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Take Your Sims Downtown!

Play matchmaker to your Sims and watch the sparks fly or fizzle. Get them out of the house and into the all-new downtown area where they’ll gossip over a candlelit dinner, buy gifts for their dates or just cruise the Strip in hopes of getting lucky. Will your Sims find true love or be destined to a lifetime membership in the lonely hearts club?


  • New downtown neighborhood: Create a downtown for your Sims complete with shops, restaurants, parks and a beach.
  • More social options: Improve long and short-term relationships with over 40 new one-on-one interactions.
  • New characters to meet and date:
    • Blonde bombshell
    • Femme fatale
    • Dream boat
    • Lounge lizard
    • Jock
  • 125+ new items:
    • Cuddle couch: Just sit back and relax or get a little closer.
    • Fish pond: Feed the fish, play with sailboats.
    • Ice cream counter: Have a sweet treat alone or share a cone with a friend.
    • Picnic basket: Enjoy a passionate picnic in the park.
    • Lover's swing: Get into the romantic swing of things at home or in the park.


Release Dates

Release Date US: 
20 Nov 2001
Release Date EU: 
22 Nov 2001
Release Date UK: 
23 Nov 2001



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