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<blockquote>The latest issue of the Pet Training Paper is here. <a href="">Check It Out!</a></blockquote> <!--break--> <hr /> <div style="background-color: #60AFCE; color: #000066; width: 680px; padding:10px;"> <h3 style="color: #FFFFFF;">The Sims 2 Pets Training Paper</h3>

Now you can get a detailed walkthrough of the game directly from the designers! Available for PC and Console versions.

Watch The PC Version
Watch The PS2 and GameCube Version

We have updated all Pets sections with new screenshots! Have a look!

Have A Look Here and Here!

GameSpot gives an inside look into the upcoming The Sims 2 Pets soundtrack.

Read the List of Artists

The votes are in and we've posted the lyrics to your favorite Simlish songs!

Check 'em out!

Lots of game sites have posted their previews of Pets! Here's a collection of links to help you get started.

Indulge your Sims in the glamorous life with this collection of luxurious furniture, fashionable clothing, and extravagant decor items!

Read More About the Glamourous Life!

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Glamour Life Stuff

Read the Interview

MaxoidMoonBelly has added new lots and casual outfits to the Exchange using Glamour Life Stuff.

Read Her Blog

All sections have been updated with new screenshots for Pets!

Have A Look Here and Here!



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