The Sims Superstar – Preview and Interview With Jonathan Knight

Thursday, February 27, 2003 - 22:00

"There are more new objects in Superstar than in any expansion pack we’ve done."

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The Sims Superstar - Baby Remember My Name

The Sims Superstar is the latest in a long line of expansion games for the top-selling PC game franchise of all time. This expansion will give your sims the chance to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and if all goes will to reap the rewards (and suffer the headaches!) of fame. We were able to talk to the game's Producer, Jonathan Knight, and find out a little about what to expect when sims seek the limelight.

GT: Please tell us a little bit about Studio Town. Will it be similar to Downtown in Hot Date?
JK: In some ways, Studio Town works a lot like Downtown. You take a single Sim there, you can shop, you can meet other Sims there, and of course you can completely bulldoze it and rebuild in your own image. But Studio Town is also very different, because it is a place where your Sim can work… meaning, they earn lots of money there, and they also earn fame.

GT: Will time be frozen back home while a sim is in Studio Town?
JK: Yes.

GT: Can any sim visit Studio Town, or just those on one of the new career tracks?
JK: Any adult Sim can visit Studio Town, no matter what job they have. If you want your Sim to earn fame and money at the more complex studio objects, then they will have to quit their job (whatever it is), and sign up with the local Talent Agency, and start the long haul toward celebrity.

GT: Can an existing sim leave their career to become a rock star, movie star, or supermodel, or are these careers only open to new sims?
JK: Yes, existing Sims can quit their jobs at any time, and try their hand at being famous.

GT: Can pets from Unleashed become animal actors?
JK: No… but pet owners who have Superstar will get some new and exotic pet skins, celebrity-style.

GT: How much control will sims have over their new careers? Will they have to hang out at a malt shop or wait tables in a restaurant while waiting to be discovered?
JK: Sims will have a lot of control over their careers… but thankfully they don’t have to wait tables! They will be discovered at the karaoke machine or the open microphone, which are the first two objects available to up-and-coming Sims. From there, they have to use fame objects, build skills, and network with other famous Sims in order to climb the ladder to stardom.

GT: How will the new Fame score work? Is it a new skill or something entirely different?
JK: Fame score is a brand new skill, and it works much a like a job level. Sims who sign up with an agent and start down the celebrity path will have five empty stars in their UI panel, which they need to fill in, one half-star at a time. Each new level comes with new requirements, new benefits, and new opportunities.

GT: Will famous sims need to worry about stalkers at home or autograph hounds following them to Vacation Island?
JK: But of course!

GT: Will the new sim assistants help sims at home or only when they are in Studio Town?
JK: The primary assistant that we are adding is the Butler, whom Sims can hire to help them take care of their houses. At Studio Town, Sims are primarily on their own, but can always hang out at the spa if they’re in need of pampering.

GT: What are some of the new objects players can expect to see in the expansion?
JK: There are so many new objects in this pack, it’s hard to know where to start! There are more new objects in Superstar than in any expansion pack we’ve done. Some of my favorites in clued the Music Recording Studio (where Sims arrange their own songs), the Skydiving Simulator, the Star Trailer, the Movie Set, the Massage Table, the Satellite Dish, and the new Clothing Rack and Changing Booth which some with an all new clothing type (High Fashion).

GT: How about new interactions – what new ones can players expect to see in The Sims Superstar?
JK: There are about a dozen new social interactions, themed around the celebrity lifestyle, including Ask For Autograph, Talk About Biz, and Talk About Self.
Sims hard at work on the set.

GT: Do you have any insider tips on getting on the fast track to fame?
JK: Go to the spa and drop names.

GT: Is there anything else you’d like Sims fans to know about this expansion?
JK: We didn’t talk too much about characters. In addition to the Butler and the Obsessed Fan, this expansion pack introduces loads of new characters with unique voices and behaviors, including the TV and Movie Directors, the Record Producer, the Fashion Designer, the Choreographer, the Award Presenter, the Paparazzo, the Masseuse & Masseur, and the Sushi Chef.

GT: Thank you for your time, it is most appreciated!

We'll keep you posted on new information on the game as it becomes available. Look for The Sims Superstar this May.

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