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Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 00:38


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They are finally here! The hipster lofts I have been working on. Although oddly shaped, they are really quite fun. There are 4 lofts in this building. I will describe each of them below.


Loft #1 - §36.937

This is the smallest loft, and can't really be called a loft to be honest. It's more a studio. It has an open plan. Everything in the same room, except the bathroom. There is a double bed, which is a Murphy bed. There is a small kitchen with mini-fridge. It's basically perfect for students and singles. There is a small table with room to eat or to put a laptop. Furthermore it has a piano, a bookcase, tv, sofa. All the basics.


Loft #2 - §72.633

This is a tad more luxurious. It has white walls and an old wooden floor. A mixture of modern and old furniture. Also an open plan. Stairs lead to a large (yet open) bedroom. This loft is perfect for an artistic person, as it has an easel and everything. In my opinion this loft is definitely a mix of industrial and chique.


Loft #3 - §49.173

This loft has the most hipster furniture of them all. It has stairs leading to the bedroom and separate bathroom. Again all the basics are here. There is another room with has a single bed, desk and dresser. In theory you could place 3 Sims in this loft, but it might be too small. I'd have two Sims live here at most.


Loft #4 - §59.785

The last loft is the most luxurious loft of them all. There is a huge piano in the open plan living room, high ceilings once more. Furthermore the living room has a library and tv corner. Upstairs you'll find a nice U-shape kitchen with island counters. Behind the kitchen wall is the open bedroom. As with each loft, the bathroom is the only room separated.


Roof Terrace

There is a roof terrace which is public, meaning that whatever loft you decide to live in (see files), you will always have access to the terrace. The terrace has a firepit, two loungers and a large parasol. There are also 12 plants on the roof top, most of them are ready to be harvested.



The elevator will bring you to the basement, which is also public. The basement has separate rooms for laundry and another one to store bicycles (up to 4).


As always I checked the files with Delphy's Custard and everything is working fine here. But you can never be too sure, so please do check the files yourself prior to installing them! You can install all the files if you want, or just the one that you need. If you download/install Loft 1 for example, your Sims will not be able to access any of the other lofts. If you want access to all the lofts, install the one that doesn't have a number. It's the most expensive one though!

I used The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft store content! Without this, some items will either disappear or be replaced with something else!


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