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Party With Your Sims!

It's the party of the year for the game of the year and you're the host. You decide if it's time for your Sims to hoedown at a country barn dance, chow down at a tropical luau, or go underground at a rave. Will your party be a smash or a snore? House Party is your invitation to rock your Sims' house!


  • Rock the house with five new music and dance styles.
  • Party with new characters like the cake dancers and the celebrity guest.
  • Build the ultimate theme party with Cowboy, Rave, and Luau design sets.
  • Mix and mingle your Sims in new group activities.
  • 100+ New Items including:
    • Mecahanical Bull: Hold on tight and test your rodeo skills.
    • Costume Trunk: Pick your outfit from togas to hula skirts.
    • Dance Cage: Jump in and show all your moves.
    • Campfire: Roast marshmallows, sing camp songs and tell ghost stories.
    • Bubble Maker: Join in the soothing activity of blowing bubbles.
Release Date US: 
3 Apr 2001
Release Date EU: 
5 Apr 2001
Release Date UK: 
6 Apr 2001
Release Date (Mac): 
7 Aug 2001


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