Goodbye Anja

Friday, May 13, 2005 - 23:00

After more than 2 years of being involved with the Sims Community, Anja decided to quit being moderator and co-mayor.

Dear Simmers,

I discovered the Sims Community in December 2002. The forum was opened early 2003 and it was a very small and nice community. In March 2003 I started as a moderator, together with Nita.

The community has grown incredibly fast, more members and moderators. The mayor decided to do something else, so Nita and I took over some of his work. Overall, it has been really cozy and the members were really helpful towards each other.

From Monday May 16, 2005 I will quit being a moderator and mayor. I just graduated from college and bought a house. I will spend a lot of my free time enjoying those things. I also miss being able to just enjoy the Sims Community and playing Sims. And of course I would like to enjoy real life a little more.

The community is a tight group and the moderators are also. I will not be able to visit the community as often anymore and I will sure miss you all dearly.

A big hug,


Electronic Arts would like to thank Anja for her hard work and devotion as a moderator and co-mayor of the Sims Community.


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