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On Thursday The Sims team played a live session of The Sims: Makin' Magic to celebrate 14 years of The Sims!

Alongside the livestream, the team uploaded several concept arts and screenshots from Makin' Magic! Check them out below! :D

Last Thursday The Sims Team played The Sims: Makin' Magic on Twitch.

Electronic Arts komt in de feestmaand met een speciale Collector's Edition van The Sims!

De Collector's Edition zal bestaan uit de volgende packs: The Sims Triple de Luxe , Hot date , Super Star, Beestenboel en Abacadabra.

Maak je eigen Sims verzameling of die van een ander compleet met deze unieke box!

De box kost 99,95 euro en is vanaf 12 december verkrijgbaar!

The Sims

De Sims abracadabra heeft agelopen weekend tijdens de Power Unlimited Gameplay de 'Kidsweek Award' gewonnen!

Duizenden lezers van Kidsweek, de krant voor jonge mensen, hebben in augustus en september gestemd op hun favoriete game. En dat was...De Sims abracadabra!

en daar zijn we natuurlijk supertrots op!

The Sims 3

Two new fun house tracks extend the possibilities in your copy of Makin' Magic.

Download Fun House Track 4x1 (347k)
Download Fun House Track Loop (1.1Mb)

You'll have to pick up the magazine at the newsstands to read it, but to give you a taste, "The Sims Makin’ Magic is jam-packed with cool content, quirky humor, and the most polished game-play of the entire series."

The last in the Makin' Magic wallpaper series, features Bella, Mortimer and family working their suburban magic.

Take me to the download.

The Sims Makin' Magic

If you haven't found it elsewhere, get it here! With the Desktop Gnome, you'll get:

  • The latest on spellcasting!
  • Gameplay tips & strategy!
  • Cool videos and downloads!
  • Magical clues and quizzes!

I want the gnome (2.48mb).

Get your questions answered about Makin’ Magic game play and what it’s really like to be a game tester by reading the transcripts.

It's posted here at, but have you seen it?

I can't get enough TV!



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