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Spore's Creature Creator 2D

Create a Spore creature in Spore's Creature Creator 2D!

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The Sims 3 World Adventures allows you to create your own tombs and share them with your friends! Here’s another tip for creating your very own tombs.

TIP 2: In order for the tomb to act like a tomb, you must set up a series of Triggers and Activated Behaviors on the placed tomb objects. It is possible to access these commands by entering Buy Mode, and Ctrl + Shift Left Clicking on objects. Examples will be provided on how to use these commands, but it’s important to explain how to access them in the first place!

The Sims 3 World Adventures allows you to create your own tombs and share them with your friends! Here’s a special tip that’ll help when creating your own adventures:

TIP 1: Basements cannot be built directly underneath pools or ponds. When building above ground, it helps to plan for stairways that descend into basements ahead of time to reduce rework! You can access the Special Items Buy Menu sort by going to Buy Mode, opening the cheat console (hit Shift + Ctrl + C) and entering “buydebug.” This new sort allows you to pick out new tomb objects such as floor traps, floor switches, dive wells, and more!

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EA has launched a 2D version of the Spore Creature Creator to promote the upcoming Spore Hero for the Wii, and Spore Hero Arena for the DS. With the flash applet you can create your own creature, using various parts. It's similar to the full 3D version of the Creature Creator, except for the Test Drive mode. This has been changed into a kung-fu game where you train your creature to become great at "Spore-Fu". By swinging your creature's limbs you destroy incoming targets, gain points and proceed through the levels.

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SimAnimals AfricaWhen I first introduce people to SimAnimals Africa for the Nintendo™ DS, their first response is usually, "Wow! There's a lot to see and do!" … but the second thing they say is usually, "What should I do FIRST?" My answer? Check out the goals!

Beware of Mummies in The Sims 3 World Adventures

DeKDeS created a DNA challenge for Spore a long time ago. But it's now available in English on our forums! Go check it out, click on the image below to read the topic.

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