)
is this what you always had in mind for a job

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:34 PM)
Well, not really. I got into computer games from my interest in robotics.

ScorpioVS (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:42 PM)
When is the CREATE-A-SIM program coming out?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:42 PM)
CaSIE will be released to a limited group of Sims fansite webmasters before the holiday season, and the general release will be sometime in January.

JudyG99 (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:50 PM)
Did you ever imagine that the Sims would come as far and popular has it has?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:06:50 PM)
Not at all.

mr_helm (Dec 4, 2003 6:07:45 PM)
Hey Will! I have alway's wanted to talk to you personally, sorta, well I just want to let you know that i may be asking questions for people who couldn't come just so you know, thankyou for taking time out of your Robot Making schedule to talk to us! first of all, are you a robot? :P j/k dont answer that, How long does it take to become a game maker?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:07:45 PM)
I don't think I'm a robot. I'm not sure I could tell if I was. Becoming a game designer is much harder now than when I first started.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:08:21 PM)
Whap inspired you ot create the sims?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:08:21 PM)
The simulation dynamics we developed for SimAnt and the writings of Christopher Alexander (A Pattern Language).

Simsdarling (Dec 4, 2003 6:08:56 PM)
Does it worry you that your games are so addicting that some people could lose their job, their spouse, and their eyesight because they play too much?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:08:56 PM)
I think everything should be done in moderation, including books, school, and games.

Mr_Help2 (Dec 4, 2003 6:09:22 PM)
Whats you favorite thing about the sims

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:09:22 PM)
Trying out new situations to see how the sims deal with it.

Joshua C (Dec 4, 2003 6:10:11 PM)
hello will what wa the idea for simlish?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:10:11 PM)
That's a long story, but I originally wanted to use a real but obscure language (like Navajo or Estonian). After many test we decided it was easier to create our own language.

jen (Dec 4, 2003 6:10:45 PM)
MaxisWill, were the sim skins you put in the game based on real people's looks?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:10:45 PM)
Not specific individuals. We collect many magazine clippings that we use as style guides.

LisVender (Dec 4, 2003 6:11:24 PM)
Hello, Mr. Wright! Have you ever considered teaching a programming class at a university?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:11:24 PM)
I think I would enjoy teaching if I had more time. I think I would make a much better design teacher than programming teacher.

Atomic2003 (Dec 4, 2003 6:11:46 PM)
Hi Will what is your favorite Sim Game?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:11:46 PM)
It's still the original Sims (SimEarth a close second).

Avery (Dec 4, 2003 6:12:09 PM)
How long has The Sims 2 been in the making?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:12:09 PM)
About 3 years so far.

zipper2378 (Dec 4, 2003 6:12:27 PM)
Any News On CASSie?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:12:27 PM)
I think it's going to slip a bit to January.

ts2fan4ever78 (Dec 4, 2003 6:12:59 PM)
what is your favorite feature in TS2 Will?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:12:59 PM)
The enhancements to build mode (diagonal doors and windows, more floors, decks and cool roofs).

jen (Dec 4, 2003 6:13:59 PM)
Why do you like robots?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:13:59 PM)
I think robots teach us more about humans than about technology. They are in essence attempts to model human abilities and when we try to build them we learn how amazing we really are.

Aliclare (Dec 4, 2003 6:14:15 PM)
Have you ever made any families that just accidentally happen to resemble any of your workers? If so I hope you haven't drowned them :P

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:14:15 PM)
No comment

Willardness90 (Dec 4, 2003 6:15:37 PM)
CASIE was originally supposed to be released in November, why has it fallen so far behind?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:15:37 PM)
We are trying to make it that much more awesome for you!

MKircus1 (Dec 4, 2003 6:15:44 PM)
Has user-created content always been something you've thought about?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:15:44 PM)
It's always been a very strong interest of mine. I like games that allow me to be creative.

ivybutterfly (Dec 4, 2003 6:16:15 PM)
What took you to Robotwars?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:16:15 PM)
I've been building robots long before I was into computer games. That's what caused me to buy my first computer.

Simsdude (Dec 4, 2003 6:16:33 PM)
What is CASIE?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:16:33 PM)
CaSIE is the stand-alone Sim Creator Tool that we are working on for The Sims 2

sushiB (Dec 4, 2003 6:16:40 PM)
when you were a kid, what did you think you were going to do with your life?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:16:40 PM)
Either be an astronaut or an architect.

simmer101 (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:03 PM)
have you designed any other games, besides the sims ones?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:03 PM)
My first game was non-sim, Raid on Bungeling Bay.

MarciafromMexico (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:19 PM)
How long does it take you to design a game?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:19 PM)
About 4 years generally.

drewster (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:31 PM)
How much have you customized your own sims? Ever made skins or objects the "hard way," like we do?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:31 PM)
Yes, I have.

Mr_Help2 (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:55 PM)
whats you favorite thing about The sims Will

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:17:55 PM)
Testing the limits of the behavior engine and designing cool houses.

Grandma (Dec 4, 2003 6:18:01 PM)
How much of the success of the Sims do you attribute to fan sites?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:18:01 PM)
Most of it.

Far (Dec 4, 2003 6:18:34 PM)
Do you enjoy playing any video games in your spare time that are NOT Maxis games?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:18:35 PM)
Yes, I do. I've been stuck on Battlefield 1942 for about a year now.

alexmas (Dec 4, 2003 6:19:28 PM)
Hey Will!! I want to know if anything inspired you to be a game desginer? A childhood game? A certain someone?!?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:19:28 PM)
I used to play Go as a kid (the board game). I was always impressed with the combination of simplicty and strategy it acheives.

MEGGGIE634 (Dec 4, 2003 6:19:41 PM)

katikins (Dec 4, 2003 6:19:44 PM)
Does your family play your games?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:19:44 PM)
I inflict my games on my daughter and her friends.

loveszane (Dec 4, 2003 6:20:22 PM)
When and How did you first think of The Sims?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:20:22 PM)
I made the first prototype back in 1993, just after finishing SimAnt (before SimCity 2000).

Sims Stash (Dec 4, 2003 6:20:37 PM)
What does MAXIS stand for or mean?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:20:37 PM)
It's Six AM backwards.

the_new_simman (Dec 4, 2003 6:20:53 PM)
How did you get into the game world?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:20:53 PM)
Via robot building.

lintphishx (Dec 4, 2003 6:21:16 PM)
What is the healthiest way to play Sims: an hour at a time with rest in between or several hours in a row? Wink

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:21:16 PM)
40 hours straight through to get all out of your system.

sushiB (Dec 4, 2003 6:21:43 PM)
were you surprised the first time you saw your game in a store? like "wow i created that and someones going to buy it?"

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:21:43 PM)
Yes, that was a rather surreal moment the first time it happened to me.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:22:11 PM)
will you ever make SimTower again?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:22:11 PM)
I didn't make SimTower, it was made by a close friend of mine Yoot Saito. It's up to him.

Simsdude (Dec 4, 2003 6:23:40 PM)
If you had one piece of advice to give to an aspiring video game designer what would it be?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:23:40 PM)
Read and study stuff besides computers and games. There is much to be learned from areas as diverse as Japanese Gardening to Evoloution.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:24:01 PM)
Do you have a fascination with Bella like Luc does?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:24:01 PM)
No, I think that would get Luc too jealous.

Sims Stash (Dec 4, 2003 6:24:08 PM)
Any plans to re-release "Raid on Bungling Bay"?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:24:08 PM)
Not at this time.

Mr_Help2 (Dec 4, 2003 6:24:43 PM)
Mr. Wright I have one more question for you, what was it that inspired you to create All of the "sims" games?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:24:43 PM)
Fun toys.

tropicalwonderland (Dec 4, 2003 6:25:26 PM)
Hi Mr. Wright. This chat with you is soo amazing! Anyway, do you ever read posts or lurk on the Sims BBS? Thanks for creating the most clever game in the world!

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:25:26 PM)
Yes, I read the boards whenever I can.

LisVender (Dec 4, 2003 6:25:46 PM)
Have you considered giving the Sims robot-building kits to play with, Mr. Wright?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:25:46 PM)
I've considered a robot building game.

KJ_S2S (Dec 4, 2003 6:25:49 PM)
When will the release date for TS2 be announced?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:25:49 PM)
The Sims 2 is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2004

Blue (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:10 PM)
How many people are working on TS2? Is there anyway fans can recognise or acknowledge these people? To say thanks?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:10 PM)
We have over 100 people currently working on Sims2.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:17 PM)
Will elderly sims be able to "PLAY"

SIMZFAN (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:17 PM)
How long does this chat last for Will?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:17 PM)
This chat will last until 4:00 pm PST.

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:17 PM)

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:54 PM)
What race-game do you like the most? I ask this question because : i'm a huge fan of race-games and you did a race from New YorK to L.A. in 33H and 39M

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:26:55 PM)
Yes, I did that many years ago. I was into cars before I was into computers, used to Rally as well.

Naelis (Dec 4, 2003 6:27:24 PM)
Do you ever look around the internet at user made content? Do you download skins and objects?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:27:24 PM)
All the time. The Sims is the first game where the players have entertained me as much as we have entertained them.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:28:19 PM)
Do you get annoyed by games that try to kind of copy off your idea?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:28:19 PM)
Not at all. I enjoy how they take them in different directions. I think Impressions has made some really nice games that are roughly similar to SimCity (Pharoh, Ceasar, etc.)

Blue (Dec 4, 2003 6:28:46 PM)
Do you play any MMP's? If so, which ones? (Besides the sims online)

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:28:46 PM)
I wish I had the time, but TSO is the only one I play.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:29:22 PM)
does your wife play the sims games?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:29:22 PM)
My wife is not a computer literate person really, I think that's why we get along so well. She's never played any of my games at all.

LisVender (Dec 4, 2003 6:29:59 PM)
What do you think is missing from today's games in terms of creativity? What do you see changing in the industry today?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:29:59 PM)
I wish as a player that I could always solve a game problem in a way that no other player has thought to solve it.

Neon Pheonix (Dec 4, 2003 6:30:39 PM)
What was the first game you've ever played?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:30:39 PM)
The first computer game I ever played was Star Trek on a PDP-11. (plotter output).

Kirtai (Dec 4, 2003 6:31:00 PM)
What would you like to be able to do with the sims, given limitless technology?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:31:00 PM)
Have theological conversations with them.

qwertyuiop2k7 (Dec 4, 2003 6:31:43 PM)
Hey Will have you ever played any of the Mario games or Legend of Zelda games?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:31:43 PM)
Yes, I love all of Miyamoto's games. I think the last Zelda (Windwaker) was brilliant, especially the art style.

Wisdomism (Dec 4, 2003 6:31:57 PM)
MaxisWill, are you excited about TS2 as we are?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:31:57 PM)
Maybe more so.

simlish_sim (Dec 4, 2003 6:32:19 PM)
Why does Maxis have a fascination with Llamas?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:32:19 PM)
The llama is a quadraped.

mr_helm (Dec 4, 2003 6:32:30 PM)
WILL, will you tell us what your name on is? like in the BBS?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:32:30 PM)

jen (Dec 4, 2003 6:32:57 PM)
Does your daughter enjoy playing The Sims? Does she play The Sims 2?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:32:57 PM)
She was playing it years before release, so she's had a bit much of it by now.

richard brown (Dec 4, 2003 6:33:28 PM)
I heard the original Sims was called Doll House is this true?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:33:28 PM)
Yes, this is true, until we ran a focus group of men and they all freaked out about it.

Sim2_FrEaK (Dec 4, 2003 6:33:48 PM)
Has anyone ever told you you resemble Bill Gates?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:33:48 PM)
lol, seperated at birth?

Kirtai (Dec 4, 2003 6:34:24 PM)
Why do you think your games appeal to women more than other games? Is it your devlish charm, or something else?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:34:24 PM)
I think it's the social focus and emphasis on creativity. I don't think it's my legendary charm

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:34:43 PM)
Will Lets say it is Febuary 2000 and Maxis is getting ready to ship TheSims out to computer stores whats going through the everybodys mind at Maxis?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:34:43 PM)
Did we miss any bugs?

byteman (Dec 4, 2003 6:35:15 PM)
I have been playing the SimCity series since the original, and I have always been curious as to whether the llama references are random or have some special meaning?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:35:15 PM)
They're sort of a backhanded homage to Monty Python.

beth_ann67 (Dec 4, 2003 6:35:43 PM)
do you like that so many people are making things to add to your game?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:35:43 PM)
Yes, it's the coolest thing I've seen happen in the game industry in a long time.

FunkCracker (Dec 4, 2003 6:36:15 PM)
What's the most recent book you have read/are reading?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:36:15 PM)
The Emmergence of Everything.

Snakes13 (Dec 4, 2003 6:36:50 PM)
why was the unmoderated chat removed

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:36:50 PM)
The old chat software no longer functioned correctly and it didn't make sense for us to continue to support it.

RLU2224 (Dec 4, 2003 6:36:53 PM)
Is it true that a majority of the sims players are girls?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:36:53 PM)
It wasn't true when we first launched the game (about 25% female) but now it is (70%)

simmasterfran (Dec 4, 2003 6:37:07 PM)
do you post on the BBS?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:37:07 PM)
I don't recently, just too busy.

Rick (Dec 4, 2003 6:37:09 PM)
yeah, 1 bug was missed, when a friend gave u flowers and u cancelled putting them on the table instead of putting it down, the sim held onto it after bending over and then it dissapeared forever :(

Snakes13 (Dec 4, 2003 6:37:43 PM)
hows the muffin you eat every morning.

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:37:43 PM)
Mr. Muffin is my good friend, I eat him every morning and he's reincarnated every night again.

catmando2u (Dec 4, 2003 6:37:57 PM)
have you forgotten the fans?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:37:57 PM)
No, we depend on them everyday.

thesiddog (Dec 4, 2003 6:38:21 PM)
Will, does Maxis hire interns?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:38:21 PM)
Yes, we have been hiring them each summer with great success.

BobbiJaye_S2S (Dec 4, 2003 6:38:34 PM)
Mr. Wright, do you ever do chats with independant sites? Thanks Wink

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:38:34 PM)
I have from time to time.

wyntara (Dec 4, 2003 6:39:13 PM)
Hi Mr. Wright. One question, what would you say would be the hardest thing about making a computer game?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:39:13 PM)
The patience to work on a project for 4 years and stay totally obsessed with it.

merlin (Dec 4, 2003 6:39:35 PM)
Do you have a favourite fansite?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:39:35 PM)
No, There are many that I visit regularly.

gammasims2 (Dec 4, 2003 6:39:57 PM)
Mr. Wright, have you ever made your family and your house on the sims?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:39:57 PM)
That was the first thing I would make in all our early tests.

Lindsay9890 (Dec 4, 2003 6:41:05 PM)
Do you have any Sim-crushes, like Luc with Bella Goth?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:41:05 PM)
My crush is on her house, I spent many hours designing it.

Dereks Allsims (Dec 4, 2003 6:41:37 PM)
do watch any cool shows on tv like the simpsons csi survivor? etc?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:41:37 PM)
I love the Simpsons, as well as the stuff on Adult Swim (Sealab 2021. The Brak Show).

fgs (Dec 4, 2003 6:42:00 PM)
I am really looking forward to all the cool new features in TS2. My question is, what will the next generation of Sims be like? How do you envision the game say 5 to 10 years from now?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:42:00 PM)
Sims that I can have deep, philosophical conversations with.

VALERIA (Dec 4, 2003 6:42:08 PM)
Where do you reside in TSO?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:42:08 PM)
In aplhaville.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:42:31 PM)
Do u have any regrets about the sims

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:42:31 PM)
Not really, it's exceeded any expectations I ever had for it.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:43:11 PM)
How do u feel about the TSO game, did it come out as how u planned it would?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:43:11 PM)
Not exactly, but it's a fascinating world that I'm still spending time studying.

Sims Stash (Dec 4, 2003 6:43:25 PM)
What is your favorite TV show?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:43:25 PM)
Carnivale on HBO.

simlish_sim (Dec 4, 2003 6:43:56 PM)
I've noticed a few "Sims - wannabe" games out there, including "The Partners". What is your take on these copy - cat games?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:43:56 PM)
So far they aren't so good. Ghostmaster was the best I've seen so far.

bernice18_ (Dec 4, 2003 6:44:01 PM)
Did the name Cassandra come from your daughter's name?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:44:01 PM)

RachelMBC06 (Dec 4, 2003 6:44:30 PM)
Who's Idea Was It For You To Be At The Top Of The Beanstalk on MM? I thought It Was A Little Corny :(

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:44:30 PM)
It wasn't mine, they surprised me with it (after it was too late)

simsdude (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:07 PM)
Is there a Sims 2 website?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:07 PM)
Yup -

Neicha (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:15 PM)
Do you think part of the success of the sims is attributed to it's appeal to non-game players? I think many women, like myself, play the sims but not other games?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:15 PM)
That is exactly true. With The Sims we have large amounts of hardcore Sims players that are mostly non-gamers.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:33 PM)
What is the future of The Sims and Maxis? How much longer will these games last?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:33 PM)
12 years 5 months and 13 days.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:52 PM)
What do you think about Game Boy Advance version of The Sims?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:45:52 PM)
I've been really enjoying it, was laying it through last night.

simlover1987 (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:19 PM)
when will the sims 2 come out??

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:19 PM)
The Sims 2 is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2004

RLU2224 (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:37 PM)
What does the "Turl" part mean?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:37 PM)
He's a character from the books of Stanislaw Lem (also spelled Trurl in some translations, the books are written in Polish).

cadaver (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:51 PM)
do you have any ambitions to be god

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:51 PM)
No, just to create them.

cadaver (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:56 PM)
when will casie come out?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:46:56 PM)
CaSIE will be released to a limited group of Sims fansite webmasters before the holiday season, and the general release will be sometime in January.

sweetkandi (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:01 PM)
which game has taken you the longest to make?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:01 PM)
The Sims.

frogface (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:14 PM)
do you ever play simcity4?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:14 PM)
Yes, i do.

catmando2u (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:33 PM)
given that you would like to have theological conversations with sims, arn't you afraid they would always be right?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:33 PM)
Not if I created them.

jen (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:43 PM)
Will we have to buy CaSIE or will it be a free download?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:43 PM)
CaSIE will be a free download from

yerffejsim5 (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:52 PM)
When you were a kid did you think you would come up with something as amazing as the sims?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:47:52 PM)
No, I was thinking I would manage a Burger King.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:48:04 PM)
Do you have an idol? If so, can you share who it is?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:48:04 PM)
Edward O. Wilson

simboy2 (Dec 4, 2003 6:48:52 PM)
What is CaSIE?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:48:52 PM)
CaSIE is the stand alone Sim Creation Tool for The Sims 2

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:48:53 PM)
What are your personal opinions on the mafias in the Sims Online?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:48:53 PM)
It's been a learning experience. It's interesting how certain aspects of the real world will flow into virtual worlds no matter what you do.

fun_pony (Dec 4, 2003 6:49:05 PM)
Have you played the Myst games?\

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:49:05 PM)
Yes, I enjoyed them.

rockchick_catt! (Dec 4, 2003 6:49:38 PM)
Will- do you have any odd nicknames?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:49:38 PM)
Sir Hilton Fargoyle the 13th Esq.

rachel (Dec 4, 2003 6:49:51 PM)
Will, when you were a kid, what toys did you play with? Gi Joes, Barbie, etc...

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:49:51 PM)

Horse nut (Dec 4, 2003 6:50:12 PM)
What kind of music do you enjoy Mr. Wright?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:50:12 PM)
All sorts, Jazz, Fusion, Classical Rock

Tytania Simsonite (Dec 4, 2003 6:50:31 PM)
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, other then robots and sims?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:50:32 PM)
Reading, skiing, scheming.

Smileyj (Dec 4, 2003 6:50:44 PM)
does your daughter want to design video games like you

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:50:44 PM)
No, she designs comics.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:01 PM)
Mr. Will, what are you wanting for Christmas?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:01 PM)
A Marsokhod rover

the_new_simman (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:17 PM)
How old are you MaxisWill?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:17 PM)
I'm 43, .... I think

magic_teena (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:35 PM)
WILL, how old were you when you first started creating games? How old are you now?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:35 PM)
I started making games when I was about 22.

gammasims2 (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:50 PM)
Why do you think your games are so popular?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:51:50 PM)
I think it's because so many people buy them.

rachel (Dec 4, 2003 6:52:20 PM)
Will, I read somewhere that you never wanted the sims to have an end, you wanted the game to be endless, but with sims 2 people die, what gives?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:52:20 PM)
That's up to the player, you can turn off the aging function.

Snakes13 (Dec 4, 2003 6:52:37 PM)
all maxis personel-have you everfallen asleep atwork

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:52:37 PM)
shhhh...... don't talk about that.....

rachel (Dec 4, 2003 6:52:59 PM)
Will, what do your parents think about your work?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:52:59 PM)
I still don't think my mother understands what I do.

Joshua C (Dec 4, 2003 6:53:05 PM)
will whats you favorite food?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:53:05 PM)

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:53:18 PM)
What movies do you watching?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:53:18 PM)
Really odd ones.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:53:52 PM)
Do you have a pet llama, or even a pet robot, such as a Servo?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:53:52 PM)
I have a house full of robots.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:54:18 PM)
IWhats your favourite tv show at the moment?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:54:18 PM)
It was Carnivale on HBO but the season just ended.

laurenash (Dec 4, 2003 6:54:26 PM)
do u think the sims 2 will be ur best invention?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:54:26 PM)
I hope not.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:54:59 PM)
Will do you treat your interns well?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:54:59 PM)
Not at all, it's sort of like a Roman slave ship. We have drummers keeping cadence so they all type fast enough.

Guest (Dec 4, 2003 6:55:50 PM)
Will I think one of the greatest parts of Maxis is that you guys listen to your fans and use some ideas people come up with because it seems like most video game companies never listen to their fans.

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:55:50 PM)
Thanks, that's nice to hear. It's really hard because the fans outnumber us about 10,000 to 1

simmer101 (Dec 4, 2003 6:56:06 PM)
How much longer will this chat last??

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:56:06 PM)
We are going to go for about another 5 minutes.

MacMaster112 (Dec 4, 2003 6:56:21 PM)
Is it normal for me to love Sim games to see what havoc I can wreck in an imaginary world?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:56:21 PM)
That's what I do all the time myself, I call it the Calvin Syndrome.

simGeorge (Dec 4, 2003 6:57:17 PM)
Do you watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:57:17 PM)
Yes, I used to. I got to know Joel Hodgenson the creator of the show.

magic_teena (Dec 4, 2003 6:57:56 PM)
Does Jeff Braun still work with you?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:57:56 PM)
No, but we are still close friends. He lives a few blocks away.

Schweighsr (Dec 4, 2003 6:58:43 PM)
When will the next chat for TS2 be held?

MaxisLucky (Dec 4, 2003 6:58:43 PM)
We'll be having more The Sims 2 chats soon. We don't have any dates set yet.

Veromorphia (Dec 4, 2003 6:58:44 PM)
Do you like anime?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:58:44 PM)
I love anime, especially Miyazaki and the Lain series.

the_new_simman (Dec 4, 2003 6:59:12 PM)
What is you all time favorate movie?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:59:12 PM)
2001:A Space Odessy - It had a big impact on me as a kid.

BCD (Dec 4, 2003 6:59:37 PM)
Do you own any game systems, Mr. Wright?

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 6:59:37 PM)
I own all of them

MaxisKitty (Dec 4, 2003 6:59:48 PM)
Thank you for attending todays chat event with Will Wright, we all had a great time and hope you did as well. Check the websites after the event for the transcripts. Bye Everyone!

Snakes13 (Dec 4, 2003 7:00:01 PM)
do you like fondue

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 7:00:01 PM)
Yes, but I prefer Racellete

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 7:00:24 PM)
Goodbye everyone, thanks for stopping by

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 7:00:34 PM)
Sorry I couldn't answer all the questions.

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 7:00:42 PM)
But I'm a lmae typist

MaxisWill (Dec 4, 2003 7:00:47 PM)

MaxisKitty (Dec 4, 2003 7:01:34 PM)
Will Wright has left the building...


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