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The EA Store is now taking orders for The Sims Livin' Large!

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A couch potato discovers the transformative powers of the Crystal Ball in today's Livin' Large Spotlight.

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GameSpot just launched a 3-part preview series on Livin' Large. They loved the new decor options and new objects!

Go to Part One of GameSpot's Preview. Click read more to read the preview and see the screenshots!

The great press keeps rolling in! Glide Underground adds fuel to the fire with their new preview. We've got them all in one place right here!

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This SimDay marks the debut of the new Spotlight area in our Livin' Large preview! We'll be bringing you closeups of some of the great new characters and objects coming in The Sims Livin' Large expansion pack. This week, meet the mysterious Genie!

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We've got new screenshots of our castle decor in the Livin' Large preview section. Check them out!

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We've made some big improvements to the Livin' Large preview section. Check it out!

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The Sims expansion pack is coming -- and here's where you can see what's in it. Check out the sneak peek screenshots and press previews!

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Here is a special letter to all Sim fans world-wide.
This means you!

Go to Thank You on or Read Luc's letter on Or you can click read more below to read the letter on our website.

DailyRadar also has a small preview from The Sims Livin' Large. Click read more below to read it on our website.



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