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Sims 2 Players, Tell Us What You Think!

The team at Maxis is constantly focused on making the best, most entertaining games for their fans. Every once in a while, we hold focus groups to give players a chance to provide feedback on the games we are creating. We'll be holding these groups in the San Francisco Bay Area on August 23rd and will be selecting people to participate in the discussions.

This fall, Electronic Arts will hand out Sims Awards again to Flemish celebrities!

Lasy year, Erik Van Looy, Kate Ryan, Ellen Petri, De Pfaffs and Tom Van Landuyt were the lucky celebrities who got a Sims Award. On October 20, we'll know who'll be this years lucky celebrities.

Besides prizes for movie star, pop star, fashion model and TV personality, there will also be a prize for a DJ.

As soon as we know who the nominees are, everyone will be able to vote for their favourite!

A couple of weeks ago Maxis asked the US fans what they wanted to see in the new expansion...

...They suggested a couple of ideas, which people could talk about.

Which expansion would you like best? Join the discussion on the forums and vote on our poll.

The 5 suggestions Maxis made can be found here.

After more than 2 years of being involved with the Sims Community, Anja decided to quit being moderator and co-mayor.

Dear Simmers,

I discovered the Sims Community in December 2002. The forum was opened early 2003 and it was a very small and nice community. In March 2003 I started as a moderator, together with Nita.

Come visit one of the Sims 2 student bars in The Netherlands and Belgium!

From April 12 until April 21 the bars "Après skihut Woody's" (Amsterdam), "Lemmy's Biercafé" (Leiden), "Den Bisnis" (Schaarbeek) and Peanuts (Naam) will be transformed into Sims 2 student bars!

You can drink something at these places, completely in Sims style, and you can also win fabulous Sims prizes!

You can win prizes by participating in the contest, which can be done in the bars itself.

The winners will be announced on Thursday April 14 and Thursday April 21.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Click here to see the student bars' addresses.

Cheetah from had some time to interview Will Wright at The Sims 2 SimPosium event. Find out what is going on in the mind of our favorite game designer.

Read The Interview

On February 18th, 2005 Maxis held The Sims 2 VIP SimPosium. Fansites from all over the world were invited to Maxis to learn more about The Sims 2 University and to attend classes by The Sims 2 team. Everything about The Sims 2 was discussed and lots of fun was had by all. Check out some video highlights.

The Sims Community updates the fansites page!

As you'll probably know, the Sim Community has an overview of all kinds of Dutch fansites.

Maybe you know another fansite, one that has not been listed on this page? Then mail us that fansite and maybe we can add it to the overview! You can mail us at

Go to the fansite overview. welcomes a new moderator!

A new expansion means more activity on the forums. That's why LeeRoyNR09 has been made a moderator.

LeeRoyNR09 has been active for quite some time on the forums, and he has helped out before as a temporary moderator. From this day on he'll be a part of the team.

The Sims celebrates its five-year anniversary this month, but it all started with a toilet. interviews Will Wright.

Read The Interview



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