Producer Blog: Giddy Gazelles

Thursday, September 10, 2009 - 23:10

The third producer blog is online!

SimAnimals AfricaHi! I'm Michaela, the Production Intern on SimAnimals Africa for the Wii. Gazelles are my favorite animal in SimAnimals Africa, so it was really exciting to get to write about my experiences with them. All the gazelles are really nice and super jumpy. I know they can't wait to play with you!

I met a gazelle today on the Swala Steppes where I fed her some fruit. It took some time but now we are best friends! Her name is Makena, and I'm so excited to have met her!

I also talked to the Gazelle Totem and it asked me to complete a goal to earn Good Energy and revive the land. It told me I needed to get a gazelle to dodge three lions.

Makena can run really fast, so I knew she would be up to the challenge! She wasn't always super speedy though. She had already trained hard to reach level 1 Strength, but for this task she needed to train to level 2.

While training, our main focus was the Drum Game. It is a game in which animals have to jump to catch special flowers. The Drum Game is the best way to build strength for animals like zebras, lions, crocodiles, and gazelles.

Instead of having to catch the pink and white flowers, Makena had to use her super high jump to catch the yellow flower. It was hard to avoid any bad seeds that might be floating below her when she came back down from the jump. Makena managed to get a lot of yellow flowers, and she leveled up to Strength level 2!

We celebrated and admired the cool Strength markings she had earned. Makena went out into the wide open plains and bravely pranced in front of lions, daring them to chase her. Each lion took her bait, and I felt nervous for her. Makena was able to expertly dodge three lions and help me complete my goal. Together we brought Good Energy to the Swala Steppes and we unlocked the path to Volcano Gulch!

*Phew* I'm glad those lions didn't have level 2 Strength as well!

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