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Grab Your Chopsticks, Jump on Your Scooter and Adventure Your Way Through Ancient Tombs in The Sims 3 World Adventures on November 17, 2009

EA’s The Sims Studio is pleased to announce that The Sims™ 3 World Adventures*, the first expansion pack to the #1 best-selling PC game of calendar 2009**, The Sims 3, has gone gold for the PC and Mac and will be available on November 17, 2009 in North America and will be in stores worldwide in 60 countries and in 22 languages the same week.

Hey iphone/ipod touch Simmers… now you can make your Sim a Vampire! We have new themed packs available in the brand new Sims 3 store! Just launch your iphone app and tap the store icon on the main menu.

Themed packs include:

  • Live it or Wear it Sets
  • “Live it” sets contain: car, furniture, decoration, wallpaper, flooring
  • “Wear it” sets contain: clothing, new CAS options, hair styles
  • Themes: Vampires and Werewolves, Castle and Campus Life

Keep checking back, we’ll be adding more stuff soon!

Get your Sims ready for the adventure of their lives NOW with these FREE items!

The Tomb Sled Sleeper engraved with hieroglyphic instructions, provides a tomb-like experience for the sleep-enthused archeologist … without removing your organs!

The Desert’s End end table is just like an oasis found at the end of nearly every desert. You can rest your weary goodies in the bosom of this sweet respite.

Be sure to get The Sims 3 World Adventures when it releases on November 17th!

Visit The Sims 3 Store to check out the new sets – Wild Wears, Critter Comforts, Forest Bedroom and Asian Fusion!

Shop Now!

Head over to our Facebook discussion thread and participate in any of the three Spore Hero mini games!

More details

It's been very quiet on our websites for a while now. I am a busy bee, raising a toddler, working full time and also trying to maintain my fansites. I have been working on the new SNW for a long time now and we hope to launch the new site by the end of this year, which isn't that long anymore. I'm trying very hard but until then, you're going to have to be patient.

But here's something for you to put on your desktop! Click on the preview to go to the Sims 2 wallpapers page!

Create and share unique new worlds for your Sims with The Sims™ 3 Create a World Tool – BETA. Step into the shoes of The Sims 3 development team and use the same robust world-building tool they use to create your own Sims world and then share your world online.

More info to come!!

The SIMPOSIUM Fan Event is finally here! We have some of our top custom content creators and top fansites here to preview The Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack and other exclusive demos!

They're blogging, Tweeting, and Flickr'ing live from the event! Share in the fun and see their exclusive updates.

Check out the SIMPOSIUM Live page:

We've acquainted ourselves with your scary Sims, crept through your creepiest lots, shivered through the most spine-tingling stories, and screamed while watching suspenseful machinima. These showcase highlights are now up and they are freakishly fantastic!

Check out the highlights

Champs Les Sims, France

Learn Nectar Making or Explore Photography in France



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