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Note: Playfish is closing SimCity Social and The Sims Social on June 14, 2013.


Play The Sims with Your Friends

The Sims Social brings all the freedom, fun, and creativity of The Sims to Facebook!

Create customised Sims with their own unique characters, ambitions, and friends. Your Sim’s friends—and enemies—are your real friends and the deeper your relationships, the further you get in the game! Build your Sim a perfect home and fulfill their wishes to live out their dreams. Control every aspect of their social life, make friends or fight, love or betray, play nice or be mean, share a first kiss or woohoo!

Play with life in a whole new way—with your real friends, for free!


  • Playing with life has never been so easy and fun! Enjoy accessible gameplay and in-depth customisation paired with social features that let you play for free with all your friends.
  • Customise your Sim. Determine your Sim’s personality traits, pick from a huge variety of physical features, and choose their clothing from loads of styles.
  • Create the perfect house. A country shack, a luxurious loft, or a bachelor pad—build your Sim’s home and discover the endless interactions your Sim can have with exciting items!
  • Build your Sim’s social circles. Sims need social lives to be happy. Be the perfect friend and help out your neighbours out, or indulge your dark side, sparking rivalries and becoming somebody’s arch enemy! If you are looking for romance, manoeuver your Sim into relationships with your friends’ Sims and experience the bliss of a first kiss, the heartache of an unexpected breakup, and the joy of making up.
  • Live their dreams. Does your Sim want to be an adored celebrity, a tycoon with swimming pools of money, or a hero devoted to helping friends? Embark on fun quests to help your Sim achieve their dreams. Or follow your own whims and explore the endless possibilities!
  • Life goes on. Whether you’re online or not, life goes on in Littlehaven. Check in regularly to see what your Sim has been up to, who’s visited or left you a gift, and how everything—from your relationships to your electronic gadgets —is doing!

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Release Dates

Release Date: 
9 Aug 2011



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