Minty & Peach Beach House

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 01:29


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Oh dear where to start. First off, I know that I used items from pretty much all the expansions, but tried to refrain from using stuff pack items, as I know a lot of people just don't own these. I also used some store items. Like some items from the new Nautical Living set. If you are into beach houses it might be worth getting that set!

So my friend Silje sort of requested a minty/peach beach house. I did my very best on this. I worked on this house for roughly 12 hours or so? Yeah, that long LOL. I hope that time paid off because I am quite proud of this house. And I hope you like it!

Please, as always, do check the files before installing them into your game. Download at your own risk yadda yadda...

Feel free to request houses at our lounge!!

Note that there are two files! One doesn't have a car and the other one does. This way the house can be more affordable to some Simmies! The house with the car is §182.740!

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