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Today at 4pm PST, come to our chat area for a talk with the developers of Livin' Large! It's done, they've recovered from Post Ship Stress Syndrome, and they're ready to tell you all the inside scoop on this great expansion pack for The Sims!

Go to Chat talked with Chris Baena, Associate Producer of The Sims Livin' Large. Get the full story here!

Go to, or click read more below to read the interview and see the screenshots on our website.

In this week's Livin' Large spotlight, mild-mannered Henry acquires a Voodoo Doll -- and his life is never the same.

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The Sims Livin' Large has gone "gold" and is in manufacturing. It'll be in stores by Labor Day weekend -- right on schedule! If you pre-order your copy of The Sims Livin' Large directly from us, you'll get a FREE Extreme Characters Pack CD. For more details on this deal, hop on over to the EA|Store!

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It's the roommate you wish you always had. Servo, the ultimate home appliance, is spotlighted in this week's Livin' Large preview!

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We have a couple of downloads coming to you this week and next. This week, hear the voices of Livin' Large in a new Chatterbox for your desktop!

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Hear the Stars of Livin' Large!
Download Livin' Large Chatter Box (2.31 Mb)

GameSpot posted the final installment of their 3-part Livin' Large preview. Check out the great Will Wright interview!

Go To Gamespot's Preview, or click read more below to read the third part of the GameSpot preview, a Q&A with Will Wright!

A family discovers the strange side effects of owning a Chemistry Set in the latest Livin' Large preview!

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This week, Death himself comes to The Sims Livin' Large. Check it out!

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Part 2 of the 3-part preview series on Livin' Large is now online on GameSpot. In this part, we can read about the new careers!

Go to Part Two of GameSpot's Preview. Click read more to read the preview and see the screenshots!



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