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Create and control your own simulated people!

From Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, comes a new strategy game that really hits close to home! Create an entire neighborhood of Sims and then run or ruin their lives. Help them pursue careers, make friends and find romance - or see what happens when you make a complete mess of things! Open-ended gameplay gives you the freedom to set your own goals and chart your Sims' destiny. It is your neighborhood and they are your Sims. Whether they prosper or perish is completely up to you.


  • Create: Create your Sims, design their personalities, skills, and appearance.
  • Build: Build a neighborhood of Sims, design and create rooms, choose wallpaper and floor coverings and even landscape the garden.
  • Buy: Furnish your home with furniture, electrical appliances, plumbing, lighting and other accessories.
  • Live: Control the lives of your Sims as you guide their relationships and careers for better or worse. You can even tell their story by creating Sim web pages to share with the world.



Release Dates

Release Date US: 
4 Feb 2000
Release Date EU: 
10 Feb 2000
Release Date UK: 
11 Feb 2000
Release Date Mac: 
25 Jul 2000




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